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New York Jets Unveil New Uniform Set for 2024

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Good morning! The 2024 NFL uni-redesign season has officially begun, starting with the Jets. As you’ll recall, last year they debuted a white 1980s “New York Sack Exchange” throwback uniform, which they wore twice during the 2023 season. In February, the team announced that the white throwback would be promoted to primary status, with green and black designs rounding out a new uni set.

That set has just been unveiled. Here’s everything you need to know about it, one element at a time:

The Logo

The original Sack Exchange-era logo was created in 1978 by Jim Pons, who was the team’s video editor at the time (and was also the bassist in the 1960s rock band the Turtles, of “Happy Together” fame). The Jets had to use the original version for last year’s throwbacks, because NFL throwback uniforms have to use historically accurate logos. But now that they’re promoting this design to primary status, they’ve made some very subtle tweaks to the logo. The changes are noted above, and here’s a side-by-side comparison:

The Primary Helmet

Last year they used their existing green shell for the throwback, but I was wondering if they’d go back to the original Sack Exchange shade of green for the full rollout. Nope — they’re sticking with the 2019-2023 shell, which got high marks from fans in the team’s internal polling. Here’s a comparison of the new helmet and original Sack Exchange helmet, showing the different shell colors and the slightly tweaked logo:

Also, they’re now going with an “NY” logo on the nose bumper:

One note before I get to the various uni combos: When the Jets added the throwback last year, I was surprised that they went with white instead of green. Does that mean that they plan to wear white at home with this new uni set? I asked Jets Fan Commerce VP Chris Pierce about that in an interview last week. Here’s what he said:

Over the course of our history, we have gone back and forth with green being our primary uniform at home, and white being our primary uniform at home, often depending on the coach. Even within the Sack Exchange era, Joe Walton had a propensity to wear white at home, whereas Walt Michaels had a propensity to wear green at home.

But in terms of our home uniforms going forward, when the schedules get released in May, we’ll sit down and talk through when we should wear each identity, based on time of year, day game vs. night game. It’ll be decided on a case-by-case basis basis.

So even though some of the graphics you’re about to see say “Home Uniform” and “Road Uniform,” both looks will likely end up being worn both at home and on the road.

The Green Primary Uniform

As you can see above, the green jersey can be paired with either white or green pants (although I’m hoping that they mostly avoid the mono look). The jersey generally seems fine, although the white collar looks a bit too prominent when executed in Nike’s current template. Here are some additional views:

The original Sack Exchange uniforms did have a white collar, but it was much narrower. This one feels more like a full-fledged design element instead of a piece of decorative trim. Not a crippling blow, and I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but it feels like a bit much.

Lots of additional pics here:

The White Primary Uniform

This is basically the same uniform we saw as a throwback last season, but with green pants added to the mix as a new option, and the aforementioned helmet logo tweak.

Additional pics here:

The Black Alternate Uniform

Pretty much what we expected. I don’t like it, but this is where the uni-verse is these days.

Here’s a side view of the helmet, followed by a bunch of additional pics:

Also: As you may recall, the Jets wore black pants with their white jerseys several times in the past few seasons. The team tells me that that is also an option with this new set.

Overall: This feels like a solid NFL uni set. Not top 10, but respectable (although they’ll definitely lose points if they lean heavily into the mono-green combo). And it’s certainly a huge upgrade over the outgoing set.

One thing I find very interesting about this uniform set is that there’s no team branding on the front of the jerseys. It’s just the NFL logo and the chest number, which is unusual for today’s NFL. They couldn’t add a wordmark or logo to the throwback jersey last year (again, for reasons of historical accuracy), but I was wondering if they might do so this year, especially on the black alternate, and I’m pleasantly surprised that they’ve opted against it. Here’s what Pierce said when I asked him about that:

We really like how big the jersey numbers are — that’s one of the linchpins of this design, they’re some of the largest of any NFL jersey. If we added a team name or logo, we were going to have to reduce those elements. And we felt that that kind of trumps adding the logo to the jersey.

I also asked Pierce about the decision to scrap the 2019 uniform set so quickly. Since NFL teams are required to keep a uni set for a minimum of five years, and since they must apply two years in advance for a makeover, that means the Jets had decided after only three years that the 2019 set was a mistake. Pierce was refreshingly frank about this: “In 2019, our viewpoint was that we were taking a forward-thinking approach to the uniform design. When you do that, sometimes you have hits, sometimes you have misses.” He said the green helmet shell and the black alternate turned out to be the two things that Jets fans liked most about that set, so those were incorporated into the new set that’s launching today.

