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Midday Stroll Leads to a Yogi Berra Shrine

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on vacation this week, but he left behind this post about a fun roadside landmark in New Jersey. Enjoy.]

E lives in Montclair, N.J. We recently went for an afternoon walk around her neighborhood, and along the way we encountered a street sign for “Yogi Berra Way” (shown above). The pinstripes are a particularly nice touch, right?

“Oh, that’s because he used to have a house over there,” said E, pointing down the Yogi-monikered road. Then she pointed down at the ground, near the base of the street sign pole, where there was a little shrine:

The rock is inscribed with one of the most famous Yogi-isms:

I wouldn’t have capitalized “Take,” and I would have have added a period after “it,” but whatever — it’s still a nice gesture.

Many of the baseballs arranged around the rock include messages to Yogi:

I’ve been dating E for more than a year now and had no idea that this shrine was located a relatively short walk from her house. A nice surprise to stumble upon it during a leisurely stroll!

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    IIRC, Edgewood Road us effectively a circle, so his “directions” are true.

    I just looked it up on Streetview and the stone marker is listed. Also, the street is lined with natural stone curbs which I have seen in many Jersey towns. I like it! Perhaps a future topic post-UW.

    Lastly, Yogi might be the greatest person I have ever met. He was part of D-day, a great sportsman and clever wordsmith. What an amazing life.

    Was that actually a Yogi-ism or was it an Art Fern original from Johnny Carson’s Tea Time Movie skits?

    I think I was 7 or so when I got my dad a “Yogi-isms” book. I have to find that again.

    We used to ride our bikes to Yogi’s house, hoping he would be there. His housekeeper would shoo us away (in a polite manner). I was never lucky enough for him to be there but a couple of friends were.

    Paul, have you been to the Yogi museum? If so, what’s your quick take? Worth a visit? Thanks.

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