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Category: Customization/Modification

A Close Look at NFL Officials’ Beanbags

There’s more to this unassuming little accessory than meets the eye — sometimes.

The Bengals’ Odd History of Handwritten Helmet Messaging

For a few years in the late 1980s and early ’90s, helmet inscriptions were common in Cincy.

The Uni-verse’s First Response to the Israel-Hamas War

The war has produced its first ripple in the uni-verse — and more may follow.

David Wells Covered Up Swoosh Because ‘I Hate Nike! They’re Woke!’

The former Yankee made a uni-related statement during the team’s annual Old-Timers’ Day event.

The Company That’s Revolutionizing MLB Belts

Have you noticed all the crazy belts on the field lately? Here’s the story behind them.

Yankee Doodle Dandy: Hero Pitcher Covers Up Yanks’ Uni Ad

Uni Watch has a new favorite player.

Batty: Elly De La Cruz’s Knob Attachment Leads to DC Drama

A little plastic accessory caused a five-minute delay in last night’s game — with the perfect punchline.

What’s Up With Nick Ahmed’s C-Flap?

The Arizona infielder wears his headgear at an unusual angle.

The Strange Saga of Troy Aikman’s NFL 75th-Anniversary Patch

The Cowboys QB had an unusual patch odyssey in 1994.

Anderson Emerges as Latest Panther to Modify His Jersey Stripes

The two Panthers currently customizing their jersey stripes have another bizarre uni-related thing in common.

The Strange Saga of Frankie Luvu’s Jersey Stripes

The Carolina linebacker had his jerseys modified in the middle of this season, creating a distinct look.

White Lines: KC Running Back Has Unique Visor Modification

Clyde Edwards-Helaire appears to be the only NFL player to have customized his helmet’s visor in a very specific way.

Tigers Honor School Shooting Victims with Handwritten Cap Inscriptions

Photo by Raj Mehta, USA Today Sports; for all pics, click to enlarge Interesting development last night in Detroit, as the Tigers held “Oxford Night” in support of the town …

Shazam: Cubs Rookie Adds Mysterious Lightning Bolt to Helmet

Click to enlarge MLB players will sometimes add custom messages to their caps, wristbands, or other accessories. But it’s extremely rare, maybe even unheard of, for a player to add …

History Mystery Deepens as Pants Pocket Pics Proliferate

For all photos, click to enlarge The gent on the right in the photo above is Phillies manager Gene Mauch, who skippered the Phils from 1960 through 1968. Why am …