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South by Northwest(ern)


For the past year or so I’ve been toying with the idea of getting green/gold striping tattooed onto my calves, to mimic the look of tube sox. But reader Adam Walter beat me to that idea. As you can see above, he has a nice Northwestern stripe pattern on his right leg. “I got it done done the day after we closed on our new house, back around April of this year,” he says. “You’re the first person I don’t need to explain it to.”

I asked Adam if he could provide us with the backstory, and he readily complied:

I went with the Northwestern stripe design for a couple of reasons, the most prominent being the symbolism it has with Chicago. Also, while I’m an extremely casual sports fan, I have always been obsessed with uniforms and old-school designs, so Northwestern stripes just made sense. Finally, the one sport I do follow is hockey (my teams are the Hawks and Habs), so the design on my leg reminds me of classic hockey socks.

The sitting lasted a little over four hours. I brought in this picture, and I knew the specific dimensions I wanted (half-inch top stripe, quarter-inch gap, 1.5-inch center stripe and repeat). The tattoo artist said he thought it looked like a tribal design, but I quickly became known as “sock guy” around the shop.

As far as the color, I think simple tattoo designs like this are like Harley Davidsons: They should come in any color as long as it’s black. I never gave any serious thought to adding any other colors. There was no particular reason why I chose my right leg; if and when I get my next tattoo, it will be on my left arm, to balance everything out.

I get a ton of stares. Lots of comments, too, which usually go something like this: “Excuse me, I just wanted to tell you I was staring at your leg because I thought you were only wearing 1 sock. Do you know your tattoo looks like a sock? Do you really like socks?” Depending on my mood, I either tell them about Northwestern stripes and hockey socks (at which point they then tell me it’s one of the best tattoos they’ve ever seen) or I tell them I wanted a tattoo of tube socks on both legs but that it hurt too much so I stopped after one.

But I don’t mind the attention. I travel extensively for work (over 200 flights a year), so I’m often in first class, sitting directly opposite the flight attendant. I believe every flight attendant has asked the story of the tattoo, and it’s usually a pretty good conversation piece.

Very cool. There’s a lesson here for all of us: Wearing your heart on your sleeve is nothing compared to wearing it on your shin.

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Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 9.48.47 AM.png

It’s a corporate world, we just live in it (if you call that living): Reggie Wayne, the Colts receiver, went to college at Miami, so he sometimes likes to wear a Miami cap. Nothing wrong with that. But Wayne has a Reebok shoe deal. So when he wears a Miami cap, he has to cover up the swoosh on the brim.

And there you have, in a nutshell, everything that’s wrong with the corporate influence in sports. Number one, what the fuck is a swoosh doing on the cap brim to begin with? And doesn’t covering it up end up calling more attention to it?! And seriously, would anyone at Reebok really get their boxer-briefs in a twist if Wayne just let the logo show? Actually, they probably would, and that’s messed up too. This is the world that Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and the rest have wrought — and the world they’ve foisted upon us. A pox on all their houses!

All we need now is for the company that makes the black cover-up tape to start printing their own logo on the tape. Hey, Mr. Cover-Up Tape Maker, you’re missing out on a valuable branding opportunity! (Seems appropriate to address him as a person since that’s what corporations are.) The sad part is that someone out there probably thinks that’s a good idea. Sigh.

Meanwhile, here’s something even more absurd: Remember yesterday’s Ticker mention of Steelers pants with a black Reebok logo instead of gold? According to an eBay listing, that black logo was occasionally used to cover up a swoosh! Sure, that makes a lot of sense — a Nike tag on the inside and a Reebok logo on the outside. Nice planet you got here, but I could I please go back to Earth now?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some filter that just eliminated all these logos? In fact, there is, sort of: A German newspaper has decided to blur out all the sponsor logos and makers’ marks in its sports coverage. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should try that here at Uni Watch.

(My thanks to Alex Melendez for the Wayne screen shot, to Charles Kaprielian for the eBay listing, and to Hunter Franks for the German newspaper item.)

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Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 5.21.05 PM.png

And speaking of corporate shenanigans”¦: Coupla new Amateur Pacifist costumes were presented yesterday, a tale of ebony and ivory. I had previously heard (and reported) that the Boise costume would be blue, creating a color-on-color match-up for their corporate sandwich game against Georgia, but that info was apparently erroneous.

Meanwhile, speaking of Boise, get this: Some high school in Michigan has installed a blue football field. They’re referring to it as “blue turf” — because it has, you know, blue turf. See how that works? But now Boise has sent its lawyers after the high school, because Boise says it has a 25-year trademark on the term “Blue Turf.”

I swear, take all of these clowns — the branding douchebags, the marketing douchebags, the so-called designers, the boardroom suits, the school officials who allow all of this shit because of all the revenue the games generate (all of it tax-free, incidentally, but that’s another scandal for another day), the moronic fans who lap all of it up like it’s candy laced with crack — and send them all to Chechnya or something. Like, yesterday.

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No logos involved: There’s a new post on the Permanent Record blog.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: This might be the ultimate mix of baseball and design: A new bat company has a product line that looks like a Pantone swatch book (big thanks, Kirsten). ”¦ Man U has struck a monster sponsorship deal for its practice jerseys (from Doug Mulliken). ”¦ The single-A Frederick Keys will wear jerseys designed by a local artist tonight. ”¦ Bruce Menard sent along a spectacular team portrait of the 1914 Louisville Colonels. Love those sweaters! ”¦ Bit of a spacing issue — or maybe just a literacy issue — on the Tennessee football locker room doors (from Yogi Combs). ”¦ More pics of Ilya Bryzgalov’s mask (from Matt Pesotski). ”¦ Anyone know what’s up with these red uni numbers? ”¦ Ya think maybe Fred Wilpon uses this logo on his letterhead? Terence Kearns spotted that while walking around Manhattan yesterday. ”¦ Rich white guys sure do like it when their black employees don’t have tattoos, have a nice haircut, and say, “Yes, sir” and “No, sir” (from Tom Mulgrew). ”¦ Speaking of Cam Newton, Matt Shilling got a screen shot of him and Carolina’s other two QBs on the bench last night — check out their uni numbers. ”¦ Jeff Ash reports that the Green Bay Chill of the Lingerie Football League are wearing Packers colors. ”¦ Also Packers-inspired: this Indy Car racing helmet, which was worn at the Milwaukee 225 back in June (good one from O.J. De Castro). … Jemile Weeks wears one of those sliding mittens, similar Scott Podsednik’s, which I wrote about last year (screen shot by Matt Harris). ”¦ Here’s another team that used Confederate flag imagery — the Salem Rebels, who were a Pirates farm team in the late 1950s and early ’60s. That image is from their letterhead. Is that logo character the nicest-looking, sweetest-seeming traitor you’ve ever seen or what? (From Todd Radom.) ”¦ Redskins plus the Grateful Dead equals Deadskins (from William Yurasko). ”¦ The wonderful baseball uni historian Dave Grob has written a superb piece about how shirttail and sleeve lengths are noted in jersey tagging. ”¦ Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Goshen College, a Mennonite school in Indiana, will no longer play the national anthem prior to sporting events, because it’s been deemed too violent. Whatever your take on this (I don’t know much about Mennonites, and I suspect most of the people reading this don’t either), it might surprise you to learn that the tradition of playing the anthem before every single game is a relatively recent one, at least in terms of baseball. If you’re curious, look here. ”¦ Here’s what this season’s Redskins tickets look like. “Their tickets have always featured current players, so this is a bit of a departure,” says Chris Tank. “I suppose after this many down years they’ve decided to embrace the past. Can’t say I blame them.” ”¦ Not sports-related, but check out these super-beautiful 1920s-’30s Japanese posters (Kirsten again). ”¦ Still more wonderful news from the boardroom: A landmark Buenos Aires café, dating back to 1917, is being converted into a Nike shop, whee! (This day-brightener courtesy of Mike Menner.) ”¦ We’ve talked before about how freshmen at Marshall have to wear a red helmet stripe until they “prove themselves,” whatever that means. But according to this story, Joe Johnson had to wear a yellow stripe last season, because he wasn’t “going hard all the time” in practice. “That is a first,” says Jake Keys.

Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 7.11.57 PM.png

Hope all our eastern seaboard readers manage to ride out Irene okay, and my thanks to all of you who’ve expressed concern about the status of Uni Watch HQ. My part of Brooklyn is reasonably far inland, and my Mom now lives on the northern side of Long Island, so I think we’ll be okay (although I fear for the house I grew up in, which is on the south shore). Phil is well inland from the shore as well. We’ll all get a shitload of rain on Sunday, but hopefully that’ll be the extent of it, and I’ve laid in a good supply of essentials, just in case (bacon, bone-in ribeyes, mocha brownies, Diet Coke, cat treats, etc). Wouldn’t hurt if you kept your fingers crossed for us, though. Thanks.

Comments (208)

    If anyone is so interested, they can watch the Blue Turf game of Oxford High School here tonight:


    I thought Boise State referred to their turf as Smurf Turf? They probably got a letter from Brainy Smurf to cease and desist. If our society would burn calories on real problems, instead of crap like this, we might just make it out of the 21 century.

    Well… if baseball teams can have “no facial hair” rules, I guess it’s ok for a football owner to tell players no tattoos. Of course I think it’s stupid as hell in both cases… but tradition and “team image” and all that…

    There seems to be an implication here that Richardson’s comments were somehow racist. I just don’t see it. As another ESPN columnist observes, Richardson also doesn’t much care for the ink Jeremy Shockey sports.

    I was trying to ignore that part. If people would stop looking so hard for racism, maybe they’d stop seeing it everywhere.

    The guy is supposed to be the “face of the franchise”. I can understand (to a point) wanting to hold him to a higher standard. Skin color has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    I’m inclined to agree with scott and The Jeff here. People hear “rich white guy wants black player not to do something many black players do” and immediately think “RACIST!” I’m sure Richardson does harbor some prejudices (he IS an old rich white guy from the South, after all), but I think he’s just extremely conservative and wants the face of his franchise to be clean-cut.
    A little further down in the comments, Ricko says it best: “Sometimes you trade things for money most people your age only dream of. If he doesn’t like what he has to surrender, he can choose another career path. No one has a right to an NFL career or to make $25 million (or whatever he got).”
    Is it a silly imperative? Sure. Most people these days don’t even notice when a pro athlete has tattoos or earrings. Is it Richardson’s right to request his employees adhere to certain standards? Of course. If Newton doesn’t want to do that, he can find somewhere else to go. No word, of course, on whether or not Newton thinks this is a reasonable rule.

    But it IS everywhere.

    I love it when people say, “I’m not a racist, I have black friends.”
    Or when white guys always finish a sentence with, “man”, when they’re talking to a black guy.
    Humans are wild, man.

    exactly, the people who point out that “Richardson must be racist because he questioned Cam Newton about his tattoos while Shockey is allowed to have tattoos” don’t realize that he was just stating a preference that he’d prefer his players to not have tattoos, however they obviously tolerate them, because both Shockey and Steve Smith both have a bunch of ink.

    By bringing up Shockey and not Smith, they’re just trying to bring racism into a story where there is none.

    In one of the articles I read they did bring up Steve Smith. The funny thing is I hadn’t even remotely thought about “racist undertones” until reading it the way Paul wrote it. Not knocking Paul at all here just stating a fact. I grew up in a small town in the Northwest where in general racism is not really prevelant in the NW. In my hometown there are a lot of Mexican laborers due to it being a farming community and there tends to be a decent amount of animosity towards them, but I grew up playing soccer so I never saw them the same way. Plus my mom grew up in a city(Portland, OR) and her best friend growing up was African-American so I was taught not be racist. Also being born in the 80’s when racism had started becoming more and more taboo it’s not a part of my thought process most of the time. I don’t necessarily think that Richardson was being racist, although I can’t know for sure. I do however think it is ludicrous for him to make those requests of Newton. I mean it’s his body let him do what he wants. As long as it doesn’t hinder his athletic or mental ability then it has no bearing on his standing with the team. Even though I’m a U of Oregon fan and Auburn beat us and Cam may have been paid to play I will say that the persona that Cam shows to the world is of a very respectful and thoughtful young man. Also with his upbringing in the church he may not have even been considering getting ink. I’m a Christian and don’t have a problem with tats but there are a lot of people that are pretty old school in the church in general and hate them.

    [Cam Newton]…is a very respectful and thoughtful young man..[who] may not have even been considering getting ink.

    Which apparently is something that, in this climate, Jerry Richardson can’t appreciate without getting flak.

    I actually would understand his comment if it was that he doesn’t want a tattoo now (preseason or during season) because if could impact his play, muscles, etc. I also see that different than facial hair because this is injecting ink into the skin. Could cause infection as well.

    That tattoo is genius. I was actually contemplating getting the Bears’ stripe inked as part of a sleeve (I have a bit of an issue with using specific logos as tattoos, although I can’t really explain why). My only problem is that if I want the Halas tribute initials, it has to go on the left arm, which would mean I’d be overloaded – I’ve not got anything done on my right side yet. Finicky I know, but I guess that’s what makes me a Uniwatcher.

    Also, I’ve no idea what else to put in the sleeve design yet.

    I’m a Chicago guy and I thought of getting the Bear head tattoo but decided against it because it there was even the slightest thing wrong with it I would be pissed about it the rest of my life.

    That is a very good point. I reckon at least with a stripe, there’s not a lot there that could go wrong.

    Awesome tattoo. I wonder, would that translate for more complex stirrup patterns, like the Red Sox or the Cardinals?

    The first year that the Ravens used Nike jerseys they just used a swoosh patch to cover up the Starter logo…pretty common practice since regardless of company the uni’s are made at the same plant in Berlin, WI (link). Why waste perfectly good stock?

    Oh, I totally agree — no need to toss away the jerseys or anything like that.

    But why cover up the logo? If the logo is supposed to represent who made the jersey (which is the argument I always hear to justify logo creep), then swapping in a new logo is a lie.

    But of course the logo doesn’t represent who made the jersey. It represents who currently has a sponsorship deal with the league. It is advertising on the uniform. Which is what I’ve been saying all along.

    Normally I roll my eyes a little bit when folks rail against the omnipresent logos on sports apparel–I don’t mind one swoosh or an Under Armour logo on my shirts or jerseys.
    But this is something entirely different. I understand companies wanting their sponsored athletes to be outfitted head-to-toe in their gear, but Paul’s right here–no one would really notice if Wayne just let the swoosh be (except for maybe us, but we’re unfortunately a small percent of the population); however, by slapping a huge piece of tape on there, it makes if FAR more obvious and makes many people say “Why is there tape on his hat?” Upon learning the truth, most folks would (rightly) think it’s stupid and petty that Reebok makes him do that.

    Hell, looking at that catalog of hats, there are several Adidas-branded hats! And since they own Reebok, he should just get one of those, right? Then it’d at least be “in the family”, so to speak.

    But, the particular hat Reggie’s wearing is listed as the 2011 players’ sideline hat. That’s kind of lame, since he’s a decade removed from the program. He doesn’t have to have their current on-field product to show solidarity with the U’s current players in light of the current scandal (if that was his intention).

    Goshen College’s choice to stop playing the anthem comes just a short time after the school decided to FIRST start playing the anthem (March 2010) – a controversial decision for a Mennonite school. My Alma mater – Eastern Mennonite University – does not play the anthem, nor do the teams adorn their jerseys with the flag (even post 9-11). There are theological reasons for this – most notably because Mennonites believe they are called to “live in the world”, but not be “of the world”, and because we are devoted to God’s Kingdom and not an earthly one.

    I remember seeing signage for EMU just last week as I was traveling… somewhere on I-81 in Virginia, perhaps?

