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A Star Is Born

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The 76ers unveiled their new uniforms last night. As you can see above, they’re fairly conservative and pretty similar to what the team was already wearing. You can find my take in this ESPN piece, which was posted last night.

I wrote that piece in the afternoon, based on photos that the team had provided to me on embargo, and then the piece was posted after the unveiling while I was dealing with a social obligation in the evening. One detail I didn’t mention, because it wasn’t evident in the photos and the team didn’t give me an advance press release, is that the stars running up the side panels are uneven — there are seven on one side and six on the other. Seventy-six, get it?

I like that. It’s not one of these bullshit “stories” that so many uniforms try to tell; it’s a direct and simple reference to the team’s name that even a little kid can understand. It also has nothing to do with jersey sales, which is nice (you don’t get the seven/six alignment unless you add the shorts). Best of all, the stars are partially chain-stitched:

With all of that in mind, I’d revise my ESPN grades for the home and road jerseys from B+ to A-.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it yesterday, my take on the Clippers’ new look can be found in this ESPN piece. I also discussed the Clippers and other uni-related matters yesterday morning on The Dan Patrick Show — here’s the segment:

Several people emailed me yesterday to ask, “How’d you get on Dan Patrick? What’d you do to get on Dan Patrick??” It was no different than any other radio interview I’ve ever done: A producer from the show emailed me and asked if I was available to come on, I said, “Sure, as long as you get permission from ESPN” (that’s the standard policy for any outside media outlet that wants to talk to me), he came back to me in a few minutes and said, “Okay, they gave the green light,” and we chose a time slot that was agreeable to both of us. That’s how it works.

And we still have two more NBA teams slated to unveil new unis in the next few weeks: the Hawks and Raptors. Stay tuned.

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’Skins Watch: Yesterday’s Blackhawks victory rally in Chicago attracted some fans who wore Native headdresses and red body paint. Classy (from Scott McDonald). ”¦ Some students at Eastern Michigan want the school’s marching band to stop wearing the school’s old Hurons logo (thanks, Phil). ”¦ In a related item, the Michigan ACLU chapter has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to find out how and why EMU resurrected the Hurons logo. … The list of names that the U. of North Dakota can use to replace “Fighting Sioux” has been narrowed down to seven options (from Jerry Nitzh).

Baseball News: Here are MLB All-Star Game BP jerseys (which seem okay, or at least okay-ish) and BP caps (almost all of which look awful). ”¦ Meanwhile, the single-A Wilmington BlueRocks are giving away a cap next weekend that looks a lot like the MLB All-Star game caps. ”¦ Here’s something you don’t see very often: orange vs. orange! That’s the Bakersfield Blaze and the Inland Empire 66ers from two nights ago (from Brandon Sparks). ”¦ You also don’t see purple vs. orange very often. That’s from yesterday’s Rockies/Astros game (from @jookyhc ). ”¦ Tigers OF Rajai Davis is another player wearing his own face on his wristband (from Mark Kunz). ”¦ The Mets award a WWE-style belt to top player of each game. ”¦ The Mets designated P Dillon Gee for assignment earlier this week. They haven’t yet traded, released, or outrighted him, but they have already given away his uniform number. This reminds me of a situation in 2008, when Trot Nixon briefly played for the Mets and then ended up on the disabled list. The Mets let someone else wear Nixon’s number even though he was technically still on the roster, making it pretty clear that they had no intention of bringing him back from the DL (and indeed, they didn’t). ”¦ Braves OF Jonny Gomes reached the 10-year service mark yesterday, so the team gave him this jersey. Never seen anything like that before. Also, recalling a discussion we had earlier this month, it’s worth noting that that’s Chipper Jones’s retired number (from Michael Rich). ”¦ Cleveland SS Mike Aviles’s daughter, Adrianna, has leukemia, so the team posed for photos yeseterday wearing “Team Adrianna” T-shirts, and P Danny Salazar wore ribbon graphic on his cap in last night’s game. ”¦ Rays P Chris Archer suffered the old Little League problem of his stirrup loop coming out of his shoe last night (from Jenn Rubenstein). ”¦ In that same game, Nats P Doug Fister had his wedding band fall off during a pitch, but then he found it on the mound (from @YellowHatDan). ”¦ Mariners INF Brad Miller was berated on the air for wearing “gym socks” instead of sannies last night. ”¦ In 1977, long before jerseys were available for sale, Peter Frampton’s bassist, Stanley Sheldon, was wearing a Giants jersey onstage (from @roryjayz). ”¦ Looks like the 1969 A’s wore team blazers on the road (from Tristan Ridgeway).

