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‘T’ Minus: Nets Player Victimized by Wayward Letter

We’ve seen lots of players over the years whose names have been misspelled on the back of their jerseys. But Nets center Nic Claxton has a different kind of NOB typo tonight: The “T” has fallen off of his jersey.

Here are a few more views:

I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before, and I’m coming up empty. Does anyone know of any similar examples?

(My thanks to Twitter-er @Qwick for bringing this situation to my attention.)

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    It is a funny coincidence with his name. Cannot think of another example right now. Which player name in any league would form a noun or a verb when 1 or 2 letters fall off the NNOB? Nice game for under the Christmas tree.

    The player names were falling off left, right and centre for the Spanish Olympic football team during the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, but they managed to fix it for the final. I have been searching the net for examples, but can’t find any.

    To the topic of “can’t tell what teams are playing with all of these alternate uniforms now” when I looked at this photo, black/blue uniform design, I assumed it was Orlando. I would have never guessed he played for the Nets, who are either black/white or blue/red depending on what era you are pulling from.

    I remember seeing on TV probably in about 1970 the Rams defensive lineman Coy Bacon apparently having the top of the letter “C” come off on the nameplate of his jersey, so “BACON” became “BALON.” After that, my brother took to calling him “Coy Balloon.”

    And yow, after about 10-15 minutes scrolling through a YouTube copy of what seemed like it might have been the game we were watching — a Rams-Vikings MNF matchup from ’70 — I found visual evidence, and probably the exact moment I’d been vaguely recalling from 52 years ago, which I’ve posted at link. I can see it MIGHT have been a trick of the camera angle but it does indeed look like the nameplate says “BALON.”

    When the announcers were talking about this, Sara Kustok, the color commentator, asked if there was some sort of ramification for not having the name correct on the back. I can’t imagine there is anything would prohibit the player from playing in the game? If it was their number, then there might be some sort of violation…

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