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Ranking the NFL’s New Throwbacks and Alternates

Paul here. With the summer deluge of NFL uni releases now complete (or at least I think so!), it’s time to see how the new designs stack up against each other. So my Premium article over on Substack this week is a Uni Watch Power Rankings rundown of the 10 new NFL throwback and alternate designs, from worst to first.

You can read the first part of the article here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paying subscriber to my Substack (which will also get you access to my complete Substack archives). My thanks, as always, for your consideration and support!


Comments (12)

    Broncos (color rush), Bucs, Dolphins, Falcons, Patriots, Jets, Eagles, Seahawks should all adopt their “throwbacks,” as their primaries. Additionally, the Titans should keep the Oilers jerseys, which don’t actually say Oilers on them, and pair it with a simplified Titans logo with that Oilers color palette. Alternatively just give the Oilers name/logos back to Houston entirely and let them use the full uniform.

    Oh and the Giants white color rush uni should become the primary away. Their plain blue home set is perfect as is though.

    You can’t beat Tampa, but I like the return of the Oilers, Seahawks and Eagles helmets. Detroit might be a winner, depending on how it matches the uniforms

    I always liked the “sneaky lion” rather than the “rampant lion” for Detroit. That helmet should go with 1950 throwbacks, which included a blue helmet.

    Make Primary: Seattle, Denver, New York, Philly, Minnesota
    Great as throwbacks: Tampa Bay
    Net Neutral: Cleveland
    Detroit needs to fix the logo placement and pair it with their primary
    Tennessee needs to give it back to Houston
    Indianapolis…no, just no

    Colts are horse doo doo.

    Browns is lazy and really need to be prohibited from any more uniform changes for a while

    Broncos is lame. No one asking for a white helmet

    Tampa is cool but the whole creamsicle thing makes it seem like a cute little joke vs a football uniform. Keep the helmet, make a better uniform for it

    Eagles just rubs salt in the wound for those who see how crappy their current unis are.

    Oilers. See Eagles

    Seahawks. see Eagles

    Jets. See Eagles

    Vikings. Color is the throwback, so this fails.

    Lions. I like this one but will need to see it with uniform to really appreciate it.

    Aren’t the Jets just slapping a throwback logo on their regular metallic green helmets? They can’t do a separate green helmet unless they ditch the black ones.

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