Pro Football News: The chairman of the NFL’s health and safety committee thinks the NFL could eventually stop using helmets. ”¦ If NFL teams put comic book superhero logos on their helmets, it would look really fucking stupid like this (blame Phil). ”¦ The Cleveland Gladiators — that’s an arena team — will salute the Cavaliers by wearing Cavs-themed uniforms for tonight’s game against the Tampa Bay Storm. ”¦ “So I’m watching the video for ‘Freedom of Choice’ by Devo (don’t ask),” says Jeff Ash, “and at 1:42 there’s this guy wearing Los Angeles Rams headphones.”

College Football News: New yard line numeral typeface for UNC. ”¦ Here’s Army’s new logo being applied to the field. ”¦ New field installation for South Carolina, too (from Ben Hartzell). ”¦ Looks like Vanderbilt has added NOBs.

Hockey News: New 20th-anniversary patch for the Avalanche. Interesting — and a great relief — that the numerals on the patch bear no resemblance to the team’s miserable jersey number font. Also: Mildly surprised that the marketing department didn’t successfully lobby for the term “Avs-iversary.”

Soccer News: Here’s another Arsenal road kit leak (from Laurence Holland). ”¦ Barcelona’s third kit has leaked as well. ”¦ Diego Maradona of Argentina wore Italian club socks during a World Cup quarterfinal (from @UltimateGT). ”¦ With Seattle’s LGBT pride march slated for this weekend, the Seattle Sounders have LGBT scarves (from Will Lemke).

Grab Bag: Looks like Tennessee athletics will unveil lots of new stuff on July 1. ”¦ New basketball court for Army. … New Rugby World Cup unis for the USA. ”¦ Here’s another interesting use of an apostrophe in a vertically lettered sign (from Noah Sidel). ”¦ Never seen this before: a supermarket selling items “by the each” (from Tyler K). ”¦ The U.S. Treasury Dept. has announced that the $10 bill will be redesigned with a woman on the front. Who should it be? ”¦ You’ve probably seen this purple/teal paper cup design before. Here’s a really good article about the search to find its designer. Highly recommended (from Scott Davis and JohnMark Fisher). ”¦ Also highly recommended: My friend Rob Walker has written a dynamite piece about standpipes with armored attachments to keep people from sitting on them. ”¦ “Deontay Wilder successfully defended his WBC heavyweight title Saturday night over Éric Molina,” says Dustin Semore. “The fight was at Bartow Arena in Birmgingham, home of the UAB Blazers. An assistant was walking through the men’s locker room and I noticed that there was a locker set up for Wilder just like the other Blazers, with the appropriate number 1.” ”¦ The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected the trademark application for the state of Tennessee’s crummy new logo. ”¦ Here are all the 2015 uniforms for Drum Corps International. ”¦ Here’s a ranking of Aussie football home uniforms. … Happy Juneteenth to all who are observing. 150th anniversary, too!

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    The chairman of the NFL’s health and safety committee thinks the NFL could eventually stop using helmets.

    American Football started without helmets. People died. There’s no way in hell you can convince me that wearing no helmet is safer.

    The popular argument goes that rugby manages to work without helmets. The easy rebuttal is that we thought it did but it’s becoming increasingly clear that concussion is just as big an issue as in American Football. Helmets have very little to do with it in the end. Professionalism plays a much bigger role: when you have guys who get paid specifically to get bigger, tackle hrder and give less of a shit about their own wellbeing, then you will have concussions.

    Rugby also doesn’t have all the other padding though, right? I’d guess that might make a little bit of difference. Maybe a little bit less of a feeling of invincibility and not hitting as hard. Maybe?

    Also, helmets do usually prevent broken or fractured jaw/nose/cheekbone/eye socket/skull and other head injuries. Would you rather see your star player/face of the league guy (Brady, Manning, Rodgers, etc) leave the field a little wobbly with a concussion that may or may not eventually cause brain damage… or see him leave with that same concussion and a broken jaw/nose and blood everywhere?

    Also, helmets do usually prevent broken or fractured jaw/nose/cheekbone/eye socket/skull and other head injuries. Would you rather see your star player/face of the league guy (Brady, Manning, Rodgers, etc) leave the field a little wobbly with a concussion that may or may not eventually cause brain damage… or see him leave with that same concussion and a broken jaw/nose and blood everywhere?

