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Giants Making Change to Color Rush Uniform

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The New York Football Giants’ uniform schedule, released in early September, calls for them to wear their white Color Rush uniform for this Sunday night’s game in Buffalo. But Uni Watch has learned that when the team takes the field that night, the uniform will look a bit different than it has for the past seven seasons.

Some quick background: The Giants’ CR uni, which was introduced in 2016, is essentially a 1980s/’90s throwback but with a few small alterations, most notably the use of the team’s royal blue helmet shell:

Last year, with the lifting of the one-shell rule, the Giants introduced a throwback that’s more or less the blue-jersey version of the Color Rush uni. But the throwback had a more era-appropriate dark-blue helmet:

But with the Giants practicing this week for Sunday night’s Color Rush game, reader Russell Dueck-Price noticed something interesting: They appear to be practicing in the dark-blue throwback helmets, not the royal blue Color Rush helmets.

I was wondering if this might be a lighting thing, so I contacted Giants creative services director Doug Murphy (as you might recall, I did a fun interview with him last year), who confirmed that the Giants are indeed switching to the dark-blue helmets this season for the Color Rush uni. To my knowledge, there’s been no official announcement about the change in headgear, although the throwback helmet is shown, without comment, in the team’s uni combo tweet for this week:

Unfortunately, this will be an old-fashioned Thursday-night-style CR game, with the Bills wearing their awful red design:

As it happens, the Giants are slated to wear their throwbacks the following Sunday, so they’ll wear these helmets for two weeks in a row.


ITEM! New Substack Article

For this week’s Uni Watch Premium article on Substack, I have an exclusive interview with a woman who hand-crochets these uni-amazing sports dolls and sells them on her Etsy shop — plus there’s a heart-tugging subtext to the project.

You can read the first part of the article here. To read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paid subscriber to my Substack (which will also give you full access to my Substack archives and get you the NBA Season Preview next week!). My thanks, as always, for your support and consideration.



IMPORTANT: Feedback Still Needed for Silver Uni-versary Shindig

In case you missed it on Monday, I need your input and feedback regarding our plans for Uni Watch’s upcoming 25th uni-versary. If you haven’t already seen that post, please check it out here. Thanks!



Too Good for the Ticker

There’s a famous sculpture of a duck and her ducklings in Boston Public Garden — based on the classic children’s book Make Way for Ducklings — were all dressed up yesterday for the Bruins’ home opener. Very nice!

(Big thanks to Brandon Weir for sharing this photo, which was taken by his sister.)



What Paul Did Last Night

Biked over to another part of Brooklyn last night, because Substack was holding one of their periodic gatherings. Met a bunch of interesting writers, reconnected with some of the Substack support staff (they’re really great), and consumed lots of free food and beverage. What’s not to like?

My brain kind of exploded when I saw one of the Substack operations guys, Kevin Huynh, wearing this very cool varsity-style jacket, complete with an embroidered patch:

A few minutes later, I found myself talking to a guy named Randall Boe, who said he was once the Arena Football League’s commissioner (and sure enough, he was!):

These days he writes a Substack about addiction and recovery.

As a work-at-home freelancer, I really enjoy these opportunities to meet the Substack staff and other writers. A very good night.


Can of the Day

I really love this one. It’s not bird food — it’s song food!

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    Great cans (and/or lids), both by the Giants and by Hartz Mountain. For a flash moment I thought you had shaved off your beard, Paul, but it is mister Boe.

    Any chance you could link us to the Etsy shop here (for those of us that aren’t on Substack)? I’m very interested in the product for a gift for the holidays (along with a Uni-Watch subscription, of course).

    The Bills red jersey would be fine if they just wore white pants with it. The white helmet looks totally out of place otherwise.

    Indeed. I’ve said it (and argued for it) countless times. Just pair the red jersey with the white pants and it’s a fine looking uniform:



    I argued the same thing for the Broncos and their new “snowcapped” lids. Just wear white pants with that and it’s a top 10 uniform.

    Alternatively, wear the “retro” helmet they previously wore with the orange CR uni, and add white pants. BOOM!


    “Just pair the red jersey with the white pants and it’s a fine looking uniform”
    Yes…for the Patriots.
    Ditch the red tops completely…bring back the red helmets!:


    Heck, this is even more tolerable:


    That’s exactly what I thought when I looked at the picture Phil linked to with white helmets, red shirts, white pants: “Those look more like the Patriots than the Bills.”

    When I finish tinkering with my Delorean, I’m going back to 1959, when I will convince the Buffalo Bills to wear red with blue trim for their fledgling 1960 season, and I will convince the Patriots to wear blue with red trim.Then I will jump forward to ten years ago and convince the NFL that Color Rush is a bad idea.

    White pants would be an improvement but the Bills still aren’t a red team. They would look ridiculous regardless.

    Agreed! I think it would look pretty good as well. Just maybe once a year maybe. Save the remaining days for a red lid and some Jim Kelly throwbacks.

    Nice can! The club noted is the Bird Breeders and Fanciers, not Feeders…and they seems to still have a Texas chapter!


    Noticed something interesting about the 49ers vs Browns game on Sunday. The Browns are planning to wear the new white helmets and jerseys for the first time at home, (link) but the 49ers plan on wearing white too (link). Gridiron Uniforms database says they’ll wear red but I’m wondering if errors like this are normal or if this is a mistake in the 49ers graphic or what?

    I was under the impression that the NFL mandated that teams with a second shell had to designate/wear that specific helmet with one specific uniform.. It would seem the Giants are ‘breaking’ that rule… or.. did they ask for a special dispensation like the Bengals wearing their white-striped helmet with their traditional road uni?

    No need.

    The rules stiuplate the alternate helmet can only be worn with any of the following: CR, throwback or alternate jersey, up to a maximum of 3 times per season. They will be wearing the “throwback” helmet with their CR uniform (which itself is a fauxback), AND their actual blue-jersey’ed throwback. Totally within the rules.

    The Bengals designated their “full white tiger” uniform as their alternate/CR (even though the jersey is the same as their regular road jersey), which allows them to wear the white hats with it. The Panthers did something similar to this last year when they designated their mono-black uniform as an alternate/CR, even though that black jersey is ALSO their primary dark jersey. Cowboys did something *similar* as well, when they wore their new white shells both with their 63 throwback AND their *icy white* alternate (same shell, slightly different decals/mask).

    It’s playing a little bit fast and loose with the rules, but they are still within those rules. I’m sure we’ll see more of this type of alt helmet shenanigans going forward, until the NFL finally allows second shells to be worn with primary home/away (dark/light) uniforms.

    That feature/bug never bothered me…same goes for the ol’ Rams, Chargers and Vikes lids.
    I do hope Jersey A isn’t thinking of going back to the ’80s/’90s full time.

    Props over the Tops for Randall Boe……
    ….Finally, the Real Giants return…
    And I remember years ago that Paul (maybe Phil) had a Photoshopped version of the Giants white red-number jersey modified to make it Big Blue True….was great….would love to see that one again….

    A belated TY to Phil for the Giants uni post….
    I still love the Big Blue potential for the all blue-number style….
    but I look at it and kinda would like the pinstripes to be red…next to the wide blue middle stripes ……Cool, I think…

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