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And They Can Be Used Again for Mexican Night

Screen shot 2012-06-06 at 11.42.28 AM.png

Screen shot 2012-06-06 at 11.42.17 AM.png

It’s been common knowledge for several months now that the Brewers would be wearing “Birrai” jerseys for Italian Day on July 1. What wasn’t known until yesterday was that the jerseys would be green and red, or that the Diamondbacks (who are the visiting team that day) would be wearing special jerseys of their own. I think it’s safe to say that this will be tough game to watch. (Additional info here.)

The merits of the design notwithstanding, it’s interesting to see green being used to promote something other than St. Paddy’s Day. Meanwhile, “iD-Backs”? What is that, some new product from Apple? Seems like they could’ve done better than that, no?

The other big uni news from yesterday involved Twins pitcher Jeff Manship, who got saddled with a typo on his NOB:

Screen shot 2012-06-06 at 11.29.38 PM.png

This was only Manship’s second appearance of the year, and his first in the Twins’ navy alternate jersey. I assume he’s getting a new nameplate as we speak.

New ESPN column today, about some of MLB’s biggest uni-related quirks — enjoy.

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Membership update: Scott and I continue to work our way through all the orders from Purple Amnesty Day. And lemme tell ya, it’s no picnic for me to deal with all that purple — especially when a card involves two different shades of purple, as in the case of Mark C. Gutierrez’s card, shown at right, which is based on the Lakers’ old mismatched purple situation. We don’t normally do vertically oriented cards, or cards that include pants or shorts, but Mark’s request was too inspired to turn down.

Speaking of inspired, check out Ben Traxel’s new card. It’s based on a team I’d never heard of before: the Kansas City Wizards. Like I’ve been saying for years, the worst jerseys make the best membership cards, am I right?

As always, you can see all the card designs we’ve done in the membership card gallery, and you can sign up to get your own card here.

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Stirrups Club reminder: Comrade Robert Marshall currently has a new set of stirrups up for sale. Check them out here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: A soccer team sponsored by a TV network? Mike Devoss explains: ” Cal FC is an amateur team in what would be the fifth division of soccer in the U.S. If it were baseball, they’d be somewhere in between Sunday beer league and rookie league. They advanced to the round of 16 in this year’s U.S. Open Cup after beating the Portland Timbers of MLS. Fox Soccer decided to show their next match against Seattle and sponsored their shirts. It was kind of a David/Goliath or Milan/Muncie Central type of deal, except Seattle won, 5-0.” … Remember our recent discussion of brown uniforms? Check this out: solid chocolate! That’s Crespi Carmelite High School in California (nice find by Jim Griggs). … H. Paul Fontenot, Jr. notes that Ryan Dempster switched back and forth between two batting gloves and one batting glove during Tuesday night’s game. Some quick photo research indicates that Dempster normally wears two gloves, so Hunter Pence’s status as MLB’s only full-time single-glover remains secure, at least for now. … William Johnsen has been trying to identify these two jerseys. “Given the tags, I’d say they’re European,” he says. Anyone know more? … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Some of the Euro 2012 retail jerseys have dangerous levels of toxic substances. Happy shopping! … Speaking of Euro 2012, here’s a breakdown of the finalized kits (from Nick Orban). … Logo tweak for Twitter. … Here’s a behind-the-scenes video clip on the making of the new Aston Villa shirts (from Tom Moore). … Metallic-finish football helmet for Syracuse? Seems like it, judging by this photo (from Terry Duroncelet). ”¦ New details from Kenny Abbey, who claims to have inside info on Arizona’s football program: “It looks like the red helmet we saw in the pic [a few days ago] is the final version. And the uniform to be worn with the copper helmet is a new mock-up from what we currently have. It’ll be navy with red and copper accents.” ”¦ Never seen Jerry Dior’s MLB logo design used by a fire department before. “I found that on the side of every truck at a fire department on Lake Erie in upstate New York,” says Tyler Pearson. ”¦ The Nats team store had a Stephen Strasburg jersey on display with an NOB typo. ”¦ As you may know, there’s usually a bathroom situated right next to an MLB dugout, as you can see here. That’s the visiting dugout in Oakland. Andrew Tucker, who took that screen shot, refers to it as the “dugouthouse.” ”¦ Oh baby, it doesn’t get much better than this magnificent 1950s Knicks warm-up top (big thanks to Robert Silverman). ”¦ New away kit for Chelsea.