    People getting mangled and dented I would suggest is a reasonable risk for somebody participating in a contact sport. Hockey certainly doesn’t suffer from the pandemic of tooth loss and black eyes. It’s only when the blows are life threatening that I think it’s necessary to be concerned.

    The Jeff,

    Not exactly true…Rugby has equipment that covers all the same areas that the NFL/College cover, from mouthguards to footwear, here are some samples.

    Shoulder pads

    Scrum Caps/headgear

    Tackle shorts with padding are worn as well, depending on the leagues rules and tastes.

    The point of this is that Rugby is a full contact sport that puts a heavy emphasis on technique and team play above all, rather than the All-American football’s violent use of thunderdome-esque entertainment.

    The reason that there are fewer head trauma injuries (fewer as in LESS) is simply reducing the use of ones head (my second favorite gland to quote Mr. Allen) as a key part in the tackling process, say dropping ones head to deliver the blow.

    In rugby, if you consistently drop your head to make a big hit, rather than stopping the ball, this signals to your opponent that you are committed to tackling, and they can counter this by passing, juking or a few other techniques thereby creating space (the place where the tackler should be but isn’t because they dropped their head to make the grand hit).

    Instructions are here…

    This is not to say that Rugby isn’t a rough, and occasionally bloody sport. It is.

    I believe that Rugby is not nearly as destructive to it’s players as the NFL/NCAA because the rules restrict use of ones noggin’ in tackling, binding and general play.

    Failure to follow the rules means you don’t get to play, especially if you miss a tackle for an all-American hit.

    While scrum caps and shoulder pads are in use, it’s important to remember that they are A) significantly less bulky and B) rather niche at the top levels. Relative to American football, rugby has virtually no protective equipment.

    But you are right on the fact that the way rugby is played has a bearing on head injuries. Because a tackle doesn’t end the play, both the tackler and the tacklee have a duty to stay in control. It basically means that 80% of tackles in rugby are rather benign and involve both the tackler and the tacklee sacrificing power to ensure they and their teammates are in a position to compete for the ball in the continuance of play.

    That said, this only affects the intent when two or more players come together. Most head injuries in rugby occur where the contact is mostly incidental. Rugby is still a fairly frantic sport where players’ heads are necessarily placed in very vulnerable situations. Because, for instance, a tackle doesn’t end a play you necessarily have players lying vulnerable on the ground, exposed to the boots of players hunting for the ball in the ensuing ruck.

    Padday has educated me on this point. Back when your correspondent played rugby (1898, Yukon), concussions were rare because we tackled with shoulders and arms, with the head to one side or the other. It was part of the culture of the game. These days the big boys often tackle US football style, with the consequences as limned by Padday. And many of today’s big boys are really really big and strong, not at all like the dissipated wretches of the old Klondike days.

    My comment written before reading eltee’s. No doubt he’s right about the relative infrequency of rugby concussions versus football concussions, but I do wonder if his remarks would apply on the level of international competitions, where concussions do seem to have climbed in recent years.

    Connie Dee Cee,

    Yes, You are 100 percent correct.

    There is a real disturbing trend going on as more and more players attempt the man-missle form of American Tackling and general mayhem (Great stadium theater btw – however,I do not endorse this style), and violence in the ruck (Very dark and dangerous things can happen there… steel yourself when in it, and avoid it when you can – to quote my old Rugby coach).

    Normally you would expect Rugby Officials to step in, but something is definitely going on (the FIFA-fication of the sport?)and should be addressed.

    Seems to me lacrosse-style protection would be a good fit for the NFL. Helmet with minimal body pads. Invincibility factor is lessened and the head stays protected.

    I figure it’s up to those named-after, right? And that Sioux consensus is that UND shouldn’t be nicknamed “Fighting Sioux?”

    Anyway, “Roughriders” is awesome if only for the connection with Theodore (“Don’t call me Teddy”) Roosevelt, whose ranch in the NoDak Badlands meant all the world to him. A wonderful place.

    If it is up to consensus, then Florida State needs to change their name also, as the Oklahoma Seminole Tribe is opposed to the use of all Native American nicknames, logos, and images, including the FSU Seminoles

    …and if Florida State is OK despite opposition from tribes in Oklahoma, why should a team in Maryland or Ohio care about the opinions of people living in Arizona?

