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Patriots Announce Dates for 2023 Throwback Games

One of the best things about the lifting of the NFL’s one-shell rule last season was the return of New England’s “Pat Patriot” uniform, which the team wore as a throwback for two games.

Pat Patriot will be back this year, as New England announced today that the throwback uniforms will be worn for two 2023 home games:

  • Sept. 17 (a Sunday night) against the Dolphins.
  • Dec. 3, against the Chargers.

I wish they’d wear this uniform for three games (as the Falcons are doing this season with their throwback), but two games is still pretty good!

As an aside: Kudos to the Pats for listing the actual game dates in their announcement, instead of just “Week 2” and “Week 13.” I never understand why teams do that — sure, the week number makes sense to a season ticket-holder whose tickets are numbered by week, but the average fan thinks more in terms of game dates, right? Or at least think more in terms of game dates.

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    I think of dates, not “Week 3” or whatever. It’s fine if they want to use both: “Week One — September 10, 2023” or something like that, but otherwise just use the date.

    Now that games can (sadly) be flexed to different dates, the week designations are more understandable.

    Can they be flexed to different days (I guess in the final week or two when there are Saturday games)?

    I don’t *hate* the Week X designation, but I’d like it to be combined with an actual date, at least where possible. With an 18 week schedule but 17 games per team, once a team hits its bye week (or “off” week), it can throw things off, as a 7-5 team’s next game could be either Week 13 or Week 14 and that’s what can get confusing. If they specify a date AND a week, it’s far easier to keep track of things.


    With 28 days’ notice, they can flex you from a Sunday game to a Thursday night game no more than once and in weeks 13-17. (And obviously, that means the Thursday opponents flex in the other direction.) That’s new for this season.

    So, if you bought tickets to see a particular team on a Sunday afternoon, and you have it all planned and arranged, you have to hope your game isn’t as potentially meaningful as the one currently scheduled for the previous Thursday, lest your plans go for naught.

    Just one of many proof points that show how the potential TV fan is far more important than the actual in-stadium fan, but they already have your money, so they don’t really care.

    Phil — that’s generally not how it’s done. Week # refers to the week of the NFL season, so if you have a bye in the seventh week, you have your Week 6 game followed by your Week 8 game.

    Makes me wonder if we’ll see the grey pants make an appearance this year. I hope losing the first time out hasn’t permanently soured the team on them.

    Agreed. The grey pants looked really good on the home set regardless of the loss.

    I second the motion for Bledsoe-era unis!

    But the red unis are anything but boring. I’ll gladly settle for these in the meantime.

    Yet another case of “make these uniforms the permanent ones.” Bucs, Seahawks, and definitely these.

    As a 40+ year pats fan. The new uni’s were nice for a few years especially when they started having some success. But they are at the bottom of the uni rankings for me and have been. I much prefer the Pat uniforms

    Hopefully at least on of the dolphins/chargers opts for colored pants. It’d be a shame to see these against all white twice like last year vs the bills when these ones have white helmets and pants already

    Can we hope that the Dolphins will wear their throwback whites for this game also?????????????

    Just swap out the Pat Patriot logo for the Flying Elvis and make this their uniform again? Either that or this red jersey but make the helmet and pants silver.

    I’m really surprised they haven’t paired this jersey with the silver helmet/pants since it pretty much fits in with the current jerseys anyway.

    As a long time Pats fan, I must say I LOVE Pat Patriot (logo & helmet) but I do not love the red jersey.
    Reminder of my youth when the team was for the most part not competitive.
    My recommendation is for them to blend their current set with the Pat logo/helmet. The silver helmet makes no sense when the rest of the uniform contains no silver?
    H: white helmet/ blue jersey/white pants (even current all blue would look fine paired w/ white helmet)
    A: white helmet/white jersey/blue pants

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