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Uni Watch Profiles: Travis Radke

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Okay, I know there’s a lot of content on the site today, so you might be tempted to skim past certain parts and focus on the “big name” stuff. But trust me when I say you’re gonna want to read today’s lede item.

The pitcher shown above . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Profiles: Travis Radke

Yankees Mustaches Fueling Winning Ways?

By Phil Hecken

If you have been watching baseball (and the Yankees) lately, you may have heard the team has been doing quite well of late. In fact, going into last evening’s game against the Orioles, the Yanks had gone 15-5 since losing on Jackie Robinson Day. After last night’s win, they improved to . . . → Read More: Yankees Mustaches Fueling Winning Ways?

Bleed for Me, Baby

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Late last week I put out the call for photos of your team logo tattoos. More than 40 of you responded, but only one of you had a city-centric grouping of multiple team logos. That would be reader Brian Skokowski, whose lower-leg tribute to the Steel City . . . → Read More: Bleed for Me, Baby

Does Jerry Dior Know About This?

I’m generally fine with tattoos — I have two of them myself, and I’m pondering another one — but for some reason I prefer not to see them on the baseball diamond. Especially when they’re on a pitcher. And when they go all the way down his arm. And when they’re supposed to look . . . → Read More: Does Jerry Dior Know About This?