    When I was a kid my family would visit a town of Mennonite people in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Actually, if I remember correctly it seemed the terms “Mennonite” and “Amish” were used interchangeably, so I’m not sure which one these folks used. They seemed to resemble the stereotypical Pennsylvania Amish in dress, and were farmers (my family would buy produce, soap, bread, etc. from them). The strangest thing about the whole deal was driving back to the closest town, and seeing their horse and buggy tied to a hitching post… at Walmart. I was always surprised, since I heard they tried to live without any “modern conveniences”.

    Glad you brought this up, Ben. Goshen has been getting slammed pretty hard in the press for the latest developments, and outlets never mention the background.

    Which is to say, Goshen didn’t ditch the national anthem because they’re pinko liberals. They ditched it because they’re Christians who actually read the Gospels and take that Jesus fellow at his word. There’s a reason why Anabaptists have been the most heavily persecuted sect of Christianity since the Reformation!

    I actually have a family member that is a professor at Goshen College and I grew up just one town over in Elkhart, Indiana. Goshen College also has a tradition of gently and politely taking down the American flag at the beginning of every school year and handing it to the school president. I remember very well the initial decision to start playing the anthem, and I actually sort of give them props for consistency on this decision. If only their compassion extended to sexual minorities … but that’s another discussion altogether.

    Pretty sure the red numbers are used for QBs in practice at Michigan. That’s Tate Forcier in his “don’t hit me” practice jersey.

    That’s exactly what those are. But it seems to me those were only used in spring practice during the Rich Rodriguez era, when there had to be an offense in white jerseys. Usually, Michigan dresses the offense in home blues and the defense in the whites for ordinary practices.

    And, given his disdain for red, I doubt you’re going to see a Michigan player wearing red numbers on a jersey during the Brady Hoke era. So those are likely now a thing of the past.

    Interesting and laudable move by die tageszeitung. Not sure it would fly here in today’s CSA but I’d like to see someone try it.

    I really liked the Japanese graphic design. A lot of influences at work there; not just Soviet Constructivism but also some Jugendstil, Art Deco and others I’m not so familiar with, all brought together to make something uniquely Japanese. From a sporting POV, if the Tokyo 1940 poster is any indication the XII Olympiad may have offered visual relief from the heavy-handedness of the Berlin Games. Nice ‘rups on the Nikke Coat guy and a creative way to dot the “i” in Affiches.

    I applaud Die Tageszeitung as well (though what’s with their all-lowercase name?). Hopefully this trend will catch on before any more advertising can be imposed on American sports uniforms, and we’ll never have to suffer the scourge of what’s been happening to Euro soccer for the past 20-30 years.

    And those Japanese posters and magazine covers do indeed look great. One thing I noticed from a linguist’s perspective is that the horizontal writing sometimes goes right-to-left and sometimes left-to-right. At the time, it wasn’t yet fixed which way it should go. One argument was that it should be left-to-right because that’s how it would be if regular vertical writing, which starts in the upper right, were simply rotated 90 degrees. The opposite argument was that each character was a “line” one character long, and thus it should start on the right, just as standard vertical writing does.

    The US occupation and the plethora of English-bilingual signage that came after the war settled it for good, and now 99% of horizontal writing is left-to-right (one exception being car and truck signaeg; they like to start the words at the front of the truck no matter which way it’s facing).

    An unintended benefit was that newspaper headlines could be written across the page, and when you got to the end of it, at the top right of the page, you had the first line of the regular (vertical) text waiting there for you; you didn’t have to move your eye.

    Way off topic; sorry!

    (And now I’m wondering if the same variation was seen in high school baseball uniforms then. Most of them were in English at that time, though.)

    The way that the Cafe Richmond was gutted while Nike may yet lose its bid to make it into a retail location was despicable.

    Little late for that, isn’t it? And why not? If Paul’s at a corporate event, he’ll almost certainly be wearing pants so the tattoo won’t show. Many of the personal pics he shares with us feature Paul wearing sleeveless shirts, so his shoulder tattoo shows. He obviously cares a great deal about hosiery, which automatically makes more sense than most of the terrible, random tattoos people have these days (that they’ll regret later).
    And yes, I do have tattoos–seven of them, all of which a) I drew myself, and b) may or may not be visible, depending on what I choose to wear.

    Okay, so maybe I should have said “If Paul’s at a professional event…” :)

    “Corporate” is kind of a funny term to use, considering the website!

    I’m really surprised, and disappointed, that the Boise State slideshow didn’t give us a good look at the sleevesshoulder caps. An asymmetrical design like that begs to be shown off, and they failed spectacularly to do so. Instead, we got to see that the players have a choice in shoe designs. Whoo-hoo, extra hoo.

    Like most people reading this website regularly, I think the Nike Pro Combat stuff has been goofy the last few years to say the least. And I can see Boise State’s “new” design is basically what they had for the Virginia Tech game but all white instead. But there’s something about it being all white that makes it look cleaner and significantly better.

    Here’s to this year’s Boise State getting my vote for best Pro Combat uniform (which is akin to skinniest kid at fat camp).

    I’m with you. But, I always think that white uniforms look good. I dunno, something about white on white (with the added benefit of a white helmet) that works for me.

    So, if there is a “winner” in the pro combat universe, I suppose it goes to Boise’s road unis…

    Glad to see they had a video to get a better look at them as well (Icethetics only had the pictures of the jerseys laid out on a table yesterday).

    I like the road green and the alternate, but the new home white is disappointing, because they went with the same Edge template the Colorado Avalanche uses, and I really don’t like that particular template. (I’d love to see the Avs back in their jagged-stripe design; it was unique and iconic, and fit their identity to a T, while the Edge jerseys are lame in comparison.)

    The Aeros should’ve gone with something closer to their green jersey for their white one. They could even have kept green shoulders, as a nod to their own history.

    Aw, I didn’t notice that the home got Reebok-ified. Shame on me for not seeing that. Bummer. The alternate is still pretty sweet, and the road is just fine (I’ll probably never see the road in action, since I’m in Houston). Oh, well. Can’t please all the people all the time, I suppose.

    On a related note, if any of you ever get a chance to go to a minor-league hockey game, I highly recommend it. I went to a couple of games last season (including the playoffs) and they’re a LOT of fun!

    I used to go to Detroit Vipers games periodically; even went to most of their 1997 Turner Cup Playoffs home games, and got to see their cup-clinching game over the Long Beach Ice Dogs.

    I was also there for the following opening night (best known for Gordie Howe’s single shift), but the folks at the Palace had moved their house band, the Sun Messengers, up to the back rows of one section – a section they sold tickets for, so at least one family was greatly irritated that they didn’t have a place to sit. (I never found out what happened with them, but I would hope a concierge would’ve put them in an available box for their inconvenience.)

    I’d consider frequenting the Grand Rapids Griffins, but that’s too much of a drive for me, what with gas prices. I do support junior hockey, with the Plymouth Whalers (the OHL is quite an affordable ticket), and they’re much closer.

    agreed, that’s a pretty cool tattoo!

    i played around with the idea of getting the Steelers sleeve stripe, but quickly shot that down because all the yellow and white just wouldn’t look good.

    also read above that you drew most or all of your tatts? love that! why not show off your own art? i’ve actually designed about 4 that i would want… i currently have 0. LMAO! scardy cat i guess

    but really, great idea on the tattoo

    Oh, and you forgot the E in Pantone.

    Of course, to be super-accurate, it should read as “Pantone®”… but I would fully support you not using the ®.

    It sure is refershing to see a well-dressed, clean-cut professional athlete, or anyone else for that matter, without tatoos and who uses “yes, sir,” and “no, sir.”

    You know, as a clean-cut guy with no tattoos and who tries to dress nicely… I can’t necessarily say I disagree. That being said, I realize that long hair and tattoos doesn’t always accurately convey the nature of a man. The only problem I see with that policy in professional sports are situations where a player is drafted by X team, and doesn’t have a choice as to who he plays for. If I’m applying to work for a company that has that sort of rule, I know that going in and understand that I don’t HAVE to work for that company.

