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Pittsburgh Penguins Announce New Road Helmet Advertiser

With the start of the NHL season approaching, the Penguins today announced that they’re now selling space on their helmet to a manufacturer of safety products.

The advertisement will make its on-ice debut tomorrow, when the Pens play their first preseason road game in Columbus. It will remain on the team’s road helmets through the 2025-26 season.

Kevin Acklin, the team’s president of business operations, said that the Penguins “are proud to stand together” with the new advertiser. That’s pretty much what he said about the old advertiser that’s now being replaced. It’s probably what he’ll also say about the next advertiser that will inevitably replace the safety products manufacturer in a few years.

Comments (6)

    Well, the paint company still has their name on the arena, so… maybe they realized the helmet ad was redundant, and decided to give up the spot to another advertiser?

    Then again, the paint company is the second advertiser to have their name on the arena…

    I don’t know why I’m wasting my time on thinking about this anyway.

    I’d actually prefer the Mr. Yuk logo – invented by Pittsburgh pediatrician Richard Moriarty!

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