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    Syracuse metallic helmet…

    Well that lacrosse guy seems to like it.

    PS: I don’t think I ever new there was an “e” at the end of lacrosse. Cuz I usually only see LAX maybe.

    You’ve never heard of the Wizards? Sporting Kansas City was the Wizards for about 15 years winning a few cups during that time.

    Not to mention that they began existence as the “Wiz” in the inaugural season of MLS.

    Paul isn’t a soccer fan. I don’t really expect him to be very aware of the Kansas City Wizards/Sporting KC.

    But considering that he covers uniforms of all sports, you have a point.

    And then there is the possibility that Paul made that comment in jest simply because it is soccer.

    Looks like Arizona’s shirts could be used in an episode of iCarly.

    Worn by Gibbeh!

    I boast near-total ignorance of Italian, but I would have thought that it would be “il D-backi” (or maybe something like “il Serpenti”, if I’m guessing right from other Latinate languages), not “iD-Backs”.

    Also, not sure black shirts on Italian night is such a great idea.

    Nicknames have no place on a major league uniform anyway. No “D-Backs”, no “Bolts”, etc. It’s bush league.

    What about teams whose nicknames are nicknames? Such as the Phillies, Mets, and [Color] Sox? Even aside from the nickname spelling of “Sox”, the White Sox only have the word “Sox” on their unis, not “White Sox”, which is exactly equivalent to the shortened “D-Backs” or the catastrophic old “Jays” unis.

    I tend to agree, BTW, I just don’t see a way to create a general rule that would actually apply to all teams. So it’s more of an aesthetic “I don’t like ‘D-Backs’ on a uni” thing for me. I think the real issue is that if you feel like you have to abbreviate your name to fit it on a jersey, then you have the wrong name.

    Agree with Arr: it’d virtually HAVE to be case-by-case. Certainly, though, the “D-Backs” ought to be kilt by fire. The same goes for the “M’s”, “O’s”, and “A’s” (yes, you heard that last one right; that apostrophe-s is an eyesore).

    Williams 2 jerseys are Aussie Rules jerseys. Black & gold is Richmond Tigers and navy is Carlton Blues (Carlton Football Club makes for the CFC monogram). Could be amateur league copies of these sides and probably from 70’s or 80’s by the look of the pics

    I think that no-sleeves number 8 jersey with stripe (link) is possibly an Aussie Rules Football uni – maybe Richmond Tigers:

    They tend to do the sleeves thing.

    Absolutely love this subject matter. I’ll be visiting the Blog regularly!

    The jersey to the right is a Carlton Football Club jersey.
    Some players in Australian football do wear jerseys with

    i left a comment at the bottom before i read through the rest of the comments…yes, those are old richmond tigers and carlton blues tops…but they are called “jumpers” or “guernseys”, not jerseys… :)

    the reason for the sleeves is (occasionally) cold weather (they play in their winter season) and (sometimes) to hide injuries…it’s not even every match that you see someone on the ground wearing long sleeves…

    For William Johnsen’s shirts: The one on the right has an old Chelsea FC badge used for one season (1952?), seen on this site:


    No such jersey exists here though, so its not an on field jersey:


    I heard that Arizona will be hosting a “No-i.D.-Backs” sometime later this year to commemorate the Arizona anti-illegal immigration bill.

    If they do have such a game, then they should not require fans to present a ticket to get into the park.

    Nick Orban’s link to the Euro Cup soccer unis is a great piblic service. Whatever one’s likes and dislikes, there are some clear fashion trends going on (sashes, stripes of very close but not exactly the same colors, to name two), and I would urge our most esteemed site proprietor to cover these developments in the above-the-fold treatment that I believe they merit.

    Be assured that I’m not against a heavy baseball emphasis for June. Aamof, I’ve loved the excellent looks of the Mets/Nats series here in the new hometown, which I saw up close at the excellent ballpark night before last (Nats in 12 innings). Just want to see more discussion here of a really big-deal soccer event and the rich uni issues it presents.

