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Hahahaha: Knicks’ Leaked City Design Is Among the Worst Ever

Twitter-er @KnicksMuse posted these pics yesterday, showing what appears to be the Knicks’ new City design.

New York, New York — the city so nice, they named it twice, and then based a really bad jersey design on that phrase.

The team will probably play Frank Sinatra’s “(Theme From) New York, New York” when the team wears this uniform, but they should really play Foreigner’s “Double Vision.” (And yes, that is the only time I will ever advocate for playing Foreigner.)

You can see all of this year’s new uniforms, logos, court designs, and more in my just-published NBA Season Preview.

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    This has to be the Knicks brass not allowing full creative input on a decent design. I’m not saying that I trust Nike’s think tank all the time, but the Knicks have had, in my opinion, the worst catalogue of City designs in the league, and I have to think this is someone else not allowing for more colors or flexibility in the design options.

    Would think so, other side of the river, the Nets have had some really nice City (or alternate, not sure what they were classified), the Subway font, the Biggie sweater trim, the Basquiat, the grayscale ABA look, can’t all be on Nike (not sticking up for them, but…)

    I don’t feel anything for it, but I don’t get all the hate/ridicule either. It just looks like a normal basketball jersey.

    Did a 17 y/o with a pirated PhotoShop 4.0 spend 15 minutes on this design?

    The pinstripes on the Knicks new uniform must be a tribute to Reggie Miller, who got under Spike Lee’s skin as an Indiana Pacer

    I’d tend to associate the FloJo unis with the most intense part of that particular rivalry, though, especially the 8 points in 9 seconds in 1995. If there’s any rivalry-related incident I’d think of with the pins, it’s Malice at the Palace, which obviously had nothing to do with the Knicks.

    It looks like someone accidentally pressed their arrow keys on the wrong layer in Photoshop.

    I know man, that city jersey was, like, Cold As Ice…
    Urgent that they should just stop..but Nike playing Head Games with us… they used to design good uniforms but That Was Yesterday…

    This has to be the end of the City jersey. So many terrible designs this year. What’s worse is teams wearing these terrible designs in the playoffs. How many franchises have their biggest moments in one of these jerseys. I’m still hate that the Cavs pinnacle moment was in a black jeresy with sleeves.

    Nothing will beat the Cavs wearing sleeved BFBS jerseys to win the 2016 NBA Finals. Granted that was under Adidas, but still.

    Bucks come in second though.

    Further evidence that this uniform program does not work because you quickly run out of good design ideas.

    I would rather the NBA and Nike mandate that every team has to do a full redesign/refresh every 5 years and stagger the teams’ uni schedules than get these 1-3 new “concept” unis every year. That way they only need to come up with 1 new design per team every 5 years and just do a color/dark version and a white/light version.

    I’m so Hot Blooded that the NBA is so Urgent to release all uniforms. They’re playing Head Games with me as I sit outside now and it’s as Cold As Ice. Fortunately the closet city is A Long Long Way From Home so this Dirty White Boy won’t see any of them in person.

    There have been some good ones, many the Miami Vice unis. Honorable mentions: Nuggets rainbow, Jazz red rocks, Suns Valley

    There have been some good’uns. in particular the ones you’ve mentioned that, for me, could have been the basis of a full team redesign. The jazz have historically made drastic changes to their look and often get it right, and while they’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of “the square root of azz” it’s ok to try new things, and why not go for something that pushes the identity closer to Utah than jazz? The Miami heat have, in my opinion, a very forgettable and dated base look, and were the pioneers of the “Miami vice” athletic homage. They should have made a wholesale switch to that look and color scheme for a solid period of time. The suns are another team that is constantly tinkering, only they rarely get it right. They finally broke through what Mike wilbon refers to as their “two years away from being two years away from being good” era, AND managed to come up with a gorgeous uni in their “the valley” set. That could have been replicated in a white set, a purple set, or an orange set just as easily, and give one a Phoenix wordmark and one a suns wordmark and make that their entire look. Similarly, the warriors owed it to the city of Oakland to use “the town” uni with the oak tree roundell as a long-standing alternate rather than trying to be vaguely “Bay Area” all the time, and then doing a fauxback “oakland” uni after they cut and ran on that city.

    ….Yeah, wanting nike to become a Juke Box Hero again…..
    ….but, as of late, they are just Low Down and Dirty….

    It was one drop shadow away from being a decent design. I don’t care about the story behind this, it’s just bad.

    Conspiracy theory: Even the Nike designers hate this program, so they are just phoning it in until the NBA kills it.

    Just when I thought we had hit rock bottom with these designs the Knicks take it another notch below that. That double wordmark is so horrible. New York, New York, big city of dreams but everything in New York ain’t always what it seems…what will Grandmaster Melle Mel think of this uniform?

    Not the worst jerseys today in the NBA; not even close. That would be the Bucks’ blue uniforms, or Memphis’ with the chromey numbers.

    Foreigner is a wonderfully melodic band, and Mick Jones is a vastly underrated guitar virtuoso.

    Yep, the Underrated Band of All Time…..

    (no, not the “Most…..”)

    Time for the Rock N Roll Hall O Fame…..

    i dont mind the pinstripes, and the orange trim could have some potential, everything else is dumb as hell

    I’m glad we got the old NEW YORK letters back instead of the squeezed and pinched version that the Knicks use nowadays. And I know this is water under the bridge, but when the Mets played the Yankees in the 2000 World Series, none of the papers ran the headline, “New York, New York.”

    I used to see jerseys like this at a outlet store, only back then they weren’t called “city designs”, they were called “irregulars” or “misprints”.

    the New York woodmark makes their uniform. They continue to miss the mark by changing the 1970 design. Newer does not make it better.

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