Does Jerry Dior Know About This?

I’m generally fine with tattoos — I have two of them myself, and I’m pondering another one — but for some reason I prefer not to see them on the baseball diamond. Especially when they’re on a pitcher. And when they go all the way down his arm. And when they’re supposed to look […]

Super Bowl Was Super-Uni-Riffic After All

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Yesterday I opined that Sunday night’s game “wasn’t exactly the most uni-notable Super Bowl.” But that comment is now in serious need of revision, because reader Ryan Dunsmore has spotted something we all missed — something that instantly catapults Super Bowl XLVI into the uni-verse’s most rarefied […]

Wanna Change That Number? Not So Fast!

You probably heard a few weeks ago that MLB and the players’ union had reached an agreement on a new labor deal. The players have ratified it, but the owners haven’t done so yet (they’re set to vote on it tomorrow and are expected to approve it). Since the deal isn’t officially ratified yet, […]

South by Northwest(ern)

For the past year or so I’ve been toying with the idea of getting green/gold striping tattooed onto my calves, to mimic the look of tube sox. But reader Adam Walter beat me to that idea. As you can see above, he has a nice Northwestern stripe pattern on his right leg. “I got […]