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Indianapolis Colts Tease New Uni Reveal

In yet another unexpected NFL uni development, the Indianapolis Colts have just posted a teaser video implying that they’ll have some sort of uniform unveiling tomorrow, July 20, at 10am Eastern.

The Colts already have a 1950s throwback in their wardrobe, which they wore in 2021 and ’22:

In 2010, however, before the one-shell rule was enacted, they had a blue-helmeted throwback:

With the one-shell rule now lifted, could they be bringing back the blue retro helmet? Or are they adding a new alternate helmet (blue, BFBS, other) to pair with their Color Rush uni?

We’ll find out the answers soon enough!

(My thanks to Josh Billman for bringing the Colts’ teaser to my attention.)

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    The moon emoji in the tweet, despite the reveal time being at 10am, tells me this is a BFBS uniform. So something can finally go with the black swoosh on the sleeves of their road jerseys lol

    The moon makes me think BFBS but someone in the replies said midnight blue helmet. Fingers crossed

    I suppose people playing with the hue/colors/intensity etc. have already tried and the unis are impossible to discern?

    Please let it just be the blue shell…

    I tried to play with the exposure, brightness, etc. The results were hilarious. The silhouettes were still black but it revealed words on the two bodies that said “We Said Tomorrow.” I might post it on Twitter

    Does the Colts CR jersey count as an Alternate jersey or is it same blue jersey as thier home jersey?

    Im up there with the best BFBS haters but I feel the Colts more than anyone need another option. No current options to mix it up besides that blue throwback helmet and they have no second color. Seems like a tough team to design for. Maybe Black makes the most sense.

    Hopefully they bring back the road white throwback and the throwback blue helmet to pair with both the white and blue throwback jerseys. It would then give the Colts 4 different throwback combinations to pick and choose from as they would have both a white and blue throwback helmet AND a white and blue throwback jersey. Could go both white and blue throwback jerseys worn once per season with white helmets on even years and blue helmets on odd years.

    Please don’t be BFBS

    Rumor is the helmet will be “anvil black” and the jerseys “heather blue” which could make for a rather interesting look if true.

    Looking at the Gridiron Uniform database, the Baltimore Colt did wear black helmets in their very early days (with white horseshoes at the back).

    They paired them with white, blue and red jerseys, but no heather blue in sight!

    It will be black, as young players and fans love black added to any set of team colors. Semi-tough, semi-menacing, semi-everything.

    Just saw the Colts new uniform unveil. Literal first thought and it’s R rated:
    “Well, that fuckin’ sucks.”

    If they go black, I will root for another team. And I’m old enough to have watched the 1958 Sudden Death championship game on TV! One of the reasons (aside from the players) i’ve loved the Colts all these years is that their uniforms DIDN’T change (at least not much). I’ve always loved royal blue as a primary color. And I didn’t mind the throwbacks with the blue helmet and double horseshoe on the back, or the three sleeve stripes. The horseshoe on the helmet was only the second one in the NFL (Rams horns were first), and is iconic and attributive to the Maryland horse racing industry. Now if they would just fix those shoulder stripes to wrap around to the armpit again, instead of just two stripes on top of the shoulder, I’d be a happy man.

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