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Source: Ravens Adding New Alternate Helmet

While we wait for today’s Broncos unveiling, I have some other NFL news to share with you.

About 10 days ago I heard from a source who said he’d been shown all of the new uniforms for 2024. He didn’t have any photos or other visuals, but he described what he’d seen. And one of those descriptions was that the Ravens are adding an alternate helmet featuring the secondary logo shown above.

I believe this to be accurate, for two reasons: First, all of the NFL unveilings and confirmed leaks that we’ve seen so far have matched up with what this source told me 10 days ago. And second, Ravens president Sashi Brown said this on April 2:

“We have some stuff that’s coming. We feel like we have really classic jerseys, and I think the team did a great job when we’ve had some minor modifications. So we’re really cautious about making changes. … The optionality that you see, particularly in other leagues, with different types of jerseys, color rushes, being tried — we’re exploring some things with some of the alternative jerseys. But as for now, we’re really happy with the way our jerseys stand out.”

Now, Brown was talking about jerseys, not helmets. But as we all know — and to my endless frustration — a disturbing number of people use the term “jersey” as a synonym for “uniform.” (Fox Sports recently raised my blood pressure by listing the Browns’ new white facemask on their list of “NFL jersey redesigns.”) Based on that unfortunate tendency, and on my source’s 100% reliability so far, I believe the “alternative jersey change” Brown was referring to will actually turn out to be an alternate helmet.

But what color will this new helmet be? Per my source: “I think it is going to be purple, but I can’t remember for sure. I believe it will have a metallic gold facemask.” The main thing he remembers seeing is that alternate logo.

My source doesn’t have any info about when this helmet will be revealed. But if anyone knows more about this, you know what to do. Anonymity assured, of course.

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    Full disclosure: I am a native Baltimorean and HUGE Ravens fan, but… I’ve never been a fan of this secondary logo. I’ll withhold judgement for now.

    This logo has been referred to as the “Gene Simmons” Ravens head in some circles, I am not a fan of it, and wish the team would try a fauxback uni with a Block B on the helmet and 50s-60s inspired numbers and stripes. I fear this may mean the return of the terrible mustard pants.

    Brings a smile to my face. Maybe not the best Secondary logo the Ravens have had, but I’ll take it over the primary logo any day.

    Would have preferred the raven-in-flight logo…but this’ll be better that the odd-looking slant B version.

    Have you heard anything on the validity to the Giants alternate that was floating around X yesterday? I think Antonio Brown posted it along with a white Vikings alternate uniform.

    This logo looks like Big Bird from Seseame Street. We should put the Sheild logo on the helmet. The on on the Jersey for those of you who might not be Ravens fans. So much more classic than a purple Big Bird Head!

    “…a disturbing number of people use the term “jersey” as a synonym for ‘uniform.'”

    One of my greatest pet-peeves. When someone says “did you hear (insert team) are getting new jerseys?” it typically makes me disregard every uni-related opinion that follows.

    Paul, right there with you in blood boiling over writing as if jerseys and helmets are the same thing. There’s the concept of the living language, and then there’s acting as if non-synonyms don’t have individual meanings.

    A purple helmet for the Ravens…sounds good to me but with a black facemask, please. And the flag with the B as a decal, not this anthropomorphous creature posing as a bird.

    I remember when the OLD Colts used to ware ALL White with the Blue logo. On the helmet. The Ravens need to go ALL WHITE…with just the purple Raven on the Helmet… it would be amazing. Retro yet old school. Come on man. Get r done

    Never liked the head-on bird logo.
    Never the liked the B/shield logo either.
    The helmet logo is fine as is.
    A purple helmet is predictable. I like the gold accents though.

    Oh man. This is a HUGE missed opportunity. My favorite logo is the B/R Shield and it’s hard to find that logo on most merch. It would’ve been fire on a helmet and in my opinion should already be the Ravens primary logo. Huge bummer.

    I’m cautiously fine with it, but this is a big change (even though it’s only an alt helmet) for a franchise that’s historically uni-stable. Like others, I love the shield and think that would’ve been a cool alt helmet, especially with how small the shoulder shields have become with Nike’s new template (screw you, Nike).

    At least it’s a guarantee to land better than the mustard pants.

    They should use their shield logo to make it resemble their original primary logo but without getting sued. Also, I think a purple shell with a metallic gold facemask would look really nice.

    Purple color working might depend on what jersey goes with it. This is the weakest of all of the Ravens branding marks…and the verticality makes me question how it can effectively be used as a helmet logo…sort of clumsy unless they have something else going on. Agree about the strength of the shield alternate logo, or even plucking the script B out of the current logo. I would love to see the Ravens experiment with a gold shell. Regretfully probably hoping this idea goes the way of the mustard pants…I could never unsee those.

    I’m not a fan of this (potential) helmet, but this is a really well executed mockup.

    The shield logo should be on the primary helmets and these new alternates. I don’t care for this goofy Gene Simmons raven. And the current helmet raven is ok, but I never liked the ‘B’ on the side of it’s head. It is almost like the raven is wearing a helmet, on the helmet, like the old Dolphins logo.

    The Seahawks tried to do this same thing a couple of years ago. Fans weren’t having it. Got shut down real quick. Birds should never be seen head on…

    I really don’t like any of the Ravens’ logos, but the shield would be my choice.

    Also not wild about their color scheme, but it makes sense for their nickname and they’ve had a pretty consistent color identity, so I’m fine with it.

    I think the purple helmets with shiny gold masks will look sharp. That is, until they pair them with stripe-less purple leotards, purple lettering, and an LED swoosh that can be seen from outer space.

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