    I’ll start. The countries that resisted the gravitational pull toward lots and lots of little design elements fared best. See England, Italy. Sweden’s yellow is bold but un-fussy. Netherlands & Portugal each have one excellent uni and one disaster. Ireland, the heavy favorite to win the Cup, does a pretty good job with dark green / medium green vertical stripes.

    I’m not opposed to running soccer above the fold — I just don’t feel equipped to do it myself, because I’m so soccer-clueless.

    If anyone would like to guest-write an entry (or even a series of entries) about the Euro Cup, I’m game. Conn, that invite certainly applies to you, hint-hint.

    Agreed, a lot of countries with loud designs, but the overall effect is over saturation of what are largely random design elements. Countries that keep it simple end up being the ones that stand out.

    Favourite group is probably Group D – Sweden, France and England all going with simple designs with subtle and relevant features that distinguish them. We’ll just forget about Ukraine. Group C is a close second with the classic (completely sans blue) Croation first kit, a Spanish kit which speaks for itself, a nice shade of blue on the Italians and probably my favourite Irish kit in a while – although I wish they would reintroduce some orange elements to the alternates.

    Of the rest, it’s really a matter of how random a design element can you add? Dutch and Czech both going for slices, Danes with some awkward raglan and piping, Poles with the colour box (although I kind of like how it holds the number on the home jersey). Russia, Greece and Portugal are borderline while Germany is the only one I really like (especially the second strip).

    The Danish trim is an attempt to re-do the look of their 1992 uniform. That was the year they entered the Euro as a very-last-minute replacement for the expelled Yugoslavia, and ended up winning the whole thing. Not a great attempt, as Adidas (current supplier) can’t really re-create Hummel (then-supplier) design elements.

    Ah. That explains it. It’s a shame really because those Hummel era Denmark shirts were some of my favourites. The tyre tread pattern always looked really cool. Since Adidas have taken over the Danish contract they have unfortunately lost a lot of that distinctive quirkiness and now that raglan on the current one is just a little careless. It’s a shame because it’s a largely underused design element nowadays and had they done it better it could have made it one of the standout jerseys.

    The 2010 Adidas uniforms for Denmark were quite nice. They had a sort of gradient stripe across the chest, with each “row” made up of 11 segments (symbolizing the 11 players on a team).

    I will celebrate Italian day on July 1 by not watching that game and eating my favorite pizza and pasta from Fiori’s in Pittsburgh.

    Unfortunately our only other option in WI for baseball that day is WGN and the Cubs…. I’m not sure which one will be less painful to watch.

    The White Sox are in the Bronx that day. The game might be on Comcast, which might not be available in Wisconsin.

    Crespi would sometime play my high school (St. Francis in La Canada) in sports and it would be a brown vs. brown event. My school’s colors are brown and gold. Our colors came from the fact that we are a Capuchin Fransiscan-based school, and their primary color was brown. I believe the Carmelite order’s primary color is also brown.

    Hey Tyler Pearson – which town’s fire department uses link MLB-ish sticker? Just curious; I spend a good bit of time in that region.

    That Major League Firefighter logo has been around for a few years. I started seeing it at fire shows at least five years ago. A keyword search for “major league firefighter” shows a bunch of alternate versions. There is also a website which has stolen the logo, altered a little and is selling stickers. Website?

    Considering the state of Arizona’s stance on immigration and its recently upheld voter ID law, the reference to ID on the Diamondbacks’ jersery is particulary … provocative. Especially when you consider that they aren’t the Phoenix, Tempe, or Tucson — but the ARIZONA –Diamondbacks.

    I knew they were trying to make people present ID when voting, but did they succeed in their original plans to make all *legal* immigrants carry identification on their persons at all times? I thought it had been struck down by the Feds and will be sorely disappointed if it hasn’t been. What a terrible way to welcome people who went to the trouble of entering the country legally and becoming law-abiding residents. Making people carry legally-binding identification at all times is the mark of a police state; please, Arizona, show more respect for your foreign-born legal residents!

    The reason why Cal FC is sponsored is because of their coach Eric Wynalda and Nick Webster who both work for Fox Soccer Channel. And amazingly the US Open Cup match against the Sounders was on the same channel.

    Early in the tournament (like their first two games), Cal FC wore old Chicago Fire uniforms, complete with BEST BUY sponsorship on the front. Apparently this didn’t pass muster with the Best Buy people, so they had to wear plain blue shirts in their game against Portland. And then Fox Soccer sponsored them for the game against Seattle.

