Uni Watch Classics: Squatchee Etymology

[Editor’s Note: Today I’m running a post that originally ran on Nov. 18, 2015 — not because I’ve run out of new content (I haven’t!) but because this is a really good entry that many of you may have missed and others will enjoy rediscovering. A fun blast from the past. — PL]

At […]

A Uni Watch Look at Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant died yesterday. I’ll leave it to others to address what he meant on a cultural or historical level, or even on a basketball level. Here at Uni Watch, we’re more concerned with how he fit into the uni-verse and how the uni-verse responded yesterday to his passing, so that’s what we’ll address […]

Totally Loopy: 49ers DB Has Unusual Pants Modification

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Reader/commenter RJ Nordlund noticed something really interesting during Sunday’s NFC Championship Game: Unlike most players, who tuck their waistband towels, well, into their waistbands, 49ers defensive back Richard Sherman had his towel hanging from a loop of fabric that had been sewn into his pants — a […]

A Look Back at Mike McCarthy’s Odd Cap/Sharpie Habit

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With former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy heading back to the NFL coaching sidelines after a one-season absence, it’s worth remembering the he had a very odd uni-related quirk: For at least a decade, he was in the habit of wearing a Sharpie tucked […]