    Of course, I suppose there are ways athletes can opt out of signing with even the teams that draft them, but still.

    Well, it’s just shocking that rich white guys, or poor old black ladies for that matter, or anyone else, would appreciate courteous, clean-cut young people.

    hey…as long as ANY guy or gal, clean cut or otherwise, doesn’t try to impart or preach his own belief system onto me or others, we’re cool

    i’d rather have a tatted-up, long-haired dude who shows up for work every day, does his job and is eager to do the work for which he is paid, than some clean cut choir boy who adopts a holier-than-thou attitude towards the rest of the workplace and basically makes others uncomfortable and/or somehow “inferior” because clearly HE and HE ALONE knows what is good for him and others and lets that fact be known to all

    But what if they both “show up for work every day, do their job and are eager to do the work for which they are paid” and you have to lay-off one of them? I think Mr. long-haired tatted-up dude is gonna be the first to go, right? I mean all things else (seniority, performance) being equal, you’d keep the clean cut guy, right?

    Sure, Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson — everyone’s looking to cut them….

    Now let me think. What do Lincecum and Wilson have in common that Cam Newton doesn’t..? Hmmmmmm…

    Tweet! Foul on the home-court coach.

    I know you’re kidding, Paul, and just being kind of light-hearted (and pretty funny, too). But even if I’m being a little unfair to you, I want to jump on a soap-box to say that I think Tim is unfairly picked on. That he’s a full-on, no-apologies Christian — which I regard as embracing a belief structure that’s essentially delusional — is perfectly OK, just as it would be if he were strictly observing Ramadan or reading Torah in his cubby. The question is whether he acts “holier-than-thou” with “the rest of the workplace” or makes them feel “somehow ‘inferior’.” What’s the evidence? Any Broncos complaining? I ask because sources who insist on confidentiality tell me that they just spent a lot of time with TT and that he couldn’t be nicer, couldn’t be less stuck-up spiritually. I figure if we all want to get along, we have to make room for all sorts of preposterous creeds, and I don’t want Christianity to get singled out so long as the Christian involved minds his manners.

    /s/ Atheist Catholic Transcendentalist

    Sure, Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson – everyone’s looking to cut them….

    Now let me think. What do Lincecum and Wilson have in common that Cam Newton doesn’t..? Hmmmmmm…

    I don’t know, Lincecum and Wilson play baseball and Newton plays football?

    But, seriously… Why is the writer bringing up Jeremy Shockey and not Steve Smith, if he’s not trying to make it into a racism issue. Bottom line, Richardson isn’t “allowing” a tatted-up Shockey to be a Panther just because he’s white when he’s offering the same “accomodation” to Steve Smith. Would we assume he wouldn’t have made the same statement if they’re talking about Andy Dalton instead of Cam Newton?

    Bingo. You have identified the knee-jerk sloppiness in thinking that led to the conclusion that, if there’s a white guy and a black guy, there must be race involved.

    I don’t know, Lincecum and Wilson play baseball and Newton plays football?

    And actually, I don’t think I worry as much about whether the baseball team I root for is a just bunch a thugs, like I do with the football team I root for. The football team, I already assume are thugs. (And that isn’t racism either, there are both white and black thugs.)

    The Tebow-talk always reminds me of a quote by Thomas Merton:

    A Catholic poet should be an apostle by being first of all a poet, not try to be a poet by being first of all an apostle. For if he presents himself to people as a poet, he is going to be judged as a poet and if he is not a good one his apostolate will be ridiculed.

    Substitute “Catholic” in this instance with “Christian” (notwithstanding the fact that Catholics are Christians), and “poet” with “quarterback,” and you have Tim Tebow’s problem in a nutshell.


    while paul mentioned “Timmy T” i’m the one who made the comments but never specified tebow (or anyone) and quite frankly, i don’t know how anyone could assume i was speaking of him … no seriously, i did have someone else in mind — the point was that it could be ANYONE (and it doesn’t have to be a religious zealot, although i suppose one could surmise that’s what i was going for in my example, since i used loaded terms like “choir boy” and “holier than thou”) but it could be anyone with a cause, be it political *coughricksantorumcough*, environmental *coughgreenpeacecough* or social *coughanyonecough* … but just someone who THINKS he is right about everything, and that anyone who doesn’t share his beliefs is somehow inferior, and LETS EVERYONE KNOW IT…im sure you know someone who fits this description

    i just think the workplace functions a LOT better when the people who work in it keep their personal views to themselves…not how they look —

    but in a related note, i think paul is perfectly correct in making the assertion that an owner would prefer a “clean cut” african american to one who is tatted, dreaded, who speaks with a certain dialect — even if that player possesses other qualities (like say skill, or lack thereof) that might make the team better…to my mind, cam newton can look any the hell way he wants as long as he does the job, and that job is to help his team win…if he’s distracting with his views, attitude and commentary, i don’t care if he looks like a model for GQ

    but in a related note, i think paul is perfectly correct in making the assertion that an owner would prefer a “clean cut” african american to one who is tatted, dreaded, who speaks with a certain dialect – even if that player possesses other qualities (like say skill, or lack thereof) that might make the team better…to my mind, cam newton can look any the hell way he wants as long as he does the job, and that job is to help his team win…if he’s distracting with his views, attitude and commentary, i don’t care if he looks like a model for GQ

    But as long as that’s just it – his preference – isn’t he allowed to prefer whatever he wants, after all, Newton, Shockey and Smith are all on the team, tattoos or not. What’s wrong with having the opinion that “we drafted you #1, we want you as our QB, tattoos or not, but all the same, we’re glad you don’t have them. If you did have them, you’d still be our QB. But you don’t, and we’re glad you’re clean-cut.” What’s wrong with saying that?

    Are we really suggesting that Richardson not be allowed to express an opinion? Is this about people not having tolerance for tattoos, or is it really about people not having tolerance for having an opinion about tattoos.

    Tolerance cuts both ways.

    Sure, had Newton had tattoos and a more “thuggish-dialect”, and had the Panthers passed on drafting him because of that, sure, that would be an issue.

    Phil sez:

    “… but just someone who THINKS he is right about everything, and that anyone who doesn’t share his beliefs is somehow inferior, and LETS EVERYONE KNOW IT…im sure you know someone who fits this description…”


    “… i just think the workplace functions a LOT better when the people who work in it keep their personal views to themselves…not how they look…”

    Total agreement as to looks. Among the pleasures of my formative years was watching shaggy Jets (Joe Willie, George Sauer, Jr) beat clean-cut Colts, and then mustachioed A’s beat clean-cut Reds. I’ve been on board ever since, and screw the Steinbrenners. As to “personal views,” I dunno. Never been in a pro locker room. But my own experience tells me that it’s kinda fun hearing about what moves people to have opinions. I think the line is, as you suggest, when opinionizing turns either A) tedious or B) preachy. I just have no idea if Tim Tebow crosses that line.

    “If you did have them, you’d still be our QB. But you don’t, and we’re glad you’re clean-cut.” What’s wrong with saying that?”


    because “clean cut,” despite yours or any other protestations to the contrary, is loaded language

    if we are told someone is “clean cut,” that means they are projecting not just an image, but are living up to certain *standards* or *expectations* of one who is likely something akin to a clean living, church-going gentleman who would never be unkind to old ladies or animals

    they could be a lying, cheating, selfish piece of shit, but because they are “clean cut” we are apt to not think of them that way

    conversely, some dude with tats and long hair is oftentimes presupposed to be a drinking, partying, fraternizing bad boy when he, in fact, may be just the opposite

    image is everything (i totally agree nike got that one right)

    but image don’t mean shit

    i think richardson is in love with an image because to him, because newton LOOKS a certain way, he must LIVE a certain way, but if he looked a different way…well, you know, he must be bad

    none of any of that speaks to newtons abilities, qualities or leadership skills…but it does mean that newton fits a certain stereotype that is pleasing to richardson

    and i think paul has correctly identified that stereotype — to richardson, a clean cut newton must mean he’s not “one of those” types

    Well, I can mostly agree with everything you’ve said, — (although possibly could it make a difference if I had phrased it “because you [b]look[/b] clean-cut”..?)