    Which is kinda preaching to the choir, isn’t it? I mean, that type of sponsorship says “Watch Fox Soccer! Oh, wait, you ARE watching Fox Soccer, obviously!” And it’s not like the 3800 people in the stadium don’t KNOW about Fox Soccer, they’re pretty soccer-savvy in Seattle.

    Note that Cal FC don’t actually have a CLUB crest on their jerseys – only ads.

    Is there a precedent for that in soccer?

    They also seem to be wearing the widest Adidas sleeve stripes ever seen. (Maybe they mistakenly used up all the material on the left arm, explaining why there are no stripes on the right?)

    Is that Lakers pic in the Membership update section unaltered? Because those unis Kareem, Kurt, & Cooper are all wearing definitely look fuchsia to me.

    I’ve explained the Lakers’ different colors before, but for those of you that missed it here goes.

    Back in the day before the NBA went with a single “official uniform manufacturer” each team purchased their uniforms through a local sporting goods dealer or in the Lakers’ case a local manufacturer.

    From their first year in L.A. right up until the league went with a single manufacturer the Lakers’ uniforms were made by Barney Tiernan. Tiernan’s or later Galbraith and Tiernan purchased all of their fabric from Yarrington Mills in Hatboro, Pa. near Phila. The jerseys worn in the photo shown this morning were made from Yarrington’s 100% Stretch Nylon Eyelet Mesh. This was a light-to-midweight fabric which was used for basketball,baseball/softball and soccer jerseys. It was great for those sports but tended to snag easily making it unsuitable for football and hockey.

    The Lakers’ shorts of that era were made from Yarrington’s mid-weight 100% Stretch Nylon Doubleknit fabric. Unfortunately the color Purple (bet this fact makes PL break into huzzahs)in this fabric was not always color-fast and had a great tendency to “bleed” a little color with each washing. I know this to be true because we sold a set of basketball uniforms made from the same cloth by another manufacturer to a local high school and the Purple side inserts bled enough to turn the White uniforms a lovely shade of Lavender.

    With the Lakers’ uniforms being washed by their staff after each road game it’s not surprising that the all-DK shorts “bled” into that Fuschia that you see in the photo. Strangely the mesh material was pretty much color-fast and I believe that Barney started making the shorts out of double-thick mesh at the end.

    I hope this clears up the “mystery” of the Lakers’ multi-colored uniforms for all of you.

    Very fascinating. Thanks for all that info. I’m somewhat surprised that the Lakers didn’t try to find another manufacturer, or at least convince them to switch to another material that didn’t bleed so easily.

    As it pertains to the photo, I suppose that means that #42’s jersey is either newer than the other three, or made out of different material entirely?

    My initial reaction to those Brewers and D-Backs tops when I first saw them yesterday started with link, followed by link, and came to the only logical link I could think of to deal with them.

    The twitter redesign got me thinking, who was selling the St Louis cardinals twitter bird shirts a few years back? Still in production?

    Substances is spelled wrong in the part about the Euro 2012 jerseys. Good stuff though, I love this site. Keep it up,

    Since Arizona is at the forefront of illegal immigration problems, including whether people have proper IDs, maybe it’s an intentional (or unintentional) comment. Had no idea we were being overrun by undocumented Italians.

    and of course Italian beer Peroni is owned by SABMiller (still somewhat based in Milw even after South African Breweries investment), so maybe there will be free Peroni for all that day.

    “i” is the plural masculine definite article; pronounced like a long “E” It’s the Italian equivalent of “los”. However, I think it should read: “i D-Backi”… possibly “gli D-Backi”, thanks to the modifier of using the definite article with a word that starts with a double consonant.


    More language-nerdism: am I right in thinking that Italian doesn’t put endings–plural or otherwise–on foreign words that don’t match up with Italian phonetic patterns? In other words, I’m thinking it’d be singular “il Diamondback,” and plural “i Diamondback.”

    I have no idea of the answer, but tip my hat to language-nerdism. It comforts me that I am not alone :)

    Was kind of shocked it took someone so long to have an answer on this.

    Vinceno makes a valid point about the double-consonant. It would be gli DBacks, but i Diamondbacks if we were to get technical. They certainly don’t teach you about abbreviations in school, so who knows if the “gli” rule would apply.

