Celebrating a Decade of ‘Collector’s Corner’

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In 2009 and early 2010, a Uni Watch reader named Brinke Guthrie began sending me lots of eBay listing links to include in the Ticker. At some point he suggested doing a regular feature in which he’d feature the coolest retro collectibles he could find on eBay, and I […]

Life’s Goal Accomplished: Uni Watch Mentioned on Mets TV Broadcast

I mentioned in yesterday’s Ticker that I wouldn’t be watching the Mets on Monday night because they were scheduled to wear their brutal camouflage uniforms (which are even worse this season because they’re now paired with the pinstriped pants). But I ended up flipping channels between the Rangers and the Mets, and it’s a […]

Extra Texture (or at least the illusion thereof)

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The Jacksonville Suns — the Marlins’ Double-A affiliate — sent out this photo of their new road jersey yesterday. Looks like Wilson, the manufacturer, used a faux flannel fabric, similar to what we’ve previously seen from Under Armour. I wish Majestic would come up with something like […]

Adidas Leaves, Nike Stays Put

Big day yesterday for league specific apparel contracts in the uni-verse, beginning with the news that Adidas will not be renewing its uniform contract with the NBA when it expires following the 2016-17 season.

I’ve written an FAQ-style piece for ESPN that assesses the potential implications of this development. If you didn’t see it […]