    In UND’s case, it might LEGALLY be up to the Sioux. But no nation of people “owns” its name in the mouths of other people, or its image in their renderings–not if they’re private citizens. Fans may continue to call ’em “the Sioux” if they please.

    UND is the most interesting case in dealing with this issue. The Spirit Lake tribe supports the Fighting Sioux, while the Standing Rock Tribe would not bring it up for a vote. The Spirit Lake tribe sued the NCAA over the Fighting Sioux nickname but a judge through it out stating the suit against the NCAA failed to show that the NCAA “acted with discriminary intent” when it put the Native American ban in place.

    That photo in the soccer section is of Diego Maradona, not Godin. Slightly curious as to how you even knew of the existence of Diego Godin, let alone managed to confuse him for one of soccer’s most infamous figures?

    Those Sixers unis are definitely a few steps up from their White Shadow Carver High unis they had before.

    If that pic is the belt the Mets are giving to their top players, it’s the old WWE logo. They changed it a year ago.

    The other cool awesome thing about seven stars and six stars is there are thirteen to match the original colonies.

    And by the same reason, the 13 stars in the logo. This is fact may be the original reason why 7 and 6 stars were included, as opposed to some strange way allude to 76.

    I agree, the 13 stars = 13 colonies/13 stars on the first US flag makes more sense to me.

    It bugs me that the twill layer of the stars are just ironed on. Used to be that pro jerseys were quality heavy-duty/durable affairs with everything stitched on. Now they look and feel like bootleg jerseys.

    Ok, so is anyone else bothered by the spacing of the stars on the Sixers uniforms? You’ve got 3/4 on the jersey at the top… then a big gap, then 3 on the shorts. Wouldn’t it look a lot better if they were evenly spaced down the whole uniform? The red version is especially bad.

    Perhaps the fear is that, when tucked in, some of the shirt’s stars might be tucked in as well on some players.

    I like the stars on the red shorts. I like that they are at the termination of the stripe.

    Overall I like the unis a lot.

    I concur with Dee Gee,

    These Unis DNS! (Do Not Suck). Not spectacular, not heinous, but a evolution, rather than revolution in Uni-Design.

    Kudos for restraint. Now get to work on the Iggles stat!

    Or maybe we’re all reading it wrong. It’s not 7 stars on the left, 6 on the right. It’s 7 on the top, 6 on the bottom. Read it that way and bam! the spacing thing is a feature, not a bug.

    Not really. It probably has to do with the “tucking” point made above. And who knows, they may have more spacing in the real iteration?

    I think these new Phila uniforms are as close to perfect as you can get in the NBA today.

    The collar stripes = A+
    The move to “Phila” = A+
    Color scheme restraint = A+
    Side stripes (and the subsequent restraint) = A
    Left thigh logo on short = A
    Side logo on red alt short = A

    The integration of these last few elements on the short… while showing restraint and not doing anything goofy with cutoff edges or swipes… brings an old-school style without looking hipster old-school like BKLYN.

    Stars on side short/jersey are a nice touch = A- (spacing maybe but not a huge issue).

    Only complaint is the lack of using “Dribbling Ben.” I’d perhaps put him on the blue shorts. Mainly because the red alt shorts already look great.

    Can’t even explain how awesome the collar stripes are… nothing stupid done… that’s simply amazing!! Maybe the tide is turning now with these and Milwaukee?

    At least those mooks sprung for the Party Store headdresses, not those cheap Dollar Store ones, right??

    Looks like the jersey that Stanley Sheldon was wearing had seen better days. The bottom of the “1” on the back appears to be unattached.

    Being Alsatian, I follow FC Metz. Their womens’ team is in a big tournament, and the poster is full of link.

    Ugh. Great that European clubs are invested in womens’ football. But, too much pink. The four women in uniform holding a football should be notice enough.

    Not only are the starts 7 and 6 to create 76, but also that totals to 13. A nice little nod to the original colonies. I love this detail. As Paul said, this is smart design reasoning.

    Purple vs. Orange?

    It’s as if my childhood came to life on a baseball diamond. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the grape popsicle or the orange popsicle. So I’d get both.

    It’s the Avs 20th anniversary but only their 19th season due to the missed lockout season

    So Dan Patrick is not a fan of the Padres in brown.
    I love the brown and would like to see them go to a modern update of their original 1969 unis.

    I like that late 1960’s set too. Paul mentions the “Steve Garvey Taco Bell” set, which was really cool. But the Padres don’t have to go that crazy, just a pallet swap – it would be enough.

