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Denver Broncos’ 2024 Jerseys Apparently Leak

The Broncos are scheduled to unveil their new uniforms on Monday, but the two primary jerseys apparently leaked late last night. Here are the designs:

I can’t vouch for whether these are legit. However, there’s this: A week ago I heard from a source who said he’d seen the Broncos’ new set. He described it like so:

Broncos design is pretty tame, not at all what was talked about. The sleeve has more of a zigzag than a mountain range. There are not topographic lines on the numbers, but small triangles instead. I know that sounds weird, but thats what it is. No side panels, but three small triangles on each side. I’m sure there is a Nike story for them. The pants have two color striping on the side, a more modern take on stripes because of a pattern of the stripes. There is a small and faint “5280” on the pant stripe.

As you can see, everything my source said about the jersey matches up with this purported leak. This morning, the source wrote to me to say, “These are exactly what I saw. Legit leak.”

Now, is it possible that my source gave me a phony description and then created a phony leak to match his own phony description? Sure, anything’s possible. But I think the more likely explanation is that these are legit.

If anyone knows more about this, you know what to do. Anonymity assured, of course.

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    These are certainly better that what we first heard. I’ll reserve judgement until I see the full set.

    So these stripes are like bolts instead of mountains? It does not look promising so far. I mean, those tiny triangles are like dorito morsels left after snacking.

    If this is it, I can live with it. Waiting on the helmet and pants, of course. But this is a fitting upgrade and brings in some of the team’s historical uniforms. I could live with this. But Nike needs to stop the fascination with “5280”. We get it. Mile High City. It doesn’t need to be splattered on game apparel.

    Why do teams always release new unis around the draft? I would think during the dead period before free agency would make it more press worthy and discussion fodder for NFL fans who aren’t fans of that team or uniforms junkies.

    Why do teams always release new unis around the draft?

    Because the draft is a big fan event (teams hold draft parties, etc), plus the teams want their top picks to pose with the newly revealed jerseys.

    I think the thought there is to hold it earlier in the year. Just before free agency when there’s nothing going on… right now people are focused on draft news. They “don’t care” about the stinkin uniforms.

    Of course this is all about buying the newest drafted players jersey.

    A fun thought, what are some “could have been” all time uniform/player combos? Like, a great, iconic player who was drafted the first year of a hideous uniform change by the organization. A player who played in a terrible uniform but juuuust missed playing in a great one?

    These would be much better than what I was expecting. Not good, but not nearly as bad as a I feared. The lack of TV numbers on the shoulders is puzzling. Of course if the primary helmet is white than it doesn’t really matter because the Broncos are a blue helmet team and this just becomes some poorly thought-out college-ish design on the NFL fields.

    I know these teams must hate it when new jersey designs get leaked. But as Ben Franklin once said, “You can keep a secret between three people, if two of them are dead.”

    If the Broncos are truly sticking with navy (matte finish) as the primary helmet, half the battle is won. I also don’t mind these jerseys at all. If true, it’s refreshing to see that the away uniforms will finally incorporate more orange and can be considered something other than boring. Pants with two color striping? Stop the presses, it sounds like a winner to me.

    Take it for what it’s worth but I also read that the helmets will have matte navy, navy and white versions, with the while having no stripe and white and matte having the Bronco horse logo, the regular navy will have the “D” logo and be the main alt. All are supposedly interchangeable.

    Too bad. I was so looking forward to mocking the mountain range jerseys for five years until they changed them. Lot sure I’m getting the zig zaggy thing, but the patch of opposite color on the shoulders is nice, I think.

    That little shoulder bar zig-zag might be a reflection of the zig-zag line on the horse’s neck? Kind of a obscure visual reference but i’m sure the storytelling will explain all ;^)

    These are not as bad as I thought they’d be, but I don’t get the zigzag. The triangles are a little strange; I don’t think they really add anything to the design. Maybe it’s a scratch-n-sniff.

    Much better than what I feared. I was hoping for an updated revival of the D helmet logo, but all reports indicate that isn’t happening. This may not be the total cluster____ that I was expecting.