    What should annoy Paul, et al is that this is the Italian version of “Los Suns.” Turning the article Italian does not make it an ode to Italians.

    The DBacks apparent insistence of not using any translation that’s not direct to “Diamondbacks” is interesting. They don’t generalize or allow anyone to use snakes or serpents or any such form.

    So strange to me that folks look at this and see ID or iDBacks like iPhone. Crazy how two Italian classes make me view it totally different than most of the world a vice versa.

    The diamondback rattler is native to the Americas, so I’m pretty sure that Italian has no direct translation for “diamondback.” That’d make the D-Backs issue and “Los Suns” pretty much apples & oranges.

    W/r/t the alternative article “lo/gli”: I think that’s only used if it comes before a vowel or two consonants that are actually PRONOUNCED together. If one pronounces it “deebacks,” it would take the article “i.” (It’s the same reason we say “a uniform” instead of “an uniform,” even though “uniform” starts with a vowel–pronunciation trumps spelling.)

    @ William Johnsen…those aren’t jerseys…those are jumpers…richmond tigers and carlton blues of afl (which used to be known as the vfl, victorian football league)…those are both pretty old jumpers…are they wool…?

    i suppose i should say that those appear to be richmond and carlton…they could be from other aussie leagues (what we would call minor leagues), but since the carlton logo is pretty specific, i’d venture a guess that those are the clubs…i have seen carlton’s logo used by other clubs, but seeing that these appear to be wool, it’s a pretty good chance you’ve got some old vfl jumpers…

    if i had the tag info i might be able to get more info and get a direct answer from a friend of mine who has a good bit more info on vfl/afl jumpers than i have…

    i will check back later to see if you respond with that info…

    i think in oz the terms are interchangeable…they hate the term jersey though, and everyone i know who is into the design aspect of aussie footy calls the older ones jumpers also…i read a post on bigfooty about the difference between (and why theirs are not jerseys), and if i find it, i’ll quote/link that info…

    The Phillies honored a World War II veteran last night, and they gave him a link with #90, his age. Funny they had a custom jersey for him but left him with his adjustable tan cap.

    Can’t think of too many 90’s players off the top of my head. Joe Biemel, Manny Ramirez, and so Taguchi come to mind.(Just noticed a sublimated Scott’s turf logo on that photograph. Maybe it was fading off the frame?)

    WTG Phillies (and Bravo to the fans for the Standing O they gave this vet)!


    Even though the jersey was missing a sleeve # and was not a chain-stitched authentic (?), it’s always nice to see even the smallest public acknowledgement of the anniversary of D-Day and to honor those who have fought and sacrificed!

    When the MLB contract was with Rawlings in the late 80’s – early 90’s, every team had a Rawlings logo on their jerseys. At that time, the Yankees used Wilson to make their unis and thus, left off the Rawlings logos.


    The Yankees avoidance of “logo creep” has been going on long before the adidas contract.

    Yes, the Yankees went with Nike. And IIRC, Adidas no longer describes their navy as “Yankee navy” in their product catalogs; they call it “collegiate navy.”

    “…but only the A’s have stayed the white-cleated course.”

    Didn’t they ditch the white cleats for black for several years (2000-2007)?


    No, that illustration is incorrect.
    Here’s a 2002 card. The A’s have worn white shoes during their entire Oakland existance.


    Didn’t the Athletics wear dark green shoes on the road for a very brief time in 1983? I recall seeing a photo in Sports Illustrated showing exactly that?

    Yes, they dabbled with dark shoes. But I don’t think they ever went away from white for an entire season.

    And yes, the Dressed to the Nines images are wrong — the A’s did not wear black shoes from 2000-2007.

    The A’s wore forest green shoes on the road for that one season (with a gray road uni).

    Believe it was ’83, yes (but don’t hold me to that). Just know I saw them in person early-on in the life of the Metrodome.

    Might have been first year they changed from kelly green to forest green. I’d have to check.

    enjoyed that one today paul.

    as a side note:
    i would find a pixture, but i’m already late for work. does anybody remember mel hall and his 4 batting gloves in each pocket? i remember he was once asked about it and said it was to way bye-bye to home runs as he rounded the bases.

