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Texas Rangers Unveil Gold-Trimmed Championship Uniform

The defending World Series champion Texas Rangers confirmed today that they will wear a gold-trimmed uniform to open the season.

In addition to the group photo shown above, the team has so far released two additional photos that give a better look at the gold-themed design:

The Rangers plan to wear this uniform for six home games this season:

  • March 28, 30, 31 against the Cubs
  • April 10 against the A’s
  • May 14 against the Guardians
  • June 4 against the Tigers

The use of season-opening gold trim by the defending World Series champs was pioneered by the 2005 Red Sox, and almost every subsequent Series champ has followed suit. The only exceptions have been the 2006 White Sox, the 2008 Red Sox, and the 2010 Yankees.

Comments (28)

    I’m hoping there isn’t a last minute addition to the right sleeve unless it’s to put the texas flag there.

    Honestly a little underwhelming. It feels odd to not have it be the outer accent.

    The gold on the jersey would look nice if it were some sort of sparkly material. It looks so cheap. What next, Nike?

    The sparkle would weigh too much LOL

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I think it looks sharp! I like that the gold isn’t the outer trim – it’s not an afterthought.

    I’m right there with you. I’m not a huge fan of the cap, but I really like how the gold looks on the jersey. I think it’s really an improvement on the back of the jersey.

    I agree with you. The rangers have always been missing something to me. They are just a boring red white and blue team that can’t decide which color it wants as it’s primary. Wacky fonts aside, they’ve never really had a look that stands out as a great uniform, to the extent that what I just described is basically their identity at this point. Adding that little bit of gold sets it apart from other red and/or blue teams. All that said, their CCs are gorgeous but given everything I just said, they also feel jarringly out of place because they are nice looking, unique, and have lots of attention to detail. That’s great but it ain’t the boring-ass red, white and blue wacky font rangers. Whereas this little gold trim takes the “classic” rangers look and elevates it.

    I really like the jerseys. The caps could use some work.

    I always thought the Rangers caps looked 100% better with red bills.

    I’ve disliked this uni set since it was released. It is missing the number on the front.

    Agree with you on this. Although I dislike both this “Rangers” script and number font, the jerseys look kind of empty without a front number.
    Agree with previous commenters that the gold does work with this set.

    The hats are pretty gaudy but the gold trim works well on the jerseys, I think.

    first team to wear it so late in the season? Any reason why those specific dates?

    Royals wore theirs for Friday home games throughout the 2016 season. I believe the Nats also wore theirs throughout the 2020 (pandemic-shortened) season.

    Rangers gold trimmed unis dates:
    March 28-30-31 Opening Weekend
    April 10 World Series replica trophy night
    May 14 Cory Seager replica,WS ring
    June 4 Marcus Semien replica WS ring

    Other than the Royals (who should make that look somewhat regular, I mean c’mon they are called the Royals), I feel the red and blue teams have been the only teams able to pull off the gold in the jersey without making it an abomination (looking at you Astros and Giants). The red and blue contrasts enough to stand out without making it garish. But this only applies when they outline the script and numbers and not make the full numbers or letters gold, e.g., Cubs (numbers), Cardinals, Giants, Astros. The Cardinals attempt felt like a missed opportunity

    The 5 and 3 on Garcia’s jersey look almost like different typefaces. The 45 degree angle “rounded” corners and 9pm degree corners look awful next to each other. The middle horizontal part of the 3 also looks much lower than the middle horizontal part of the 5. I don’t mind the uni otherwise, but the numbers are killing me.

    I think adding a little Gold trim to Red and Blue looks very rich. The Twins did this for a while, and it worked very nicely. I’m not advocating for this to be done everywhere, but when it’s done, I like it.

    I wouldn’t want this for a full-time “forever” change, but I kinda like the idea of having it for a season. Visually it gets into the “too much trim” category, and the steepled numbers look bizarre. I like how it goes with their colors, though.

    It’d be interesting to think about which teams in different sports would look best with the championship gold trim treatment, and which would look worst. I suppose it might not work for every color scheme.

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