Speaking of the 2019 uniforms: Remember my two recent interviews with former Nike art director Tom Andrich (here and here)? Last week I had one last sit-down with him, about the creation of that 2019 Jets set. Just like my previous two interviews with him, this one will be full of behind-the-scenes info and lots of graphics that have never been published before. I’ll have that later this week on my Substack. Stay tuned.

• • • • •

I’ll be unavailable today from about 10:15am until sometime in the early afternoon. If any major news breaks during that period, I’ll try to play catch-up when I get back.

Meanwhile, bit of sad news: I’ve decided to end the daily “Can of the Day” feature. I was hoping to keep it going for my final six weeks at Uni Watch, but it’s become increasingly difficult for me to find really cool-looking old cans that I haven’t already showcased. I’m sure there are lots of other good examples out there, but searching for them has been taking up more and more of my time, and time is something that’s in increasingly short supply for me these days. So I’ve decided to bring the project to a close.

It’s been fun to share my appreciation of tin cans with you! Thanks going on this ride with me over the past year or so. I’ve enjoyed it, and I hope you have too. — Paul


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    I like it. There’s nothing wrong with a classic look I wish more NFL teams would embrace their uniform past. Jim Pons was also the co-lead singer of the garage band, The Leaves. The group was best known for the hit version of “Hey Joe,” somewhere back in the 1960s.

    I’m pretty sure in fact almost positive The gym pawns was in Zappa’s mothers of inventions for a while

    I hate the Black pants with white uniforms I only like the All white uniforms There my favorite I don’t like the Black uniforms either ugly So Green tops with white pants n All white uniforms ther my 2 favorite Dark uniforms just look awful

    Apart from your phone trying to spell correct his name, you’re quite right. Pons was in the Mothers of Invention for a while in the early 70s.

    As a Jets fan these look great. Don’t love the BFBS but I can live with it and if I’m honest black pairs well with green. I love that they kept the metallic shell and actually listened to the fans. Nice work (next year add a Namath throwback)

    I’m good with the Jets going with what Jets fans want.

    That being said, I’m with you on a thumbs down on the BFBS. Green and white are and have always been the Jets’ colors. The concept of team colors should mean something. (Blue and gold were the Titans’ colors, even if it was the same franchise.)

    Having issues with the site telling me I’m logged in but still giving me the ads and asking me to log in or subscribe. When I try to log in it tells me I’m already logged in. I probably missed an explanation somewhere so I apologize if this has been brought up before.

    Also, I dig the NYJ look. Agree with Paul, solid but unspectacular. But that is a major upgrade.

    I would have loved to see how white helmets and two green stripes would work
    Otherwise, quite an improvement

    I got a feeling we’ll be seeing that for their third helmet… I think it would be incredible if they did a pearlescent version with the old NY football logo

    Hate the BFBS, obviously, and the green pants are a disappointment as I was really hoping for white pants only, for both aesthetic and historical reasons; although white-over-green should look fine, the mono-green option is upsetting (as is the apparent lack of white socks to go with the green pants). I am glad they kept the helmet shell and “Gotham Green” shade which I think improve upon the originals. Also disappointed that there’s no white-helmet throwback, although that could be an option down the road.

    The best news is that the black trim is totally gone from the primary uniforms, and [something resembling] the classic Champion numeral font is back. I can’t score it a total win for the reasons set forth above, but it’s a large step in the right direction.

    I would do the white Jets logo on the black helmet.

    The first time around for these uniforms, the feature was their starkness; a remedy for what some might say were the fussier features of the classic uniform. Jet fans were jazzed by the giant TV numbers and white cage on the dark helmet. This time, the sleeves have shrunken to the degree that not enough real estate exists (except for the Packers) for the big numbers, the sleeve stripes also have nowhere to go. One solid stripe on the pants is kind of blah, but that’s what they had to work with. If nothing else, the BFBS uniform creates some interest by comparing and contrasting green with black, but the helmet logo really should have matched the two-color numbers; pick a lane. I’m glad they stuck with the glittery green helmet. It’s the best part of the uniform. As you said, I’m glad there are no identifiers on the front of the jersey; it’s an old-school feel.