    Looks like Jordan Danks is bring brought up to the White Sox tonight. Possible FNOB action? I know they both went no FNOB in spring training but maybe it will change? Something to keep an eye out for.

    The younger brother of White Sox pitcher John Danks for those who don’t know. Maybe they’ll got RNOB: Danks I and Danks II…

    I believe John Danks is in a minor league rehab assignment. Sox fans were talking about the irony that the one time John got to possibly play with his brother in the minors, Fukodome got injured and now Jordan is his replacement.

    Now when John gets back, maybe we can have this discussion.

    Jordan Danks pinch-runs for Paul Konerko; he’s wearing # 20, and the name on his back is simply “DANKS.”

    I’m surprised there is no mention on the ESPN column about the Tigers’ unique beltloops on their pants. They are the only team that doesn’t use the “tunnel” beltloops like most baseball pants use. Their beltloops look like what you’d see on jeans rather than baseball pants.


    Oooh, excellent one! Yes, I should have included that. I’ll be doing a follow-up later on, so I’ll include that.

    Those brown uniforms seem incredibly appropriate when you realize just how much “Crispi Carmelite” sounds like a chocolate confection of some sort.

    The Brewers could wear their ball/glove royal and cheddars and say it was for Swedish American night…

    And their giveaways could be in small packages with pictogram instructions, very difficult to assemble except with the one unique included tool.

    side note… The original Italian heritage jersey was to say “Birraioli” when they announced the promotion at the beginning of the season – but it translated as binge drinker or heavy drinker… I thought it fit for Wisconsin.

    I wonder if that photo of the Syracuse helmet is just showing the metallic orange, or if they’re dropping the “S” decals from the helmet. I prefer the blank helmets, but I also prefer the non-metallic color.

    Paul, on your ESPN column, you mentioned the Yankees contract with adidas as a reason no Majestic logos on their unis…….you sure about that? They used to have a contract, but now do not, hence the dreaded swoosh on the under shirts. I always thought it was just because they “didn’t want any logos” on their unis, and that is what they demanded. What gives?

    I may have botched that. That *used* to be the reason, but I’m getting a lot of conflicting feedback on what the story is nowadays. Haven’t been able to confirm one way or the other w/ the Yanks, so for now we’ve scrapped that graf and swapped in a new one.

    Since Manship’s name is so commonly misspelled, I propose that we give the error its own subcategory of mishap: manshap.

    We don’t normally do vertically oriented cards, or cards that include pants or shorts…”

    Oh, really?

    Well, don’t link

    Re: Euro 2012.

    Would it kill ya to wear a soccer jersey? Actually, it might.

    He’s currently in the minors for the Brewers, but Jay Gibbons always has been one-gloved at the plate.

    I am wondering why the little toidy off the Ranger’s dugout has those dispensers for the paper seat protector – not like a guy from the stands is going to wander in there….

    NY Football Giants put a picture on Facebook of the jersey they will present to President Obama for their Super Bowl victory trip to the White House. link

    Sadly, even a trip to the White House can’t stop the Swoosh…

    Just a heads up…The Brewers had their “Mexican Night” last Saturday. They wore gold “Cerveceros” jerseys June 2nd vs Pittsburgh. They are an equally interesting looking jersey.

    I don’t know if links can be posted or not. If not I apologize, but here is a link to a good picture of the Milwaukee Cerveceros jerseys. It’s interesting to note the tag on the inside of the neckline designating the date of that game. link

    Hello, orange caps! Long time no see.
    Black helmets, though…

    Regular season update: 54 games with black caps, 2 games with orange caps, 56 games with black helmets.

    While no doubt they worn them, I haven’t yet seen their grey uniforms on a hi-light real.

    Will the Houston Astros join them next year in the orange hat dept?

    In my opinion, Miami Heat’s cherry red uni is their best look (i.e. the uniform they’re wearing tonight)

    1. They have worn them.

    2. I hope so.

    3. I agree, but the Floridians throwback is a close second.

    An orange cap with a black batting helmet is like the Rolling Stones doing a Disco song.

    Those mystery jerseys aren’t European. They’re Australian. The one with the yellow sash is on old Richmond Tigers guernsey. Ad the other is for Carlton. The unis are from the old Victorian Football League which is now the Australian Football League.

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