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Remembership, Part 8: The Bands Come Marching In

[Editor’s Note: Membership card designer Scott M.X. Turner is back with this latest installment of Remembership, his retrospective series about the Uni Watch membership card program. Enjoy. — PL]

By Scott M.X. Turner

“The players tried to take the field/but the marching band refused to yield”
— “American Pie,” Don McClean

That lyric lodged in my head every time I was asked to recreate a member’s marching band uniform — and in one case, a New Orleans brass band cap (the earworm in that case being the Rebirth Brass Band’s “Do Whatcha Wanna”).

Each of these cards had its share of intricacies and textures. Bill Martinez was the first to ask for a marching band treatment, but instead of a uniform he wore, he asked for a standard Uni Watch design with a band lyre. (Note: The Florida State design dates back to before we stopped taking orders for indigenous nicknames and mascots.)

Clockwise from top left: Uni Watch band lyre (Bill Martinez) drum corps straps (Arthur Ryel-Lindsay), Michigan Wolverines (Geoff Zymslowski and Donald Ademek), Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Nick Werner), member’s uniform (Dan McBride), West Chester Golden Rams (Chris Burns).
Clockwise from top left: Michigan State Spartans (Evan Blanchard), Florida State University (Andrew Pekoe), Tidal Wave Brass Band (Ian Schmid).
Clockwise from top left: Southern California Trojans (Sam Hozman), Ohio Bobcats (Kyle Arnott), Pitt Panthers (David Greenwald), Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps (Sean McSean).


There was one omission from last week’s post about helmet- and hat-themed cards: David L. Cummings’s Cleveland Browns helmet stripe design.

Next week: Horsepower and horses.

Comments (10)

    The West Chester one works really well! I like the way the shiny gold parts are adapted! So glad whenever the Rams use shiny gold accents instead of their more traditional gold (yellow)

    I still carry my Spartan Marching Band card to this day! I was one of the band’s uniform managers at the time, so I had access to the storage area even though I ordered the card in the offseason. Paul included a note asking about whether the shade of green came out correctly, so I sent a picture of it next to the actual uniform I wore on the field, which I remember running on the site the next day.

    Also, my name is misspelled in the caption (Evan, not Even).

    Scott and Paul wanting to get the shade of green just right doesn’t surprise me. The ‘level of’ and ‘attention to’ detail is one thing that’s kept me reading all these years. My first card, an Orioles road uni style which I ordered early in the program, looked terrific. But a few weeks later I received an unsolicited replacement card and a note from Paul sayang the arching of the nameplate wasn’t quite right. Many cards later I still enjoy planning my next one.

    For completion/accuracy’s sake, mine is the Bushwackers Dum & Bugle Corps (NJ) Uniform circa 2003-2012. Chris with the WCU Card was also a staff member there (And I also was in WCU’s band, but before that Uni design). Glad I was successfully able to argue that Drum Corps qualifies as a sport.

    -Sean McSean

    The Bushwackers are added, with Drum spelled correctly.

    Should it be McSean or McReady?

    I’ve been a big fan of this series Scott, my card falls into this category as well!


    My card is the Notre Dame Band Tartan which is worn on the back of the band uniform (see Nick’s card) as well as by the Irish Guard. When I got the card I was in the band, now it is a great way to remember my time there.

    Somewhat off track, but in reference to the Florida State card, I thought that FSU and Utah were the exceptions to the No Native nickname/imagery (which I have no problems with) rule since both schools had agreements/backing of the Native nations.

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