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Yet Another Pirates City Connect Leak Emerges — This Time for the Cap

The Pirates are scheduled to release their City Connect uniform on June 22, but we now have another leak — the fourth one related to this uniform so far.

The cap shown at the top of this page is currently available for sale on a Mexican retail website, which is listing it as Pittsburgh’s City Connect cap. It’s an adjustable, not an authentic, but there are two things to suggest that the basic design is legitimate.

First, if we zoom in on the cap fabric, we can see this pattern:

I don’t know what that design is supposed to signify, but I do know that it matches the pattern that appeared on an earlier leak of the team’s City Connect socks:

In addition, the cap’s yellow crown and black brim match what we saw in last week’s leak of a photo from the Pirates’ City Connect photo shoot:

All of this leads me to believe that the cap shown on the Mexican website is indeed the cap that the Pirates will be wearing as part of their CC uni. We’ll find out for sure next week.

(My thanks to Kyle Sasala for bringing this one to my attention.)


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    Y for Yinzer because the Y represents all Pittsburgh sports. There’s no universal logo, and since we are the city of the black and gold. And to represent all “Yinzers”, we made the Y for all Yinzers to wear.

    Y is the perfect representation for Pittsburgh sports in general, combining the Yinzer the Three Rivers elements. What more could Yinzz ask for?

    I note no “Positivity Week” logo on this … but then a neutral report would certainly be the best I could muster.

    Before I zoomed in, I thought it might have been a cross-promotion with Louis Vuitton or Yves Saint Laurent

    Pittsburgh native here, I’d bet the Y shape is supposed to represent the three rivers.

    The square doesn’t match up with Fort Pitt though, that had a very different shape. The fort was actually star-shaped (see the first link) and while Fort Duquesne was more square it had points at the corners (see the outline on the grass in the second link).



    At least you won’t see the miserable details on field because they are so small

    Still mixed on the jerseys/pants, but honestly the socks/cap are genuinely pretty nice, imo (given i have like. almost no knowledge about Pittsburgh as a city)

    The Y represents the three rivers. The square block represents the Clemente bridge.

    Looks like the cap that the “Scumbag Steve” wears in that old meme.

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