    Meh, not bad. Definitely an upgrade; losing the side panels alone is a win, the numeral font is a step closer to normalcy, and I like the shoulder/sleeve concept (we’ll see how it looks in 3D on actual on-field jerseys). If the pattern holds this will be three upgrades (Jets, Lions, Broncos) out of four….

    Boring. The previous designs with the side stripe that ended with a curve from the side panels of the jerseys was a much better design and do we really need the nike swish on the uniform? I would have preferred a retro look with the navy home jerseys. If their intent is to sell more jerseys they can count me out. I will stick with the eight I have from the Bronco heydays of 1996 to 2014.

    Maybe it’s just an optical illusion, but did anyone else notice the colors on the collar of the away jersey? Is it supposed to be orange and white or is the lighter color the new silver-blue-ice color that has been rumored?

    Not sure why they are triangles (=mountains?), but I’m guessing the 3 triangles (per side) will be tied to their 3 championships for story-telling…

    I was prepared for worse. These look decent so far. The collar is definitely the most interesting element, kinda wish the Jets did something similar to avoid the chonkiness.

    I think the bottom color on the sleeves is going to be pretty much just be the elastic. Never have been a fan of different colored sleeves. I just look at these and think…… “why? just why?”

    I suppose I have to see the real deal to assess, but my snap judgement is that this is an underwhelming upgrade. Yes, they’re better. But still not what people wanted. But again, I guess we can make final assessments after the full reveal.

    I find it kind of odd that these are presented on such an old template. Maybe it’s a retail deal?

    No TV numbers either? I hope these aren’t the final product. Don’t get the lightning bolt at all. The prior links/info with the mountain peaks at least made sense. Where is the Ice Blue? Ugh! Maybe the 3 triangles represent the 3 super bowls? I was actually thinking the Draft Illustrated t-shirt design selling on the team store might offer a sneak peek at the mountain design on the jerseys (behind the horse). link

    Marginally better than I expected but still terrible. I really want to like the Broncos, but they just can’t get out of their own way on or off the field.

    This is almost shockingly good given what we’ve heard and the team’s history of design choices. I hope this is a valid leak!

    It will be interesting to hear about the “story telling” behind the triangles – The Rocky Mountains? Reference to the Coors’ Logo???

    The sleeves are not as bad as I initially feared if these are in fact legit.

    It’s kind of Seahawkish, in that the design seems to be partly geared towards making the Nike swoosh, the centre point. Not bad overall, I was hoping they would darken the shade of orange, while hard to tell based on this picture, it appears that isn’t going to happen.

    I predict these pockmark patterns on jersey numbers will be like side-panels: a tacky design teams can’t get rid of fast enough.

    Given that yards are the unit of measurement of choice in football, I wish they’d gone with “1760” instead of “5280”, and really confused the hell out of everyone.

    These look weak and tame. If this is legit, I really don’t see the point of redoing them.

    I hope they look better in person. I hope I’m wrong.

    Is it just me, or do the cuts of the fabric look fake? Nike’s most recent templates don’t match the seams shown here… I smell a fake…

    Found it interesting that the blue stripe peaks at a different spot on the back vs the front.

    Definitely an improvement but I wish they had gone back to the lighter blue.

    These are better than the initial mock ups and an upgrade over the parentheses unis. I like it.

    No Bueno looks like a cheap knock off wal-mart shirt…oh wait guess that’s kinda fitting now huh?! R.I.P. Mr Bowlen we miss ya!

    I feel like those triangles are going to change colors when it’s cold like a Coors Light can..

    For those concerned: reporters who saw the uniforms say the navy (reportedly matte) helmet is the primary, with a different stripe look. The white (no stripes, horse head logo) is for an alternate jersey.

    Also the old uniforms (the ones they last used permanently in 1996) are confirmed to be back as a throwback, with the lighter blue, and D logo.

    These are … pretty good, especially the road white.
    If the Broncos can avoid an orange pants option, these looks will do.

    Disagree. The white jersey would look outstanding with orange pants and blue helmet. No mono orange though, if that’s what you mean.

    Are these supposed to be an upgrade? I wish the senseless fad using the city or team name above the numbers would finally go away.

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