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Utah Jazz Announce New Uniform Advertiser

The Jazz, who earlier week announced that they were retiring the “5 for the Fight” charity patch that had appeared on their uniforms for the past six seasons, have now announced that they’re selling the vacated space to a security technology firm, who will become the team’s new uni advertiser. Terms were not disclosed.

Here’s how the ad patch looks on the team’s white and yellow uniforms:

The advertisement will make its on-court debut on Oct. 8, when the Jazz begin their preseason schedule.

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    I was wrong. I figured that since the team owner also owns the company that sponsors the charity from the previous patch, they’d just switch over.

    Did the online survey guy buy the car dealer guy’s charity? (I think you’re thinking of the prior Jazz owner)

    As if we needed reminding of our Orwellian culture, LVT is “Live View Technologies” boasts of “on demand, rapidly deployed surveillance”. Guess that is just how the pendulum swings!

    I mean, if you didn’t know any better, you might think it is some deceased luminary’s initials in memoriam, so this is as good as bad can get.

    The pic in the main menu…what is the Jazz mascot doing inside Arco Arena the former home of the Sacramento Kings? Or is that some odd photoshop?

    Great question!

    On March 12, 2016, the final score shown next to the mascot, CLE 114, LAC 90 happened on the same day that as Jazz on the road in Sacramento. So the mascot came to a road game? Maybe that was usual?

    Also, if the photo research is accurate, that means the human in the costume is the one who was fired in 2018:

    Gee, I am surprised by how prevalent that style of hyper-techno font used on the ad seems to be nowadays. Feels very lazer tag or NERF blaster-y to me. I wonder where that style originated from. Thanks for the article!

    These types of logos are very easy to create: type “LVT” in a bold block san serif, do a little kerning, add three white diagonal lines, and presto! A professional looking modern logo!

    Who wants to buy and wear this? Robots from Utah? I feel sorry for Jazz fans having to watch their team in this crash test dummy garb.

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