    At any rate, I’m not asserting that a clean-cut looking guy is any more or less likely to be a piece of shit. I can agree that that is just an image we’re talking about, and not a reflection either way on Newton’s character.

    That being said, if desiring players on his team to put forth “a clean-cut image”, without making any assumption that it reflects on said player’s character, is a position that a NFL owner wants to take, whether it’s because he’s a (racist or not) “good ol’ boy who don’t want no tatted-up guys” on his team, or if he’s merely just a savvy businessman who doesn’t want to lose any season-ticket holders who may feel that way, I can’t fault him.

    OK, fine then that’s the stereotype that’s presented, but why do we have to make a point of saying that Newton’s image doesn’t reflect on his abilities and capabilities as a NFL QB, why can’t we just say we’re only talking about his image in the first place, the image of a clean-cut looking player, which Richardson likes his team presenting to the public.

    Why must there be the leap of logic that requires that if Richardson likes his players looking clean-cut, he necessarily must think that clean-cut looking players must have good character. Can’t he just like them to look clean-cut for the sake of looking clean-cut?

    “why can’t we just say we’re only talking about his image in the first place, the image of a clean-cut looking player, which Richardson likes his team presenting to the public.

    Why must there be the leap of logic that requires that if Richardson likes his players looking clean-cut, he necessarily must think that clean-cut looking players must have good character. Can’t he just like them to look clean-cut for the sake of looking clean-cut?”


    that’s my point, though, and thank you for proving it so nicely

    it’s not about “clean shaven, well groomed, impeccable attire…” that is appealing to richardson is that “clean cut” implies “clean living” or “good character” or any of the other buzzwords you might want to impart

    consciously or subconsciously, we tend to equate newton’s (or orel hersheiser or say, dwight gooden — have you ever seen gooden look anything but clean cut? even in his mug shots he’s impeccably clean cut well, not every mug shot…scratch that

    now, i don’t know if dwight gooden has tats or sports dreds, but i’ve ALWAYS thought of him as a clean cut guy…with a shitload of demons…

    requiring (or wishing) the players on your team would LOOK a certain way is fine — it’s your team — and clearly richardson doesn’t want to be accused of falling into the al davis school of acquiring talent…

    hell, i wish all the guys on my team looked the same way…even if they all wore pajama pants…than having 25 guys who all style the way they want — im not saying there isn’t value in crafting a team to have a certain image

    but as sure as the day is long, richardson couldn’t give two shits whether cam newton is tat-less and has a nice haircut — because if he wanted all his players to look that way shockey wouldn’t be on the team — he wants his players to fit a certain “image” and that image is personified by the “clean cut” look … but that’s all it is — a look…

    pete rose, with his mop-top shaggy “hair”, dirty uniform and i’ll knock ray fosse into the next county in an exhibition game-attitude was probably NOT a look (image) richardson would look for in an athlete…because rightly or wrongly, he probably would equate that image with pete rose being a less than stellar human

    good looks, a million-dollar smile and no tats may be an image richardson would like to cultivate…because to him, consciously or not, that MUST mean that athlete has good character and strong morals (whatever the fuck that means)

    Workplace standards?
    What kind of capitalist totalitarian crap is that?

    Based on things Cam Newton has said he knows all about being a star. Good for him. Now he has to learn about being the face of a franchise, and the huge dose of “corporate” concerns that go along with it.

    Sometimes you trade things for money most people your age only dream of. If he doesn’t like what he has to surrender, he can choose another career path. No one has a right to an NFL career or to make $25 million (or whatever he got).

    A lot of these guys need to realize they’re blessed, not chosen.

    I like that, Ricko. Perhaps the “Chosen One” can take heed. Humility and grace go a long way.

    Opportunity is NOWHERE – I’ll bet you $10 those posters are made that way absolutely intentionally.

    I coordinated training programs for about 10 years, and the Nowhere/Now Here discussion was a formal training conversation starter. The idea is, sometimes, when all appears lost, you can find a source of inspiration.

    Wow. Someone seems to have really thought about it. Reading through the comments, one mentions that when the door is opened (presumably heading to the football field), NOWHERE becomes HERE. Of course, Opportunity becomes NITY, and I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean …

    This door caused a few days of panic among Tennessee Vols fans until Coach Dooley explained the meaning behind the door. His point to his team is that at first glance it may seem like Opportunity is Nowhere but unless you work and look harder than others it will become clear that Opportunity is Now Here. The reason for putting it on the door is to remind players that if you are going to succeed on the football field you have to look for, and attack every time opportunity presents itself.

    I hate the Greteful Dead.
    I hate the Redskins 1982 “tucked feather” logo.
    I hate that shirt.

    can i ask a really stupid question?

    is the only manufacturer of miama hurricanes caps swooshie?

    couldn’t he just get a reebox version of this cap…or at least one without makers marks?

    wouldn’t that solve this entire problem?

    I was just about to say the same thing. Why not wear a had made by a link? Personally, if I was getting paid to endorse the products of one clothing (sorry, Paul – lifestyle) manufacturer, and I wore something produced by one of its largest competitors, in public and on TV no less, I’d kinda feel like an asshole.

    Sorry, Paul. I pulled up the first quick link to fitted Miami hats I could find. I figured everyone would know what I meant.

    Speaking of New Era logos: whenever I purchase a hat, the first thing I do is remove the manufacturers logo. With New Era hats (Minor League and college only, of course; no logo on MLB hats) this is pretty easy to do using the scissors in my Swiss Army (sorry – Victorinox) knife.

    I wonder if I’d get fined for doing this if I played NCAA or MiLB baseball.

    Nike hats are more expensive… gotta spend that millionaire money.

    You’re right though, finding a Miami hat without a mark on it is not hard.

    See my post in the thread above – plenty of Adidas hats, as well as non-branded (at least on the front) hats. He could probably even still wear a Nike cap if the swoosh is only on the back (just don’t turn around during interviews).

    But like I said above, that’s the current sideline cap he’s wearing…

    Walmart usually has some non-branded, generic school hats, from what I have seen. Of course… that’s if you don’t mind for your team’s color to be about three shades off from what it should be. It especially makes for awkward situations when given one as a gift. “Oh grandma, I just love my new Alabama Maroonish/Purple Tide hat…”

    “couldn’t he just get a reebox version of this cap…or at least one without makers marks?

    wouldn’t that solve this entire problem?”

    yeah… but who wants to use their brain these days? and really, sponsors: courtesy will cost you extra…

    What’s going to happen to all these Reebok contracts once the NFL switches to Nike? Will they be allowed to wear Nike only on the field? Will they be allowed to wear the Nike team gear in post-game conferences, or will they only be afforded that opportunity in on-field interviews post game?

    These are the questions that arise in a corporate douchebag world.

    Wait a minute. All of the revenue generated by college football games is tax free? Including television contracts and merchandise sales? #Evil

    Very interesting read. CFB and CBB is a business and does not further a university’s mission which should be to educate students, research and enhance its community. The exception to their income being taxed is a nice piece of tax code gymnastics.

    CFB and CBB is a business and does not further a university’s mission which should be to educate students, research and enhance its community.

    Well, it brings in money, and that furthers their mission, doesn’t it?

    OK, but here’s what bugs me. If I donate money to one of my almae matres, I get to take a deduction on my taxes. So shouldn’t I also be able to deduct at least some portion of the money I spend on merchandise and tickets related to college ball? Assuming I actually ever attended college games or bought college merch, that is.

