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Josh Allen At It Again: Teases Blue Buffalo Helmet

Let this much be said for Josh Allen: he loves to tease new helmets.

Last season, during an early practice, Allen wore a red Bills helmet during practice…

…fueling speculation that the Bills might be on the verge of introducing a Jim Kelly-era throwback for this coming season.

Alas, Paul recently confirmed that particular throwback won’t be happening, at least not this season.

Still, the red helmet was Allen’s way of having fun at practice.

He was at it again this year, only this time instead of sporting a red helmet, Allen busted out a blue shell, pairing it with Buffalo’s red alternate (CR) jersey.

The blue helmet won’t provoke any speculation about a possible throwback: the Bills have never worn a blue helmet in their history. Still, it was actually a pretty good look, even if it was just for shits and giggles.

But with Allen sporting both a red and blue helmet, is it at all possible Buffalo might be contemplating adding an additional helmet down the road? Probably not, but with more than half the league now having an alternate helmet (either for use with a throwback, or to pair with an alternate/CR uniform), it’s probably not completely out of the question for Buffalo to join the alternate helmet brigade in the future.

What do you guys think of the blue? How about the red? And if the team were to go the alternate helmet route, should they adopt something like Allen wore, or save the red for a Kelly-era throwback?

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    Blue helmet, yes. IF they make the buffalo red.
    And, if worn with the red jersey, yes yes.

    No No No to a potential blue/blue/blue uni.

    Blue helmet yes but with a white bison, which is considered to be a good omen to many Indian tribes.

    Agree with one exception – make the buffalo white. The White Buffalo is a sacred symbol to Native Americans. Also, the Sabres have always used a white buffalo (or goat head).

    I know it doesn’t have to do with the helmets, but I like how the Bills use the alternate jerseys as non-contact for the in stadium scrimmage

    I really like the Bills look now, sans the mono-blue. However, for me the standing Buffalo helmet ranks up there with the original Chargers helmet.
    I’m not saying it’s the best helmet on NFL history. I am saying I haven’t seen one better.

    YMMV of course, but I’d advocate for any variation of the LA (pre-SoFi)/‘Anaheim’/StL Rams as top of the helmet heap – and while some (like me) love it, some hate it, and some really really hate it…the Bengals is a solid contender too IMO.

    If you want to know what a white silhouetted buffalo looks like on a field of blue:


    And then ask yourself: where did Josh Allen go to college?

    There’s an alternate mock-up I saw once- metallic blue helmet (like this one), RED STANDING BUFFALO (like current throwback- but outlined in white), middle stripe that matched the team’s blue pants, and red face mask. Sharpest damn helmet I’ve ever seen…can’t find the link though.

    The white stroke is too thin for blue on blue. A white buffalo would be my preference.

    For years the Bills uniforms looked too similar to the Giants- this blue helmet brings back those sort of memories for me.
    I consider their charging Buffalo to be one of the strongest logos in all of sports…like the Flyers P, it’s something you don’t tinker with.

    “For years the Bills uniforms looked too similar to the Giants”

    well, from the neck down, maybe, but they’ve never had helmets that were even remotely similar.

    The Bills should just use the standing buffalo throwback helmet instead of anything new. The standing buffalo rocks.

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