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Monday Morning Uni Watch: 2023, Week 3

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Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend and that those of you observing Yom Kippur are having an easy fast.

Now then: NFL uni history was made yesterday in Seattle, as the Seahawks — the only NFL team never to have worn white at home — went white over navy for their game against Carolina. As I explained on Friday, they did this to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their victory in Super Bowl XLVIII, where they wore that same white/navy uni combo. So now every current NFL team has worn white at home at least once.

This was the second consecutive week that a team has worn white at home as a way of celebrating the anniversary of a past Super Bowl title. In Week 2, the Broncos wore white at home to mark the 25th anniversary of their 1998 season, which culminated with their victory over the Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII.

To learn more about when NFL teams have worn white at home (recordkeeping complete up through 2018), look here.

In other news from around the league yesterday:

  • The Lions, sadly, went blue over blue:
  • The Vikings are now wearing their Bud Grant memorial, which appeared in Week 1 as a jersey patch on their throwbacks, as a rear-helmet decal (the decal actually debuted in Week 2 but I neglected to mention it until now):
  • The Jets’ end zone was pockmarked with white footprints:
  • Very nice-looking interconference game, as the Bears visited KC:

  • The Sunday night game was also very easy on the eyes, as the Steelers visited the Raiders:

  • Patriots running back Ezekiel Elliott’s pants didn’t leave much to the imagination. Not sure I’ve ever seen such mesh-y NFL pants:
  • Steelers kicker Chris Boswell was still wearing the old Elite 51 jersey template:
  • While this next item took place on an MLB diamond, not an NFL gridiron, it still seems MMUW-worthy to note that Philadelphia Phillies DH Bryce Harper wore Eagles socks yesterday:
  • And as long as we’re talking about MLB/NFL crossovers:

  • Four teams wore white at home: the aforementioned Seahawks and also the Dolphins, Jaguars, and Jets.

As for tonight, there are two games: The Rams and Bengals will go mono-blue vs. mono-white (pfeh), and the Bucs will wear their rarely used red-over-white combo, which I really like, while hosting the Eagles.

(My thanks to Mike Chamernik, Shaun Kernahan, Dan Medina, and Twitter-er @smokeyrun for their contributions to this report.)



Can of the Day

Not sure I’ve ever seen this word without the “23” in front of it. Fun script, plus I love the wavy type at the bottom.

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Comments (42)

    What is the obsession with these mono color NFL uniforms? I’m a Patriots fan and hate the current look. Bring back the silver/gray pants. I’d even occasionally go silver/gray with the white jersey.

    I’m with you, and hope this is a phase we’ll eventually work our way out of, like BFBS.
    So many NFL teams would look better with metallic (silver, gold, pewter) or gray or yellow/athletic gold pants that paired with the dark and white jerseys. In the Pats’ case, going back to silver or committing to Pat Patriot full time would work.

    It used to never happen and then some teams like the Seahawks, Titans, and Bills started doing it in the early to mid 2000s. Now it’s too much. Seems like half the teams now wear mono uniforms almost all the time, and none of them is it their best look.

    The all-black look of the Jags and Ravens, while not their best, are cool to see occasionally.
    When the Bengals do this, it’s a more cohesive set (i.e.: the jersey stripes and pants stripes match up)…but O/B/B/O is a much better look.

    The Rams, even more than the Chargers, should always wear yellow pants. Sure, there are lots of other adjustments to make (no dishwater set, scrap the gradation numbers, bring back the original horn, etc), but simply wearing yellow pants makes their whole uni set way better.

    I would rather see the Rams in dishwater than see the Chargers in anything other than yellow pants.
    Yesterday’s game proved it for me beyond a shadow of a doubt. The only thing as aggravating as the coach going for it on 4th down from his own 24 (with a four point lead!) was seeing the Chargers in mono white.
    Home, away, with white, powder royal or navy jerseys… Always. Wear. Yellow. Pants.

    I don’t care what anybody says, the Lions blue is the best blue in all of sports. When paired with the silver it gets even better. I have no qualms about their blue over blue look yesterday. My eyes were bathed in loveliness all afternoon and I’m not going to complain about that.

    Bengal mono-white is for the White Tigers, which the Cincinnati Zoo had for many years. Honestly I’d pfeh the Rams’ mono blue a great deal more, since I’ve never once seen a Ram that is blue.

    This literal line of thinking with regards to team names/colors is something I just don’t get.
    Never encountered a white or blue maple leaf or an agua dolphin either ; )
    That being said…this game is going to be an eyesore and both squads are equally to blame(though I find the ZeBengal look much worse).
    Pfeh is right!

    You’ve never seen an aqua dolphin? Well… really, they’re grey, but can look bluish depending on the way the light strikes them. In any case, turquoise uniforms make more chromatic sense than orange ones (if you buy the argument uniforms should be skeuomorphs of the animal, which I don’t).

    The aqua is for the water, the orange for the sun, the colors aren’t tied directly to the Dolphin.

