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Mets Rainout Leads to Priceless Moment of On-Air Hilarity

It rained all day and all night yesterday here in New York (and is still raining today as I type this). Despite that, the Mets somehow thought they would try to play a ballgame last night. Anyone could see that was a fool’s errand, including SNY play-by-play man Gary Cohen, who was clearly displeased about having to make a pointless commute to Queens when he could have been warm and dry at his home in Connecticut.

As the start of the game was “delayed” (the official postponement didn’t come until about 9pm), Cohen — whose once-unflappable on-air congeniality has given way to more moments of crankiness in recent years — delivered a moment for the ages. Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end. You’re welcome.

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    You know this is going to become a meme for every Mets misplay and screwup all season, right?

    At least I hope so because it’s so perfect.

    Winless in March. Winless in April. Winless tonight.

    It’s gonna be a Loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg season for us Mets fans, especially with TTUN (aka the Bronx) off to a 5-1 start.

    Gary Cohen is starting to look more and more like Bob Odenkirk, with the some world-weary frown Bob showed through the entire run of Better Call Saul.

    The only reason there was an idea in anyone’s mind to play last night is the “everyone plays everyone” schedule (itself a kind of craven attempt to get every team, esp. small markets a home game with the Yanks and Sox (for NL teams) and the Dodgers (for AL teams) every other year). Another example of how MLB has made counterintuitive decisions in the name of profit.

    (Unrelated, but I did end up at the only pro sports in Queens that ended up happening last night, a US Open Cup match at St. John’s, because I’ve apparently reached “stand in the pouring rain for two hours while the reserves of the team I support lose” level of soccer sicko.)

    Yup — you’re right.

    Since tonight’s game is also rained out, they’re playing a doubleheader on Thursday (which was supposed to be a mutual day off). That really sucks for the visiting Tigers, who have their home opener on Friday.

    Well, that was not worth watching. Sure, some guy looked disappointed for a minute. Whoopty-whoop.

    Now THAT’s hilarious! Can’t blame him though…… After the Cubs game Monday, I turned it over to watch the Braves/Sox. They went to yet another rain delay going into the 9th. Braves were up 9-0. Why would they even think about trying to get the 9th inning in at that point? They didn’t LOL

    I love how Keith smiles through it all. Climate change, so get used to a lot of early season rainouts…

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