    For me, that original 1969 Padres uniform is one of the best in baseball history, to my eye, quite a bit better than anything they’ve worn since.

    I’m not sure exactly what I expected, but Paul’s voice sounds different than I would have thought.

    Everyone’s voice sounds different that I expect. Or, since I’ve always been a radio geek, everybody looks different than their voice sounds.

    Vandy has been wearing NOBs for several years now. They didn’t for a very long time but they started maybe 4-5 years ago, possibly when James Franklin took over?

    The Tampa Bay Rays may be on the move, and soon:


    How about a weekend contest series for Rays relo, with voting by the quality of concept design rather than the merits of the city? Phil?

    Let’s just hope they don’t pull a Lakers and keep the Rays name after moving someplace where it doesn’t make sense. Also, if Phil does let us have a contest, anyone using the Montreal Expos is disqualified.

    “How about a weekend contest series for Rays relo, with voting by the quality of concept design rather than the merits of the city? Phil?”


    You may be onto something, Scotty. Check back tomorrow.

    Since “Rays” has more than one meaning, the nickname would continue to make sense in virtually any sunny clime. Otherwise, though, one hopes they’d revive a previous team’s name in the new location (MLB or otherwise).

    I’m kinda wondering what cities are even viable options. I’d assume they wouldn’t stay in Florida, so… what, Portland, Montreal, Birmingham, New Orleans, Charlotte…?

    Pretty good article on that a couple years ago:


    The history is ironic. MLB put the Rays in Tampa Bay mainly because it was the only city with an MLB-ready ballpark other than DC, and everybody knew that DC was the only plausible market for a new team. So if they had put an expansion franchise in DC, at least half a dozen existing teams would lose their only realistic relocation threat in negotiations then ongoing with local governments over public stadium subsidies. So when the Expos had to be moved, that left DC as the only real option, and anyway MLB had by then pretty much run the board on extorting new stadium deals from cities with existing teams. But with the Nats in DC, a new round of stadium-extorting efforts are beginning with no realistic immediate relocation threat, since there’s no MLB-capable city with an MLB-ready ballpark at hand.

    If the Rays really do move soon, it will be an entertaining affair. At best, they’ll move into a triple-A ballpark for three to five seasons while a new ballpark is built nearby. (“The Norfolk Admirals take the field for their inaugural game in front of a sellout crowd of 11,856!”) Or they’ll stay in St. Petersburg for three to five seasons while a new ballpark is built in another metro area. The cratering of already weak local fan support will be a sight to behold.

    Imagine the possibilities if they became the “X-Rays!” Skeleton unis, skull logos and such n’ such. Plus, it’d be a cool allusion to their past as the now Ex-Rays.

    Would have preferred the stars on the shorts to be towards the bottom, or at least be evenly spaced.

    Ditto. Haven’t run into that many pop-up ads and over-ads in quite a while. At least it spared me the inevitable waste of time.

    I gave up after only a few also.
    The only thing worse that pop-ups are SLLOOOOWW pop-ups!

    76ers new uniforms. The last iteration looked like a AAU team picking out a snazzy pro style template, but then balking at the high cost of font printing and thus going with a stock one-color font. These new uniforms look more old-school, which not only works for Wilt Chamberlain and Billy Cunningham’s old team, but it makes that same font selection more appropriate.
    I like the 7+6=13 star arrangement between the tops and shorts just fine. You can’t really make it “even” because it’s an odd number. Something would have to give. So I’m totally OK with “lining them up at the margin.”
    The upgrade is subtle yet palpable. I’d actually give it a A- across the board, but OK sure, if you want to discount the alt for being gratuitously extraneous, fine B+.

    Great segment on the DP show Paul, although I’m not sure why you didn’t mention the Jaguars as having the worst uniform in the NFL?

    Which is worse: A good helmet on top of a bad uniform or a bad helmet on top of a good uniform? Apparently Paul prefers the latter.

    He asked who needs a makeover most, so I said the Cardinals. The Jags don’t necessarily need a full makeover; they mainly need a new helmet shell.

    The thumbnail for the video…

    Work has appeared in the New York Times, Go, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and Glamour”

    That wouldn’t be the infamous George Costanza “My mother had a Glamour magazine, I started leafing through it….” issue, could it??

    In the late 80’s/early 90’s BMX Action and Freestylin’ magazines merge together to become “Go” rumor was the name was picked due to it being similar to GQ, not sure how true that is, but I don’t remember any uniform specific columns.