    I was the head carpenter for my dorm’s Shakespeare troupe for two years and in that time I bought tools and material using plenty of 529(c)(3) forms. Putting on a play is a business that brings in money, and it does make money, and doesn’t further the mission of education.

    Should BakerShake be taxable? Should the revenue from a school of music’s concerts be taxable? The United Way brings in millions of dollars in revenue every year; should it be taxable? A university is a nonprofit entity and as long as no profit is generated from any revenue why should its activity be taxed?

    What’s more impressive to you: Yankees three grand slams in one game (Yankees 08/25/11) or Fernando Tatis hitting two grand slams in one inning (4/23/99)?

    Tatis by a mile. Teams have the bases loaded multiple times during a game everyday, so the odds of one hitting three slams is way better. In the history of baseball, how many times has one batter come to the plate twice in one inning with the bases loaded?? Hello Elias???

    Even more impressive that Tatis hit them both off the same pitcher! Grand slams notwithstanding, how often does a team bat around and a hitter faces the same pitcher twice in one inning? Pitcher’s usually been lifted by then…

    more impressive, I think, than the Yankees’ three grand slams yesterday, is that they cam to bat with the bases loaded sixteen times.

    That only makes the three slams less impressive! How does a team not hit three slams if you give them 16 bases-loaded at-bats? Definitely Tatis on the what’s-more-impressive front.

    Sometimes I think Nike won’t be happy until every football game is sold black vs. solid white.

    Ehh, I don’t remember enough about it. I just know the main team (whatever city they were from) were clad in black.

    “Mr. Richardson, is Jeremy Shockey going to cover up those tattoos and cut his hair?”

    “Well Cam, my wife figgers that lil’ Jerry there is one-a them boys what likes other boys, and we can’t go having their kind prancing all over Charlotte with their pretty lil’ picket signs and lawsuits, now can we? Reckon’ they’re the new ‘you people’ now!”

    “You’re an asshole, Mr. Richardson.”

    “Come again, boy? I’s busy staring at that broad’s rear end. LAND A PLANE ON IT!”

    If someone chooses to be a moritican, he probably surrenders his “right” to show up at work for a memorial service wearing a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops.

    Life is absolutely CRAMMED with things that “come with the job.”

    Shockey is, at best, a spoke in the wheel. Newton is the hub. HUGE difference from a corporate point of view, despite all the idealistic claptrap we want to throw at it.

    Wow. A team owner has a preference that his quarterback of the future/number 1 draft pick/face of the franchise is clean-cut and respectful, and he must be a misogynistic hick. Nicely done, dude.

    Does anyone care who makes a jersey? I can buy a jersey of my favorite team made by a cheaper competitor and it looks just like the version the team wears. Nike, Reebok, et al can say “Hey! We’re the official uniform supplier of Team X” whether they put their mark on the jersey or not. I guess my point is, how much does having the mark prominently displayed on a jersey help the bottom line? How much is just corporate ego? Outside of the Uni Watchverse, what percentage of the average NFL fan knows who has the uniform contract for the NFL (or MLB, NBA and NHL)? Joe Schmoe doesnt give a shit right? Most of the replica jerseys you see in the stands are knockoff brands. The real ones are too damned expensive and you really cant tell the difference between the $200 jersey and the $50 jersey anyway. Nike will be all over the news next year when they take over the NFL. That will generate way more awareness than the swoosh on the sleeve or neck or wherever. Right??

    For hockey jerseys, I most definitely do.

    CCM made the best fitting jerseys, and I’d take a 10-year old CCM sweater over any other any day of the week. Nike and Pro Player weren’t far behind. Reebok effed everything up with the EDGE. Now that they’ve relented and gone back to the traditional design, the world is beginning to right itself again.

    “Now that they’ve relented and gone back to the traditional design”

    traditional fabric, more than traditional design. they still have those stupid cuts and bettman stripes.

    and teebz, i’m sure you’ve actually held the retail-authentic versions of todays NHL jerseys… do they seem heavy as hell to you? i couldn’t believe it myself

    I’ve compared actual gamers at Hocketown Authentics – a pre-Edge (basically just a CCM 6100 with a Reebok logo), an Edge v1 (the shinier, high-tech fabrics), and and Edge v2 (using more traditional air-knit fabrics). The Edge v1 was definitely the heaviest. No wonder they ended up going to the Edge v2.

    The Edge v1 and v2 jerseys were both Kris Draper gamers. Unfortunately, I don’t have several hundreds of dollars of disposable income, or else I might’ve seriously considered getting the v2 (08-09) jersey.

    They are heavy, but so were the Ultrafil jerseys that CCM used until they got into the air-knit fabric. If I wear my Selanne ASG jersey (Ultrafil) on a warm wintery day, I get very hot because it doesn’t breathe. The air-knit design allowed the uniform to breathe, so it has advantages. I like the heaviness, though, because the jersey just hangs better when it is worn.

    “Now that they’ve relented and gone back to the traditional design”…

    But still on Edge templates. Loosen the sides up a little, and restore the proper sweater hemline, and then I’ll consider it being the world starting to right itself.

    Anyway, I’m quite happy to wear my CCM 550 semi-pro Red Wings jerseys, and I won’t ever waste money on a Reebok Premier. Those things just look and feel totally wrong.

    100% with you on the replica jerseys, Rob. The “premier” jerseys are steaming horsepoop.

    It’s one the reasons I buy authentics.

    You definitely can tell the difference between the $200 jersey and the $50 jersey, just like you can tell the difference between a pair of Ray-Bans and a pair of gas station sunglasses.

    Yeah, but we don’t scoff at a knockoff because it has the wrong manufacturer logo, we scoff because it’s a Rays jersey with the wrong number font, or it’s a Yankees home jersey with “JETER” above the 2. If they could get the basics right, I don’t think we’d care about the manufacturer logo. The sad thing is many people don’t care about even getting the basics right, just go to a Rays game and look at all the knockoffs with the wrong number font.

    or worse people that don’t know the difference between a t-shirt and a jersey*. (*- re: the co-worker who was showing me the “Cowboys jersey” she got her grandson for Christmas one year. It was a t-shirt.)

    Gotta say, I”m not crazy about the black on black on black on black for Oregon but I’m really glad they’re sticking with the shoulder feathers. There is something really cool about the shoulder feathers.

    Also, has the NCAA made any statements about these gloves? If anyone remembers the Ohio State/Michigan game last year Ohio State made the “O” symbol with their gloves and were flagged a number of times for what was called an inappropriate gesture (and I think one commentator called it a gang-related gesture).

    I don’t mind the shoulder feathers.

    The numbers still don’t look right to me. And the glove thing is stupid. It’s basically encouraging players to do the Diamond Cutter gesture (which, it should be noted, is trademarked by Diamond Dallas Page, and he has sued musicians who’ve copied the gesture).

    Wouldn’t you need to add the *bang* at the end for it to be Diamond Cutter? Not to mention…trademarking a hand gesture? Really? Eff off DDP, you weren’t even that good of a wrestler.

    That Oxford HS turf looks a heck of a lot better than Boise’s. Boise’s is too light of a blue. The darker navy-ish blue Oxford’s using is easier on the eyes.

    I think also the color of the uniforms helps as well. Boise has enjoyed wearing monochrome blue for the past few years, and the blue on the uniforms has been just about the same shade as the turf. Oxford’s jersey navy is a bit darker than the field, helping it stand out a bit, plus they have those gold pants which are very high-contrast.

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    I got my Tampa Smokers stirrups from the Rays yesterday: link

    As you might be able to see, at some point, the stirrup was washed, and the red bled into the white stripes. Now it has pink and red stripes. *sigh* Anyone know how to get the pink out?

    Lastly, Paul, Phil, and anyone else on the East Coast – Be safe! I’ve already checked on my Long Island In-laws, and they are wondering what’s next. “First an earthquake, then a huricane…what’s next?”

    I would figure they’d have to wash them, for liability purposes, but they ought to have taken greater care in washing them.

