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Category: Player Names/Nameplates

We Need to Have a Talk About the Word ‘Nameplate’

An important uni term is being widely misused lately. Here’s a quick review so we can nip that problem in the bud.

Detroit Pistons Honor 2004 Championship with Throwback NOBs

It’s an unusually subtle and nuanced throwback move.

‘r’ You Ready: KC Royals Break New Uni Ground with Lowercase Letter

Just when you thought you’d seen everything.

Finally, a Player Whose Name Benefits from Smaller Lettering

Simeon Woods Richardson’s NOB has undergone an interesting evolution over three seasons.

Rangers Prospect Could Shatter the MLB Record for Longest Name

If he makes it to the majors, his name would be historic.

EXCLUSIVE: Mariners Finally Scrapping MLB’s Worst NOB Font

The lettering on the Mariners’ navy jerseys is finally getting upgraded.

Washington Capitals Call-Up Poised to Set NHL NOB Record

When Ivan Miroshnichenko makes his NHL debut tonight, he’ll also make NHL uni history.

Rangers Prospect’s NOB Is Full of Intriguing Details

The Arizona Fall League season recently wrapped up for the year, but it left us with an intriguing player to ponder: Rangers prospect Anthony Hoopii-Tuionetoa, a Hawaiian-born pitcher who played …

A Frank Howard History Mystery (Plus a Very Funny TV Commercial)

An epic Uni Watch investigation.

Pete Crow-Armstrong’s Epic NOB Makes Its MLB Debut

Where does he stand in the MLB NOB sweepstakes?

Royals Pitcher Makes MLB NOB History

For better or worse, Daniel Lynch notched an apparent MLB first last night.

Reds Prospect Poised to Make NOB History Tonight (Maybe)

Christian Encarnacion-Strand will have the longest NOB ever to appear on a big league jersey — if the Reds let him wear it.

Giants Doing Public Service with Heroic Uni-Centric Stadium Exhibit

If every MLB team did this, they’d have a much more uni-literate fan base.

So Help Me Dodd: Atlanta Rookie Has MLB’s Most Confusing NOB

Thanks to Atlanta’s NOB font, Dylan Dodd’s NOB is in deep doo-doo.

High School Team Covers Up ‘Equality’ NOB to Avoid Technical Foul

A coach didn’t want to jeopardize his team’s chances in the state tournament, so he broke out the cover-up tape.