    Are the all-black ‘socks’ a new thing for the Steelers to wear with the standard yellow pants?
    They seemed to look bottom-heavy going white/yellow/black.

    Agree! Definitely showing my age here, but watching this game brought back such amazing memories from the 70s. So glad for the consistency across the decades of the Steelers and raiders.

    The red over white look for Tampa looks almost like a you gotta earn the right to wear the pewter pants, which is another way to say i don’t like the pewter red and white pants combo

    Also eagles why are you guys going green white white tonight, you should’ve gone green white black or green white green it’s to much white overload in this game

    The Eagles should never go black pants. Or helmets. Or jerseys. BFBS is bad, but when your team color is dark enough that it almost looks black in certain lighting, there’s even less need than no need for it.

    Re: Ezekiel Elliot’s pants: This is the new template that matches the updated jersey template.

    In the picture from the post on the Cowboys updating their pants striping on their pants, you can see the white pants are rendered in the 2023 template, while the two grey/silver pants are still in the 2022 template shown in the picture above it in the article


    At least 1/2 of the teams who played yesterday (or will play tonight) is this new tendency (I blame Nike’s Color Rush for this) to wear socks that are the same color as the pants (the *leotard* look). link

    While the Lions would obviously look better going silver/Honolulu/silver, the greater sin was wearing blue socks with the blue pants. Drop a pair of silver socks with the S/B/B combo and it’s 100% improved.

    I’m hoping this is just one of those fashion trends that fades away in a couple of seasons (like the untucked undershirt, especially those in contrasting colors, and the new bicycle shorts look).

    I’m done yelling at the clouds on these uni-fouls. These uni/fashion trends too shall pass (in time).

    I’m also convinced that Nike has encouraged the leotard look because it draws more attention to the players’ footwear (much like long pants did in baseball). If there’s nothing to break up the pants/socks, the eyes are drawn to the shoes. Nike may make a ton of $$$ on jersey/gear sales, but their real moneymakers are the $200 shoes that cost $20 to make.

    Everyone wanted to be Like Mike. Nice benefit for both: Jordan’s a billionaire and the “Jordan Brand” is probably about a fifth of Nike’s uni business.

    It’s gotta be the shoes, man.

    That can is the best one yet… IMO.
    Font -WOW!
    Name -hahahaha, so fun to say!
    Design -simple, yet whimsical!
    Color -nothing spectacular, but lets the simple design shine!
    Overall —A+

    Yep….awesome COTD….my aunts and uncles had tons of old cans in their sheds and pantries….
    Wish I had just a few of them … old comic books or baseball cards…
    Hard to find them in flea markets or thrift stores anymore….

    This look for the Seahawks makes me realize that it’s not an overall distaste for the uni for me. It’s just that it needs cleaning up/simplifying. I can’t forgive them for turning the gorgeous Haida bird into a cartoony angry bird, that needs to go back to the classic look, but other than that, get rid of the goofy “beak” pattern on the pants stripes and collar and helmet, and switch to some kind of silver/metallic grey helmet and I’d really like this set. I think a silver helmet would do wonders for the color rush “ninja turtles ooze” green uni as well.

    Oh, and get rid of the Seahawks word mark on the collarbone slash. And resist the urge to put it somewhere else. There’s plenty of clutter on this jersey as it is.

    And a follow up. Looks like maybe he tried to fix the situation? The NFL really needs to rethink their uniform rules. Maybe make the fines actually impactful? The league in general just looks sloppy anymore with untucked shirts, mismatched socks, unitards, cleats of any color. There is no more uniformity.


    The leagues have got to go back to and maintain a uniform policy. NFL players look like a hot mess now, especially socks wise. I feel like there is a real possibility that we are headed to a day where players on the same team will be allowed to wear uniforms based on their favorite color. You will see a White Sox game where Eloy Jimenez is wearing a red jersey, Tim Anderson a black jersey, and the rest of the team in traditional home pinstripes on the field at the same time.

    Brian Branch of the Lions was wearing his mouthpiece on his helmet vent yesterday. Apparently he’s been doing it all season. Here’s a pic from the preseason:

    I also noticed Tony Kemp of the Athletics wearing the “trading card” batting gloves. I thought I read about that here but couldn’t find anything.

    I think I could actually live with the Rams mono-unis if they went with yellow socks. Wonder what the Seahawks uni’s would look like with neon-green socks as well?

    9 teams went with all white this weekend, not counting helmet color. This is a trend that has to stop.

    Agreed, the Saints are especially awful when they could wear gold or black pants instead. Chargers wearing white pants while yellow sit in the closet is a crime. Bills have gorgeous blue pants to wear. Yuck, yuck, yuck to all the white/white.

    Seeing the Jets endzone reminds me of how stupid it is to paint green grass green in an endzone. Literally serves no purpose. Just put the JETS in white there and call it a day.

    One anomaly, Dolphins WR Robbie Chosen (Formerly Robbie Anderson) didn’t wear any gloves, and caught a touchdown.

    LINK: link

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