MLB Celebrates Mother's Day With a Bit Less Pink

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Happy Mother’s Day!

MLB will be in the spirit (again) this year, but surprisingly, at least uniform-wise, they continue to dial it back from year’s past. They continue to “ratchet” down, as it were. I must admit I (somewhat pleasantly) surprised after my apolyptic doom and gloom . . . → Read More: MLB Celebrates Mother’s Day With a Bit Less Pink

Some Thoughts on This Year’s MLB Holiday Uniforms

As you probably know by now, MLB released its holiday uniforms on Friday. Phil had a full rundown on Saturday. If you haven’t already read that, start there so you’re up to speed on who’s wearing what.

Personally, I’ve never seen the need for any of this stuff and I’d be happier if . . . → Read More: Some Thoughts on This Year’s MLB Holiday Uniforms

Mother’s Day Recap Becomes Cap Logo Obsession

The video embedded above pretty well captures the absurdity of yesterday’s MLB Ma’s Day uniforms. This year, thankfully, they didn’t go with pink-trimmed jerseys, but that just made all the other pink attire (caps, undershirts, socks, cleats, and various accessories) stand out in higher relief, because it didn’t match the teams’ color schemes. The . . . → Read More: Mother’s Day Recap Becomes Cap Logo Obsession

History’s Pinkest Number-Retirement Ceremony

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For five months now, ever since it was announced that Derek Jeter’s number would be retired on Mother’s Day, I’ve been wondering how the Yankees would handle the uniforms. Would they really wear pink instead of their usual timeless uniforms? Would they maybe wear their regular uniforms . . . → Read More: History’s Pinkest Number-Retirement Ceremony