    I suppose you could try a bleach stick on the supposed-to-be-white stripes, but you’d have to be really, really careful.

    It looks like they washed these stirrups on the hottest temp water they could. I guess this is what they meant in the auction info “Items are sold ‘as is'”. These were the $5 stirrups with $15 shipping I mentioned here a couple weeks ago. If paying that much for shipping made me mad, receiving the stirrups and having the wite strips stained pink from their wash-job doesn’t help… >:-|

    Sorry about the bleeding. But on the plus side, the slightly pinkish hue the red stripes seem to have in that photo illustrate exactly how a team could use pink and still look great. More of a salmon, really, in that photo, but “salmon” is just a word men use to describe “pink” and sound less girly. Anyhoo, navy and pink in those proportions could look absolutely terrific, especially in Florida.

    Paul, I’ve seen a fella walking around Williamsburg several times this summer with matching sleeve stripes tattooed on each arm. It has completely caught me off guard each time so I didn’t approach to ask about them. You’ll have to keep an eye out while it’s still hipster tank-top weather around here.

    Quite a cool effect and a much nicer fan tatt than a logo or mascot. I just wish my Bengals had classic stripes on their unis.

    Say what you will about the branding douchebags, the marketing douchebags, the boardroom suits, the school officials who allow all of this shit because of all the revenue the games generate and the moronic fans who lap all of it up like it’s candy laced with crack, but the so-called designers at all these companies are pretty talented. Even a tiny amount of respect, instead of referring to them as ‘so-called designers’ would have been nice. It’s real easy to crush the designers when you’ve never seen all the great stuff that’s sitting on the cutting room floor.

    Chechnya or bust? :-)

    So wait — you’re saying they produce total shit for pubic consumption, but great stuff that never sees the light of day?

    Wow, you’ve really convinced me to show them a lot more respect…

    To be fair, it’s people positioned above the designers that tend to dictate what gets released. And some designers are genuinely talented, while others are basically motivated only by money (and possibly a desire to stay employed in this economy). Of course, that could apply to quite a lot of jobs (those who love their work vs. those who are just there to get paid).

    The first thing I thought when I saw that tattoo is that he looks like’s wearing referee socks (or one of them anyway!). Still cool, but my mind might be the only one that goes there.

    That whole no tattoos for Newton while Shockey is tatted up isn’t a shock to me. I mean, if Shockey was the QB, it would be a problem, but he’s a mediocre tight end, not the first pick of the 2011 draft.

    Hell, if I was the owner, I would say “I don’t care about your hair, but keep your tattoos on your torso, like link. Well, actually, as long as you don’t look like Shockey you’re fine.

    Hell, I don’t see it as racist (as opposed to how Paul wrote it on ticker). I see it as an owner trying to protect the image of his team, since the franchise quarterback is the face of the team.

    an owner trying to protect the image of his team, since the franchise quarterback is the face of the team.

    See, your concept of “protect[ing] the image” of the team presupposes a certain notion of image. You might want to think about where that image comes from.

    I was gonna have a rebutal, but reading this at 11 o’clock at night made me realize that I sound really stupid in this comment.

    Also, I don’t really care if Jerry wants Cam Newton to be “clean cut”. If you think it’s racist, fine, chances are you might think a lot of things are racist even if they’re not. Whatever. However, he is Cam’s boss, and he is allowed to dictate how his personal image is carried out in his workplace.

    You never know, come September 11th, Shockey just might be in link.

    Actually, from a PR standpoint that’s all the more reason TO be concerned about the company’s image.

    Stepping away for a moment from the line of thinking that “dude w/ tat will make folks think about dude from 10 years ago who killed his pregnant wife” — anyone find it the least bit interesting that proof of Newton’s suitability to be an upstanding community leader is being based on hair length & ink, instead of, oh, let’s say, the multiple allegations of crimes/rules violations throughout his college career?

    I’m not sayin’ that Cam should be denied his opportunity to lead the Panthers back to greatness — just pointing out the silliness of focusing on what, to some, are outward indicators of “character” while choosing to look the other way on ways in which one’s character may have already actually revealed itself.

    I knew it would happen, just didn’t know what game. Well, the Packers made it official today. Acme Packer throwbacks will be worn on October 16 against the Rams.


    Too bad football isn’t like baseball where the home team springs for the opponent’s throwback jerseys, too, or maybe we’d see the Rams in this:


    Oh, and by the way, the Panthers’ QBs wearing 1, 2 & 3 as mentioned in the ticker has been on the front page of the Gridiron Uniform blog for a week now.

    Looks like The Collegiate Licensing Company and the University of Florida have joined the march to protect UF’s trademarked logos. They’ve targeted a school here in Louisiana, about 20 miles or so outside of Baton Rouge: link.

    Honestly, I’m surprised it’s taken them this long to contact them.

    First the Boise State story and now this. This is starting a slippery slope — hasn’t it long been tradition that some high schools have used NFL and College teams’ logos? All of a sudden, now they are going to stop “looking the other way?”

    I wonder if the fact that, as the article points out, it is a school in the middle of a rival area – in LSU country – makes a difference as to why UF is pursuing this particular case.

    I think it’s been happening for a while now. There’s just too vast a number of high schools for them to go after all of them…and, with the nature of the internet, we hear about it when it happens, anywhere. If they did it to some school during the 80’s or 90’s, who’d know if they weren’t directly involved?

    the cure for that is to charge all schools using your logos a dollar a year. That shows that you are making an active attempt to protect your trademark. For instance: Georgia Tech charges Sprayberry High School (located in metro-Atlanta) $1 a year, they exercise more authority when a professional or semi-professional team uses their trademarks (the reason why Salt Lake City’s minor league team is no longer called the Buzz), but they do try and work with the user of the logos etc. registered to Tech.

    A word of warning to anyone posting pictures of tickets on this, or any, website….block out the bar code numbers! In the age of StubHub, its easy to copy the number and….well, you can figure it out from there. Paul, I highly recommend that you blur the code from the Redskins pic (not implying that any of your readers would do such a thing, but just sayin’).

    BTW I read about the Tennessee locker room thing, and apparently the spacing is intentional. When the door is closed then opportunity is nowhere, but when the door is open opportunity is now here. Something about opening one self up for possibility or something like that. It is actually a conscious motivational tool.

    I leave it up to everyone else to decide if this is a good motivational tool, but there you go.

    –When the door is closed then opportunity is nowhere, but when the door is open opportunity is now here.


    Might have been their aim to be inspirational, but HORRIBLE execution.

    Its not about having the door being open. It is about having the players look past their initial views and work to see where opportunity presents itself. At first glance it is easy to see the nowhere, but you have to push yourself and work to see that opportunity is now here. The point of having it on this door is to remind players to look hard during the game because only then will you be able to capitalize.

    ok, my uni watching brethren…

    heading “out east” to batten down for whatever may come our way — i already locked and loaded tomorrow’s piece, and we’ll play sunday by ear

    all you guys stay safe and to all our eastern seaboard readers — prepare for the worst and hope for the best (as the cliche goes)

    peace, yo

    Yup, for the northeast Irene is being called a “once in a generation storm.”

    I hope we don’t all end up being reminded just how close to sea level NYC is.

    Be safe, people.

    Having experienced Hurrican Gloria hitting the Island back in the mid-80’s, I’m with ya in spirit Phil

    East? Shouldn’t you be going west?

    That point on the map doesn’t look safe at all??

    Since NFL season tickets are typically planned and printed May thru June, most teams could not put current players on their tickets this year due to the lockout.

    Many are using pictures of team legends or even pictures of season ticket holders on their tickets.

    I can’t wait to see what’s on the Pats tickets this year. Went to a game last season and there was Randy Moss in the AFL throwbacks.

    Ironically, it was the game just after they sent him off to the Vikings.

    Any info on whose glove Posada wore to play second base yesterday? I can’t see anything on it as far as a name or number stitched anywhere on the glove.