    A welcome change!! As much as I love the Namath unis & helmets (& would’ve loved to have had them as throwbacks), these are a million times better than the previous ones. I’m also glad they didn’t put the logo on the jerseys. It’s on the helmet, that’s good enough.

    With the three-shell rule now, I’m sure it’s a possibility in the future. Hopefully, if they do bring it back, they can execute the shoulder loops a bit better than the half-assed effort Nike gave in 2012-18.

    “As you may recall, the Jets wore black pants with their white jerseys several times in the past few seasons. The team tells me that that is also an option with this new set.”

    Considering the new primary green and white uniforms have no black trim, the wearing of the black pants with the white jerseys would look really mismatched. Hope they don’t go there.

    Can someone clarify this thought/rule: I believe alternate helmets can only be worn with the alternate jersey. That would mean the black helmet can only be worn with an alternate jersey (their black jersey). If they go black pants that would mean they would have to use the green helmet correct? I think the black helmet with black pants would be a more connected look even though I think it would look way worse than their white on green look.

    I guess the only thing that fans say they like that actually gets taken into consideration

    Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, Panthers, Saints and Raiders fans aren’t clamoring for a green alternate, so Jets fans shouldn’t be clamoring for a black alternate. Stick to your green and white.

    I didn’t say I agreed with the fans, Jim. I was simply answering the question of why the Jets included the black alternate.

    Yeah, I know you were just answering the question, Paul. Wasn’t going after you there.

    30 years or 3 years… doesn’t matter. You (Jets) didn’t have black for 30 years previously, but you wanted to hop on the BFBS bandwagon. Why fans across the country are increasingly wanting their teams to look like a Tuesday Night MACtion school is beyond me. Be happy with what you already had, which was a good and distinct look.

    “Black has been a part of the Jets uniforms for the better part of the last 30 years.

    Umm…. no. “The last 30 years” takes us back to 1994; black was a part of the Jets’ uniforms then, and through 1997, viz., four (4) seasons. Then it was removed and did not come back until 2019, where it lasted five (5) seasons. So that’s a total of nine (9) seasons in the past 30.

    Although I realize that “the better part” has no strict definition, I would think it ordinarily means more than half. (It certainly can’t refer to quality, since 1994-97 and 2019-2023 were some of the worst seasons in this franchise’s history of bad seasons.)

    Yeah much as I hate to say it, there’s definitely a contingent that really liked the black look. There’s a lot of us that trashed it mercilessly but I can’t deny that a certain group really liked it. I guess I feel like I do with the Mets. I don’t like it, but as long as it stays in its lane and doesn’t bleed into the other looks (I’m looking at you white over black pants) then it’s the price I pay to get what I want.

    I’m not sure why but I don’t like the mono green or mono white look either, I have a thing for wearing an all white uniform with a colored helmet or a white helmet with an mono color uniform(Arizona cardinals) when you wear the white helmet with the mono colored uniform just feels like you were to cheap to paint the helmets. If I was commissioner my uniform rule would be if your the home team your pants have to be different then the jersey color and the jersey should match your helmet if your the away your jersey should be white and your pants should match your helmet color if it’s a colored helmet other then white

    I don’t like the metallic helmet at all, but it’s good that they listened to the fans.

    “Legacy black” is a ridiculous marketing reach by the team, but props to the team for keeping it simple otherwise. I think these will look just fine out on the field.

    And while I’m sad to see the end of the “Can of the Day” feature, I’m glad you stopped when it became a struggle to find cans worth the title of Can of the Day and didn’t post some undeserving designs to make it last.

    These are a major downgrade in my opinion. The Jets had a top ten uni set last year with the wings on the front now they move to a bottom ten set with a boring outdated set that was only brought back for nostalgia purposes. Hopefully these get scrapped in five years for a design with effort put into it like the previous ones

    I feel as if they were more popular than people think, especially with younger people like me. It was just that older fans were very vocal about bringing them back and the Jets should’ve only brought back the green version as a throwback instead of the white version.

    I feel as if they were more popular than people think…

    As noted in the post, the Jets’ own marketing research indicates that fans didn’t like them.

    I mean go look at some of those games. There is a minimum of new jerseys. You’d see Namaths and Sack Exchange but I live in the area and I can count on my fingers the number of times I saw the new jerseys. People liked the blacks because some people just want everything black, see the Mets and dozens of other teams who want to look “tough.” But otherwise no one wore them because we stunk, see the Nets and Islanders BFBS as well.

