A Friend of a Friend of the Working Class

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Boise State unveiled new football uniforms yesterday (lots of additional photos here), and the jerseys have an interesting feature: Inside the blue collar are the words “Blue Collar.”

It’s all very meta, right? It’s also the latest and most explicit example of a trend that has been . . . → Read More: A Friend of a Friend of the Working Class

'Championship Looks'

By Phil Hecken

Got an interesting e-mail yesterday from reader Chris Proctor. It plays into a number of themes on Uni Watch, including my recent (and soon to be re-started “What’s Your Sign(ature)?” series) — namely, what team looked their “best” when they won a championship? Much as I believe a team’s best uniform . . . → Read More: ‘Championship Looks’

Some Thoughts About ‘Building’ Things

When I was growing up, I’d sometimes hear my parents’ friends or other grown-ups say things like, “Yeah, we built that house 10 years ago” or “We’re tired of living in an apartment, so we’ve decided to build a house.” At the time, I thought the people in question were, you know, literally building . . . → Read More: Some Thoughts About ‘Building’ Things

What If a New Design Isn’t Actually New?

I received an interesting note on the other day from reader Erik Siemers, as follows:

I came across an interesting tidbit regarding the recent rebranding of my alma mater, the University of North Dakota.

The state’s attorney general ruled on Monday that the preliminary Fighting Hawks designs created by SME Branding but not chosen . . . → Read More: What If a New Design Isn’t Actually New?