Some Thoughts About Institutional Service Uniforms

When I arrived in Denver last Tuesday, I stupidly left something on the plane. So I filed a “lost item” report with the airline — United — and was relieved when they emailed me two days later to say that they had my item. I told them I’d pick it up from them when […]

Some Thoughts on the Seaver Statue Article Reaction

Yesterday I published my scoop on the surprising uni-related design flaw in the Mets’ Tom Seaver Statue. (If you haven’t already read it, I urge you to look here — it’s definitely peak Uni Watch.) As I expected, it garnered a decent amount of attention and reaction. That reaction fell into three primary categories.


Some Thoughts About Microphones on Memorial Patches

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As noted in the Ticker earlier this week, the A’s started wearing their Ray Fosse memorial patch on Monday (it’s only on their home jersey, so it didn’t debut until their home opener). Since Fosse was both a catcher and a broadcaster for the A’s, the patch […]

Very Bad Sports Marketing Idea: Making Heroes Grovel for Cash

To entertain hockey fans in Sioux Falls, they have teachers run across ice in a desperate scramble for $ to equip their classrooms.

We’re just a few sharpened sticks away from public education Squid Game.

— Bill Weir (@BillWeirCNN) December 12, 2021

Back in March 2020, when the […]