    The other issue is the that striping wasn’t the problem really. That was okay. The main two problems were 1. The logo, or lack thereof (and the new/old Logo would have actually complimented the prior set quite well) and 2. the Gigantic D3 college wordmark which made a team with credibility issues already look even less credible by looking like a college (and it looked awful). The other issue was those, like myself, who hate BFBS and had PTSD from the Mets with black creep. It was fixable no question, but considering the NFLs draconian rules on tweaking any aspect of a uniform verboten it was just easier to redesign the whole thing. This is especially true when one considers Woody’s original intent, which unless Paul’s part 3 with Andrich says otherwise, was to make the prior set a modern version of this one.

    I thought the wings were cool too! The rounded Jets font on the helmet ruined it. They were Taylor made for the sharp font with the Jet they went back to on these new sets.

    its fine. better than what they had, but they shouldn’t have ever left the Parcells/Curtis Martin era uniforms.

    Very solid jersey. My only gripe is with the black set. All you have to do is reverse the colors of the logo and it would pop so much more and cause balance with the metallic green facemask. Also, pair it with white pants and it would really stick out in those grey afternoon games in the Tri-State area.

    The primary combos are great in just green and white. This set also works with the mono-green too. In a vacuum the all black looks good, just not sure if it works for the Jets.

    Coach always said tuck it in or you’re giving them something to tackle…

    These are nice, I’m just tired of the trend of bringing back old jerseys to wear (the NHL is brutal with it right now). Really hope Detroit or Denver do something nice and new, I’m tired of designs I’ve already seen before.

    Funny thing is, teams are going back to what worked and looked good. They did what you asked for and changed to something new, but new isn’t always better. If you’re going to change something, improve it. When your changes lead to dissatisfaction and poor sales, you change back to what worked.

    I’ve been waiting for this day for 5 years. I’m 99% happy with this, which is a rare achievement for me w/ this team.

    I definitely don’t care for the black set, but at least the template is consistent and conservative. The collar on the green “home” jersey seems more obnoxious than on the white, but I think I prefer it exist than not, and maybe it’ll look better on the next template.

    On the updated logo, I don’t think the curve of the “Streamlined Front” matches well with the harsher angles of the rest of the logo.

    Other than that, couldn’t be happier, and I am amazed that they didn’t find a way to shoehorn in something obnoxious.

    should note that the team also introduced some alternate logos. from their website:

    “A full suite of secondary logos has been developed to reinforce and expand the Jets brand identity. These logos incorporate key characteristics of the primary mark, including font, color and in some instances the distinctive shape of the Jet.”

    I can’t find good images of them yet but they seem to be available on some of the new merch being sold

    Couldn’t the players have gone without the long undershirt for just 1 day? Especially for a uniform unveiling?

    Drill Sergeant always said attention to detail can save your life or ruin it…

    A better look of a traditionally pretty blase set of duds. The Jets will never look great, but switching back and forth between the Namath looking duds and the Klecko era outfits is about as good as they can expect. Stop it with the undershirt already.

    Massive improvement on the previous set and you don’t have the like BFBS but as far as it goes, this one was well done.

    I’m surprised the Jets didn’t have to add a black swoosh to justify the black alternate like the Colts. Does the black pants option satisfy the requirement?

    I hate all mono pairings, other than all white (Colts for example), so although I’m sure they will upset me by doing all green and all black, at least the pants have a stripe, which I think will make it at least somewhat better. Now that they can have a third helmet, I think the Gotham Green helmet reversed would look nice as well. For me, you can throw all the black shit away, but most seem to dig it, so whatevs.

    Also, contrasting socks would be nice, like the former whites with perhaps a green strip on them, but that ship has sailed. Also/also, not getting the tweaks to the wordmark, other than making the “jet” element a little more “jet-like”. The rest don’t seem to do much, and I’m not sure I would have even noticed them.

    These are an improvement over the previous set. Love they kept the TV numbers. Too many teams dropping them lately.

    I really like these, and agree that the best part is the big numbers and the lack of a wordmark or anything above the front numbers. The color scheme is enough to tell you what team it is. (The number font is pretty distinctive, too, without looking too ‘bespoke’; particularly the 7. Several teams had it in the ’80s — Bengals? Bills? — but it’s rare now. Is it the default for a particular manufacturer?)

