Tigers Honor School Shooting Victims with Handwritten Cap Inscriptions

Photo by Raj Mehta, USA Today Sports; for all pics, click to enlarge

Interesting development last night in Detroit, as the Tigers held “Oxford Night” in support of the town of Oxford, Mich., which was victimized by a school shooting last November. (If you’ve lost track of all the school […]

Shazam: Cubs Rookie Adds Mysterious Lightning Bolt to Helmet

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MLB players will sometimes add custom messages to their caps, wristbands, or other accessories. But it’s extremely rare, maybe even unheard of, for a player to add logos or other messaging to his batting helmet. So I was surprised yesterday to see Cubs phenom Christopher Morel with […]

History Mystery Deepens as Pants Pocket Pics Proliferate

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The gent on the right in the photo above is Phillies manager Gene Mauch, who skippered the Phils from 1960 through 1968. Why am I putting that photo at the top of today’s post? Because if you look closely, you can see that Mauch’s […]

The Duke of Montreal: Snider Had Unusual Uni Modification

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Hall of Famer Duke Snider is best known for his 16-year stint with the Dodgers — first in Brooklyn and then in Los Angeles. But he also had a 14-year association with the Expos, primarily as a broadcaster but also as a coach in the 1970s. He […]