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Remembership, Part 9: Horsepower and Horses

[Editor’s Note: Membership card designer Scott M.X. Turner is back with this latest installment of Remembership, his retrospective series about the Uni Watch membership card program. Enjoy. — PL]

By Scott M.X. Turner

This week’s Remembership looks at the fastest membership requests on the planet: motorsports and horse racing.

Creating auto-racing cards involves a lot of source-material photos. Happily for this designer, the motorsports world, particularly NASCAR, is not bashful about promoting its liveries. I often used models of famous race cars and drivers’ numbers printed on various items of merchandise and collectibles. I still cross-referenced those graphics with historical photos to make sure the members’ cards were accurate. As with our football-helmet treatments, we sometimes included additional contours and textures based on members’ requests and/or source materials.

Clockwise from top left: Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR (David Amoriello), Will Power IndyCar (Rob Caplette), Hans-Joachim Stuck ProCar (Bryant Robinson), Ted Musgrave NASCAR (David G. Firestone), member’s own racing car design (Roger Cooper), Martini Racing Team LeMans champion (Alex Sinclair), Kyle Larson NASCAR (Cork Gaines), Greg Moore IndyCar (Ed Hahn).
Clockwise from top left: Jeff Gordon NASCAR (Benjamin Gray), Bennetton B186 Formula 1 (Leo Mikula), Jim Hurtubise IndyCar (Tom Bierbaum), Bob Tullius backwards 44 livery (Andrew Hoenig), Nicky Hayden moto-grand prix (Jim Knight), unidentified racecar (Keaton Johnson), Virginia Tech-themed NASCAR (Clark Ruhland, who supplied their own artwork and did a great job), Kyle Petty NASCAR (Scott Thomas).
Clockwise from top left: unidentified racecar (Carlos Eduardo Jalife Villajón [Cajal]), Dan Gurney Formula 1 (Soy), Reinhold Joest and Willi Kauhsen LeMans Pink Pig (Jeff Proctor), Jimmie Johnson NASCAR (Gavin Whitham), Darrell Waltrip NASCAR (Greg Morrison), Nelson Piquet Formula 1 (Omar Jalife), Mario Andretti IndyCar (Julien A. Marques), Al Holbert IMSA GTP (Julien A. Marques).
Left to right: Romain Grosjean IndyCar (Julien A. Marques), Jeremy Mayfield NASCAR (Jim Lutz).

Five members have had equine requests, two of them based on the great Secretariat and his jockey, Ron Turcotte.

Clockwise from top left: Belmont Park silks (John Bub), Secretariat’s Kentucky Derby saddle cloth(Robert Yates), member’s family’s racing silks (Brittain Peck), Justify’s Kentucky Derby saddle cloth (Ben Garner), Ron Turcotte’s Secretariat jockey silks (Chin Yinger).


That’s it for this week. But here are two omissions from previous weeks:

Next week: Oddities!

Comments (12)

    Small edit: The #48 car’s driver is Jimmie, not Jimmy Johnson. Classic mix up between the Cowboys coach and him

    These two membership cards were not pictured but were in the 1st groups descriptions. They would have been on the bottom

    Herbie the Love Bug (Frank Serpas III), Ryan Newman NASCAR (Blake Pass), Martini Racing Team LeMans champion (Alex Sinclair)

    Spell check:
    Five members have had equine requests, two of them based on the “greaet” Secretariat and his jockey, Ron Turcotte.

    I remember sponsoring a couple of raffles for NASCAR-themed membership cards…can’t recall when exactly or what was selected by the winners. Great work, Scott – especially on the DW number!

    I pondered over a Speed Racer or Racer X membership card but then went with my HS mesh jersey

    Fernando AlonSo is an F1 driver, although he has raced in 2 Indycar races (the Indy 500 twice).

    Still OK for me, as that was the helmet he wore at Indy (it differs a lot from his F1 helmets, not least because his F1 number is 14.)

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