    These are one of the most frustratingly mediocre sets in NFL history. At least when a uniform is memorably awful, a la the Bucco Bruce unis, they’ll eventually become a fun throwback, and may even inexplicably come to be regarded as a good uniform some day. But this Jet set is bland beyond all reason with no heart or creative risk.

    This is an odd thought…

    But I wonder what would have happened had instead of the Black jersey, they reversed the colors (a la what the Celtics have done: link).

    Maintain the Black pants, keep the Black matte helmet (which is amazing, not as amazing as their main helmet but really good) and created a NY Sack Exchange Gotham Green jersey, but with Black numbers with thin white outlines. I wonder what that would look like

    Definitely better than what they had. The metallic helmet doesn’t match the unis, which are a tad plain. The collars are HUGE. But overall a big upgrade over using a football as a logo.

    I think these are the best uniforms the Jets have ever had. I wasn’t a huge fan of the white shell Namath era uni’s (though I’m not a Jets fan and don’t have any stake in the tradition). I didn’t care for the helmet logo with that set, nor the last set, namely because I think it looks dumb for a team to have a football in their logo. The new/old “Jets” logo with an actual jet looks sleek and awesome, and this new set is a good blend of modern and classic. I don’t like BFBS either, especially since this new version is pretty much the Eagles’ same set with a different logo, but I do think this version looks way better than last the previous set. My only complaint is that they should have kept the striped socks and should have added white striped socks to wear with the green pants to avoid the leotard look.

    Good redesign. Now, the models wearing white undershirts look terrible, but that’s the current NFL for ya.

    Hoping the BFBS is limited to the Black Friday game they are trying to make a tradition. Cool, whatever if that’s the case.

    Namath style will always be the Jets to me, but these sticking with just green and white are a solid change up. I thought they looked especially great against KC last year. Looking forward to seeing the green uni in action too.

    I’m sick to death of these un-designs. I’m not saying all the new-dangled stuff is great or even good, but sometimes it is. Jets should have kept the outgoing ibis minus the black stuff, switched the helmets to this new setup and added a white helmet. They would have looked great. This is generic and boring. I don’t care if it’s a “historical look” or whatever.

    I think you’ll get a redesign the other way with the Broncos, at least, if the rumors hold.

    I would also argue the “historical” look they’ve gone back to isn’t particularly great history, IMHO. That say, we Jets fans have not enjoyed much of that anyway.

    The biggest reason I’m happy to stick up for the outgoing Jets design (and believe me it’s a major asterisk next to the black unis and the helmet logo, as I mentioned) is that Nike has a few other tactics: under design it to death (cardinals, jazz), take a single concept and beat it to death with “details” (buccs alarm clocks, Seahawks), or say yes to everything (potentially the Texans). The jets had something new and interesting, but still simple and reserved. It made them stand out from the crowd, but not look like clowns.

    I fully agree with your sentiments in 99% of cases. But they tried it last time, and it was awful, so fully understand in this case why they would do an un-design.
    But those collars are terrible. Have completely destroyed the Saints look for ne, and think they will do the same here. (also doesn’t look as bad on the whites)

    I like it, and I like the green color, especially on the helmet. The green pants with the white jersey is just OK because of the green socks. It would look really good with white socks. Of course the black sucks. You mentioned that they could wear the black pants with the white jersey. I wonder if they would wear the black helmet with this combo? I hate the black, but if they’re going to do it, stick with the black look and don’t try to mix it with the other uniform colors.

    I enjoyed Can of the Day, Paul. I’m sorry it’s making an early exit, but I understand.

    Let’s see, as a calming voice of reason, I’ll add this cynical take:
    * BFBS is now widely considered embarrassingly stupid.
    * The 0-stripes on helmet, 1-stripe on pants, 2-stripes on jersey is graphically incorrect, illogical, and bothersome.
    * The “nikelace”/undershirt/Dracula collar is disappointing, distracting, unnecessary, and dated.
    * Muted colors are everything that makes today’s world hateful, bitter, and hopeless.
    * It’s a sad day when celebrating an unremarkable number font, and a team called the “Jets” actually having a jet somewhere on their uniform, is the best one can do.

    “The 0-stripes on helmet, 1-stripe on pants, 2-stripes on jersey is graphically incorrect, illogical, and bothersome.” I’m glad I’m not the only one that bugs the crap out of. I’ve been saying that about Alabama’s unis forever. Similar issue with Auburn: helmet and sleeve stripes styled the same with separation between the stripes, but not on the pants. So close to perfect!


