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A New (to me) Form of NOB Arching

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When it comes to arched NOBs, there’s radial arching and vertical arching — and then there’s the style shown above. It’s sort of like vertical arching, because the letters aren’t fanned out, but it isn’t true vertical arching, because the letterforms aren’t customized based on their position. . . . → Read More: A New (to me) Form of NOB Arching

Period Piece

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The photo above shows Lions cornerback Darius Slay Jr. tackling Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. in a game that took place back on Oct. 15. As you can see, both players wear the generational suffix on their NOBs, but there’s a difference: Ginn’s JrOB includes a . . . → Read More: Period Piece

Reading the NHL Tea Leaves

The NHL and Adidas continue to release teasers in advance of next Tuesday night’s uniform unveiling. Lots of rear-view photos were released yesterday, and they appear to show lots of small changes taking place for various teams (and also reinforce what the Adidas logo creep will look like). One thing at a time:

1. . . . → Read More: Reading the NHL Tea Leaves

Salty Brings His Road Show to Toronto

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Jarrod Saltalamacchia and his MLB-record 14-letter surname are in Blue Jays camp this spring. As you can see, the Jays are taking the around-the-world approach to his NOB.

Toronto is Salty’s seventh big league team. How have the other six handled his prodigious NOB? Let’s take a . . . → Read More: Salty Brings His Road Show to Toronto