    Didn’t see it mentioned here, but while watching the Training Days with the Oklahoma Sooners (kinda like Hard Knocks meets NCAA football on ESPN), there was mention that the Sooners defensive members will take turns wearing #12 to honor deceased linebacker Austin Box.

    The Sooners will also wear a square sticker with #12 on the back of their helmet this season.

    Here’s a pic of the decal.

    In my opinion, MLB Tom Wort will wear #12 opening weekend against Tulsa & Travis Lewis will where it in against Texas. I hope the DTs (McFarland, McGee, Peterson, etc.) get a turn during the season as I love low numbers on the d-line.

    Nice find Jordan!

    I’d love to see everyone get a shot (including the D line)…I am curious when Travis Lewis will opt to wear 12.

    If I had to guess, I’d say against Okie State or Texas (hoping he’s back for that)

    Good luck this weekend Paul, Phil, and all east-coasters. At least you don’t have to evacuate. Evacuation sucks.

    And if so inclined, you’ll get to experience one of the great things about living on the Gulf… hurricane party! Stock up now!

    ‘We’ve talked before about how freshmen at Marshall have to wear a red helmet stripe until they “prove themselves,” whatever that means. But according to this story, Joe Johnson had to wear a yellow stripe last season, because he wasn’t “going hard all the time” in practice. “That is a first,” says Jake Keys.’

    In 2005 Arkansas Defensive Coordinator Reggie Herring made slacking or “loafing” players wear pink jerseys to the subsequent practices until they earned the right to wear the red jersey again.
    STORY: link
    PIC: link
    If I remember correctly, this only lasted a few days or maybe a week until uproar from the local chapter of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation or something along those lines.

    “I swear, take all of these clowns – the branding douchebags, the marketing douchebags, the so-called designers, the boardroom suits, the school officials who allow all of this shit because of all the revenue the games generate (all of it tax-free, incidentally, but that’s another scandal for another day), the moronic fans who lap all of it up like it’s candy laced with crack – and send them all to Chechnya or something.”

    Paul? Sit down. Breathe. Go to your happy place. Look at adam’s leg.

    If the players MUST wear the corporate logos on their respective uniforms, I guess I undestand…it is a business afterall.

    HOWEVER, my issue is with the fan gear. If I can help it, I purchase apparel without the logo (not as easy as one might think).

    I also understand that the logo on fan apparel is in some circles a “status symbol”…I recently was forced into back to school shopping for my boys (11 & 16), here’s how one of the conversations went:

    Me: “Here’s a Bronco tee shirt…it looks pretty good.” (showing a fairly plain tee shirt that was grey with the words Bronco Football on it)

    The Boy: “No, I want this one” (showing me one that was very similar)

    Me: “Whats wrong with this one? It’s almost the same, and it’s $10 dollars cheaper!”

    The Boy: “It doesn’t have the swoosh at the top!”

    I immediately thought of this site…and ended up paying Phil Knight a royalty (albeit small) while grinding my teeth.

    More about the current Redskins season tickets. They are all HOF players or coaches printed on the tickets. But one glaring Redskins HOFer omission – John Riggins. He’s been highly critical of the owner for a long time. Danny Snyder takes things personal. I guess that’s why The Diesel’s likeness isn’t on any of the tickets.

    No. He shouldn’t. It’s *his* number now, keep wearing it. If every player to ever die had his number removed team usage, baseball players would be wearing 4 digit numbers by now.

    As far as tattoos go, that NW design is pretty sweet. Still, in general, I’m with Charles Jenkins of the G.S. Warriors for why he eschews them: “You ever see a bumper sticker on a Maybach?”

    I’m thinking long about Tuesday of next week you should release a “I survived the Storm of the Century at UniWatch HQs” tee shirt…

    I’d buy one.

    So all the cheating on exams, stealing a computer and money from college isn’t important to an nfl owner because cam newton turns out to be a clean cut guy that can run and throw. He’s an ass. That goes back to the long haired good guy and sneaky choir boy deal

    This all is just showing how tolerant Richardson is. He tolerates cheating on exams, stealing a computer and money from college, and he’d tolerate tattoos, too, as evdienced by Shockey & Smith. Luckily, Newton doesn’t have the tattoos, so Richardson doesn’t have to tolerate that from him, but he does have to tolerate the cheating and stealing, but I guess maybe Charlie Rose didn’t ask him about that stuff, maybe Rose is the racist. I’m sure Richardson would probably prefer Newton didn’t cheat on exams, or steal computers and money, but obviously since Newton can run and throw, Jerry’s looking the other way on all of this ’cause he thinks Cam is the guy to lead the team as QB.

    Jerry’s just a heck of a tolerant guy.

    This is a good debate. I’m enjoying this.

    Hey, FOS, just curious about your moniker. What’s signified by “Fight On State”? Are you urging on a land-grant college sports team? Are you promoting boxing on Chicago’s famous thoroughfare? Are you an anarchist describing a hostile attitude toward fat-cat government?

    Mind you, I like all three of those possibilities, so no offense intended. Just wondering.

    New third jersey for Everton unveiled.


    If you look at that image, it is intersting to note that it appears that John Heitinga of Everton got himself a new tube sock tattoo on his arm.


    Hoosiers are practicing sans-IU logo and with the new white facemasks.

    Also – a ref with black slacks is in the background (and a very visible blue possession bean bag).

    And it could just be the photo, but the red on the helmets and jerseys look a little bit more maroon than years past – link

    I see that everyone was wearing white pants but I hope that is just for practice sake, I hate IU with White on White. Red pants on the road, white pants at home. No exceptions.

    I would say most Americans think George Washington and his crew were nice looking fellows. At least, they don’t mind seeing portraits of those guys in their wallets. Remember the only difference between patriots and traitors is whether they won or lost.

    Hey, there’s a good point. George Washington was a nice, clean-cut looking guy. Who owned slaves.

    Remember the only difference between patriots and traitors is whether they won or lost.

    Even if you buy this “logic” (which I don’t), it still means the Confederates were traitors. Glad we cleared that up.

    Actually, you are probably correct regarding my logic. I’m pretty sure the British still considered our patriots to be traitors despite the outcome of that little skirmish.

    Which is more strange?
    That Schumaker is pitching, or that he is wearing an elastic belt? I thought those were for little leaguers.

    The Cleveland Indians are wearing their socks up tonight, as a tribute to Jim Thomes return.

    Should’ve worn red socks, just for tonight. They only wore blue socks at home three out of the twelve years he played in Cleveland before.

    Wayne Hagin just referred to the Braves as “the Bravados.”

    Not the the Bravos, mind you — the Bravados.

    Can’t make it up, can’t make it up, can’t make it up….

    The national anthem has been played before games “as a rule” since around WWII, and that qualifies as “relatively recent”? I disagree with that. We’re talking 70 years ago.

    Now, if you would have said the Confederate flag=racism is a recent thought, then I would agree. Paul, in your ESPN article, it’s pretty clear the flag used to stand for southern pride. But somewhere in the 80s it turned into racism.

    Don’t forget the US flag has stood for racism (and sexism, and homophobia, and religious-discrimination, and lack-of-religion-discrimination, and class-discrimination) since 1776.

    Cardinals are wearing 80s throwbacks tonight to honor Willie McGee who had a bobblehead night tonight.
    White 80s unis, not powder blue.

    I’m having trouble finding a linkable photograph, but Majestic once again made the sleeve stripes too small. Is it that hard to make them 3/4 inch wide?

    So I’m watching the Packers-Colts game, and they are interviewing Peyton Manning on the sideline, and CBS’ Sam Ryan asks him if he thinks he’ll be ready for opening day, an he’s got that ‘Aw, shucks’ look on his face: “Aw, gee, Sam, I sure hope so, I ain’t never missed a game yet in my career, sure hope I’ll be able to get out there for Week 1.”

    I just couldn’t help but think, gee, that Peyton Manning sure is a nice, clean-cut football player.

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