    It looks like the NFL has quietly relaxed their rule that a color has to be a part of a team’s main color palate to be used as an alt. There is zero black (thankfully) on the green and white sets. Maybe they considered how Indy snuck past this by using a black swoosh and realized it was a dumb rule that could be easily circumvented. Any updates on this policy?

    Despite being associated with a largely ignominious era, I was a fan of the 1990-97 black-trimmed set. A few adjustments to the outgoing set would have been OK: Replace the helmet logo with the one with the jet, take out the wings on the shoulders, eliminate the “NEW YORK” on the front of the jerseys, go for a solid stripe on the pants and most people would have been fine with it.

    I’m with you on the ’90-’97 set with black trim. I thought there was just enough black to make the numbers and stripes pop and look like a contemporary uniform. I also grew up in the ’90’s so I have a fondness for them.

    I’ll take this set over the previous one but I do feel like it’s too minimalist. If you could give just a couple of tweaks, I’d say you can fix the collar and pants striping by just adding a contrasting stripe in the middle of each. Make the collar white-green-white on the green jersey/pants and green-white-green on the white jersey/pants. This would make the uniform elements more consistent and more visually interesting without ruining the overall aesthetic.

    Also, I think we do need to give the Jets credit for going with/keeping the retro font (I’m not sure what it’s called but I basically associate it with Champion jerseys). Pretty much no one uses it anymore in the NFL or major college football so it’s fun to see it back, even if I wouldn’t want more teams to use it.

    (If we must have black jerseys and pants, add some white into the stripes.)

    Why not go back to the Super Bowl 3 uniforms? Then why not focus on getting back there again. I was a kid when we won that one, now reaching the big 70. The Chief’s, the Raiders the Packers and Bears have same uniforms. Please stop charging our uniforms, they are ugly. 1980 was some our worst football.

    I think the black unis would look better with green numbers and nameplates, but I also am sure that would cause legibility issues. Having them be all black with white numbers/names and just tiny green accents is way too generic. Otherwise, this is a solid improvement for a team that’s never been all that aesthetically appealing over the years.

    I thought the rule was that to have a black alt jersey the team needed to have black in their primary jersey, so how did the jets keep the black alts without any black in the primary? Am I missing something?

    I’m ambivalent about black. Some teams I like(Reds CC, Chisox CC), some I don’t (Marlins). Being a Green Lantern fan, okay, I’m partial to green and black, so the Jets always get a pass. (I’m a Giant fan, but I’m sick of red, white, and blue color schemes).

    These are a massive upgrade, even with the stupid toilet bowl collar. I’m glad they stuck with the modern emerald green helmets. Obviously the BFBS sucks, but I’m ignoring that. What is worrisome here is that I definitely see them mixing in the black pants (with black socks) with this set. And I am 100% certain we’ll see the green pants worn with green socks all the time.

    I loved the can of the day- such amazing designs Paul. I understand it had a limited shelf life. Thanks so much!

    Took them 5 years longer than necessary, but the Jets will finally look like the Jets again. Can’t wait for the story about the development of the 2019 set!

    What’s the over/under on how many games before they start pairing the black pants with the white or green jersey?

    After five mediocre seasons, the Jets will again revert to back to those previous “vintage” jerseys.

    Old west coast guy here – I LOVE the uni’s!!! The Sack Exchange era was my favorite look for the Jets. The beauty and simplicity are elegant. THe deep dark green. I also love the BFBS kit. Especially for home night games. The black uni’s definitely have a place in Gotham City!!! Huge upgrade and a home run!

    You have canned the can, but understandably. One of the coolest UW features ever, thank you for showing these beautiful designs for such a long time.
    Kudos to the Jets for bringing these back and admitting the 2019 set was a mistake. Too bad about BFBS but they should name that one The Players Choice. Every team will have one in 5 years from now.

    “Bolder Jet Shape”…wow such boldness…

    They look nice, though. Don’t really need the green pants at all. I think the mono-green is the weakest of these, although I may change my mind about that when I see the all-blacks in real lighting. The all white looks good with green socks. Green over white with green socks looks pretty good, too, although it’s a far cry from “iconic.”

    Decent course correction.

    So the white pants are the only ones that have a two-color stripe? Also, they are the only ones that don’t match the jersey shoulder stripes. That’s awesome.

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