What Would an MLB Labor Day Uniform Look Like?

Monday was Labor Day, the day when we celebrate the American labor movement. It’s one of our oldest federal holidays, dating back to 1894. But as usual, Major League Baseball — a league that routinely trots out special uniforms or at least patches for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence […]

Some Thoughts About ‘Real,’ ‘Fake,’ and Value

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Good morning! Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian readers, and happy Bobby Bonilla Day to all my fellow Mets fans.

The photo shown above was taken in my dining room yesterday afternoon. The woman in the shot is Sarah Hanley, an art appraiser. She’s inspecting the […]

Some Thoughts on Naomi Osaka and Press Conferences

[Editor’s Note: I wrote this piece on Monday night and planned to run it on Tuesday, but Kevin Pillar had other ideas. A day later, a few jillion writers have now chimed in on this topic, so I understand if you’ve already had your fill, but the issues still seem worth discussing here. — […]

Some Thoughts About Baseball’s Unwritten Rules

As you are probably aware, an incident last week involving White Sox manager Tony La Russa and one of his players — designated hitter Yermín Mercedes — has led to a lot of chatter about baseball’s “unwritten rules.” Since the debate over these rules has aesthetic implications, I want to talk about that today.