    I really like the 76ers new unis. But whenever that Wilt Chamberlain 76er jersey flashes by in the Grey Flannel Auctions ad, I see perfection.

    LOL! Dan Patrick’s “uuhggghh!” at Paul’s suggestion that the Padres bring back brown.

    Strange thing I never really thought about until I saw the Fister story: Pitchers are allowed to wear their wedding ring when they pitch? I know Fister is right-handed, so it’s not like he’s using leverage from the edge of the ring on the ball when he throws it or anything. But if he takes off his glove and rubs the ball with his hands, couldn’t the ring be used to scuff/rip up the surface of the ball a little better and give him an advantage? Couldn’t a guy use a particularly sharp-edged ring no differently than a file?

    The Sixers unis are a definite upgrade. Very, very nice but the “Philly” thing annoys the shit out of me. It’d be like putting “Chi-Town” on the Bulls uni, or “Rip City” on the Blaze…oh, wait.

    Ya know, I think “Philly” might actually be better than “Phila” if they’re gonna use an abbreviated version of the city’s name. I’m pretty sure that no one actually calls the city “Phila”.

    Which is exactly why PHILA is superior to PHILLY. Phila is an old, and common, written abbreviation for the city. And it’s one with deep roots on Philadelphia unis in several sports. Whereas Philly really is the equivalent of Chi-Town or San Fran or Big D. It’s a nickname that’s fine to say, but even a local winces when it shows up in writing or a formal setting.

    OOOORRRRR, just put Sixers. Maybe the Blazers can be ‘Port’ and the Celtics can say ‘Bos’. Oooh, imagine how great Pistons ‘Det’ jersey would look.

    Phila was super-lame in 1923 and its even lamer in 2015.

    Chalk me up for another one that loves the new Sixers unis. One nit-pick (actually, the same nit-pick from the previous set) – I wish they would do a contrasting color around the letters and numerals. It just feels like something is missing without.

    However, the detailing of the stars on the sides and the Cunningham-era collar are spot-on.

    Man, those Sixers uni’s are gorgeous! Love bringing back “PHILA”. At first I thought maybe the numbers and lettering could use an outline (red on the white and blue jerseys, blue on the red alt), but I think I like the simplicity of a single color better. Glad they didn’t get cute with some custom font. These beauties are the exact opposite of those clown suits unveiled in LA the other day.

    I am glad someone mentioned the Avalanche’s number font. I am glad I am not the only person who can’t stand it. You have a team with a really unique look and colour-scheme, something that hockey seems to be getting away from- originality. But it is absolutely ruined by those difficult to read numbers. A team doesn’t have to go crazy with the font to make them a part of the identity – the Devils have a very simple font, but it is unique, easy to read and nice looking, and paired with the red and black you know right away what team is on the ice.

    As a 76ers fan since the team’s inaugural season, I love the new uniforms. A+. My favorite team will be wearing my favorite uniform.

    A couple tweaks I’d have made — on the red uniform, to me, the stars should be blue — the U.S. flag has stars on the blue field and red stars look to my eye like they come from a red flag, feeling just a bit USSR-ish. Also would have liked to have seen the striping on the shoulder and neck reverse the tri-color pattern of the white-jersey stripes. It always distracts me when a team doesn’t follow the logic of the stripe on all jerseys (the Pistons uniforms with their red-white-blue stripes down the side at home but red-white-red on the road, for me would look so much better on the road with red-blue-white).

    The Sixers’ new alternate uniform has truncated stripes on the shorts whereas the other two sets have stripes that go all the way to the hem of the shorts.

    Is this feature a reference to the early Iverson years? I can’t think of another time when the Sixers had truncated stripes.

    Those two guys at the Blackhawks rally got there at about the same time that my family did, and were literally being run after by local TV producers and camera people. I think they appeared on every station covering the rally; I counted at least five that I saw that had them on for still shots or interviews. Sadly, they weren’t the most offensive group of “play Indians” I saw. That honor goes to the morons wearing grass-type skirts, “war paint”, and obnoxiously whooping wherever they went.

    A cool alternate uni would be a modern update of the ’66 road set with the red jerseys and blue shorts.


    Phils-Cards playing most pointless throwback game ever. Not sure what year. Cards playing with NNOB although they’ve had NOB since at least ’63.

    OKay, it was supposed to be 1961, so they got the NNOB right. But what’s with the MLB logo, which debuted in 1969, on the sleeve?

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