Some Classic 1970s NFL/Marvel Crossover Images

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The cultural overlap between sports and superhero comics has really exploded in recent years, but you can find traces of it going back at least 50 years. Case in point: The 1974 NFL book More Than a Game (an anthology of content that originally appeared in Pro! […]

Uni Watch Bookshelf: The Great NFL Fun Books

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Our “Collector’s Corner” columnist, Brinke Guthrie, recently made me aware of something called The Great NFL Fun Book, a Scholastic title that was published in 1978. I soon learned that there was also a 1981 follow-up edition, The Great NFL Fun Book II (whose […]

Uni Watch Library: Goodies Galore in ‘Vintage Champion’

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Some of you may have been expecting me to write some sort of manifesto about last night’s Rams/Seahawks fiasco. And yeah, I’ll have a few thoughts about that game later in today’s post. But I decided against making it today’s […]

Uni Watch Bookshelf: ‘The Fabric of the Game’

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Today is Nov. 3 — a date that many of us have been awaiting with increasing anticipation and anxiousness. For those of us of a particular persuasion, it’s a date we thought might never get here. Indeed, as the pandemic has dragged on and this crummy year […]