Knicks Become Latest NBA Team to Go Ad-Clad

As NBA teams have announced their jersey advertisers, I’ve dutifully covered the announcements and run photos of the patches. Simple.

But in recent weeks, a reader/commenter named Cole has been questioning my approach. He has repeatedly said (I’m paraphrasing here), “Why do you keep showing the ad patches? That’s what the advertisers want! You’re . . . → Read More: Knicks Become Latest NBA Team to Go Ad-Clad

A Friend of a Friend of the Working Class

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Boise State unveiled new football uniforms yesterday (lots of additional photos here), and the jerseys have an interesting feature: Inside the blue collar are the words “Blue Collar.”

It’s all very meta, right? It’s also the latest and most explicit example of a trend that has been . . . → Read More: A Friend of a Friend of the Working Class

'Championship Looks'

By Phil Hecken

Got an interesting e-mail yesterday from reader Chris Proctor. It plays into a number of themes on Uni Watch, including my recent (and soon to be re-started “What’s Your Sign(ature)?” series) — namely, what team looked their “best” when they won a championship? Much as I believe a team’s best uniform . . . → Read More: ‘Championship Looks’

Some Thoughts About ‘Building’ Things

When I was growing up, I’d sometimes hear my parents’ friends or other grown-ups say things like, “Yeah, we built that house 10 years ago” or “We’re tired of living in an apartment, so we’ve decided to build a house.” At the time, I thought the people in question were, you know, literally building . . . → Read More: Some Thoughts About ‘Building’ Things