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Ewww: New Jersey Devils Add Jersey Advertisement

The Devils have just announced that they’ve sold space on their home jerseys to a healthcare network. The advertisement will make its on-ice debut tonight, when the team hosts the Rangers.

The ad will appear only on the team’s home uniform (which also includes an advertisement on the helmet). The road uniform (which includes a separate helmet advertiser) will still have an ad-free jersey, at least for now.

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    How long until they change it because it’s Rangers colors? It would look better if the blue was black.

    Of course it would look even better if it wasn’t there, but still.

    Do we know if the advertisement is gonna be on the black “Jersey” jerseys sometimes worn at home? And if so, same patch, or a different look?

    Turned on a soccer game. Knew immediately that it was a serious skirmish between all time greats Spotify and MSC Cruises. Even looking at the score chiron, I’d have to figure what “BAR” and “NAP” mean. Look, this is normal capitalism, let’s just keep it to a fashionable minimum. I agree that blue letter should be in black, just like Cohen made the Mets change that hospital logo from the, in his mind, Phillies colors.

    Die-hard Devil fan here and the sponsors on the jersey’s are awful. I get the NHL needed to recoup revenue after the pandemic, but it’s now just a money grab. The purity of ad free hockey jerseys was one of the great things about the sport.

    Listening to the Rangers and Devils on SiriusXM. They just went to a commercial.
    “Devils fans… wondering what that beautiful logo is on the helmets?”
    It’s from the company who put the logo there.
    I just finished dinner. I hope I can keep it down after hearing that.

    And the first intermission interview is with the company whose name is on the jersey.

    Changing channels now.

    Most sports fans are so used to getting overloaded with commercial messages they will not even notice that there is another sweater sponsor in the NHL. It also means that if you ask a Devils fan in a couple of weeks who their home sweater sponsor is they will probably not be able to tell you. I doubt the effect of all this advertising on uniforms. Will it make people go out and buy the product or service because they like the team? I do not know. Meanwhile advertising cheapens every sports uniform in the world.

    Fortunately, it’s unreadable on TV. Watched the Devils Rangers game, and had no clue what the ad was for.

    I’m sure that will change.

    Ewww: Uni-Snob has a video ad playing while I’m trying to read. I’m outraged. You are the epitome of a hypocrite.

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