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BREAKING: Eagles’ Kelly Green Throwback Jerseys Leak

We’ve known for a while now that the Eagles will finally be bringing back their Kelly green throwbacks this season. Although the team hasn’t yet officially unveiled the throwbacks, or even announced the date(s) when they’ll be worn, a retail leak has now provided our first look at the throwback jersey.

Here are some additional photos:

The Eagles wore Kelly green for a long time — from 1935 through 1995 — but the leaked jersey appears to be based on the one that the team wore from 1985 through ’95. That’s the Randall Cunningham era:

The Eagles switched from Kelly green to their current midnight green in 1996, reportedly because owner Jeffrey Lurie’s wife preferred the darker shade. The team has worn Kelly throwbacks once since then, for a 2010 game against the Packers, but that design was based on the team’s 1960 uniform, not the Cunningham-era design:

The team has wanted to wear a Kelly throwback in recent years but was unable to do so due to the NFL’s one-shell rule. In 2017, they actually proposed that the rule be lifted so that they could proceed with their Kelly plans, but the proposal was not adopted at that time. Now that the rule has finally been lifted, we’ll see the Kellys back on the field this fall.

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    I was hoping they’d opt for the 1960 Chuck Bednarik specials, but this will do just fine!

    Everyone I talk to in the city says they like this version better then the chuck B ones with the numbers on the side without the eagles

    I wanted the Jaworski/Bergey set, with all the sleeve stripes and before the eagle on the shoulders. But since nobody wears sleeves anymore, that would be impossible. These are great though.

    Would have been great, but the Cunningham Era is part of our fabric. :)

    As a resident of the area, Not an Eagles Fan but not an Eagles Hater, these are my favorite Eagles Uniforms of all time. These are the ones from my childhood. The logo and jerseys my dad and Uncles used to wear so it’s partial to the Gen Xers and Early Millenials (Me) in the area

    NOB font is a little off. The original one was thinner and boxier than standard block.

    These jerseys won’t look like the original ones once worn in a game. The mesh material of the old Russel jersey vs Nike’s flat material will look pretty different under the sun / lights.

    Boyoboy, AMA for Paul: is that 2010 throwback game you mentioned the best looking NFL game ever, in your opinion? Lots of good looking green!

    Isn’t that the old tailoring? I thought Philly changed to the new look.

    If they wear this beauty against the Cowboys I’d die of pure bliss. It’s time to replace the midnight green look.

    I think if their current set used kelly green instead of the darker green, they would look amazing. Oh, and change the number font, too.

    I don’t know if it needs clarification but it was mr.Laurie’s then wife, who hated the Kelly green color. he has remarried since then

    Came to say the same. Never met the woman but I blame her for foisting “midnight green”
    on the Delaware Valley and good riddance. That alone isn’t grounds for divorce but it is heinous.

    All the more reason to return to this look full time and wear the Jaworski era uniforms as a throwback.

    It’s time to do the right thing and make these their full-time uniforms again. Enough with the Midnight Green that Nike STILL can’t get right. Enough of BFBS. Give us the good old Kelly Green Eagles we all want and keep it that way.

    While I can’t stand the Iggles, this is a nice blast from the past. Takes me back to many Cowboys-Philly games of my youth.

    The black outline around the number keeps this from being perfect.

    Well, that and the Nike skidmark, but whatcha gonna do? I’ll take it.

    The black outline is what they wore back in the Cunningham Era. This is spot-on, except for a subtle tweak to the NOB.

    I don’t love the Eagles but I do love the Kelly Green. The Cunningham era style is a good choice.

    Eagles are at the Jets. I would expect Philly to wear the Kelly Green at home. Betting one time will be against the Giants on Christmas.

    Worst of their Kelly era unis in my opinion, but still better than the current set and lightyears better than BFBS.

    My favorite part this uniform was the socks with the double black green black stripes to match the numbers, but of course that will get butchered.

    Have you been able to confirm if this could be legit? The jock tag looks like it uses the old style and if you zoom in on the price tag the MSRP is only 4 digits and there is no way this is that cheap if it’s an adult jersey. Could be a youth one too.

    They updated the jock tag this year. It’s now woven and it has a new design. The MSRP for youth is $89.99

    Philadelphia Eagles need to go back to this uniform full time – echoing what majority of Uni-Watchers have been saying for years

    IIRC, the black outlines of the numerals were stitched instead of adding a second layer of tackle twill.

    Numbers were stitched tackle twill for only one season, 1995-96. Prior to that, it was heavy screen printing. They switched to Midnight in 1996-97.

    +1 for the go back to these full time echo chamber. When the masses are right, they’re right, and this is coming from a (casual) Giants fan.

    Has the “Jeffrey Lurie’s wife wanted midnight green/hated Kelly green” story ever been proven? Video or print anywhere? Or has it just been reported so many times that it’s become gospel? My theory is that she was unpopular with the fans so when the color change came about she became the scapegoat. I know nothing of Philadelphia sports fandom enough to say.

    Details mean something and the Eagles need to make an effort. The Eagles need to make sure they go with silver pants with the sheen. Not grey pants.

    Agree wholeheartedly but I am not holding my breath. Same could be said for the Raiders, Seahawks (throwbacks), 49ers, Saints and Cowboys. But Nike gonna Nike. Because why should color and visual appeal matter if their new X-tremeTech UltraaaLyte VaporMist fabric means you can run 1.17% faster, right?

    Thank goodness Uniwatch declared this as breaking news because after I read this breaking news I overreacted and went out and bought thousands of these.
    Thanks again.

    Nice shirt, nice kelly green (different from the Jets shade I think) and I like the eagles on the sleeves. But then again, I am not an Eagles fan and have nothing against Midnight Green or their current logo (the wordmark is not an improvement, the one from the 70s is the best). Go Giants.

    Are these two different jerseys? The top picture shows a number on each shoulder on the top of the shoulder pads but the other pictures does not.

    Man, I would love to see the 1960 throwbacks from that 2010 game become the main uniform set. I like the Randall era ones, but those 1960s are another level, especially with that number font.

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