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Oops: KC TV Station Makes Teeny-Tiny Logo Error

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With Kansas City and the Ravens set to face off in this Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, TV stations in both cities are buzzing with reports and hype in anticipation of the big game. But one station — KMBC, which is an ABC affiliate in KC — apparently got a bit confused about which Ravens will be playing on Sunday.

As you can see above, the station created a graphic featuring the logo of the Northwest Ravens — a local high school team from a school located over the border in Kansas. Rut-roh!

The high school has had a bit of fun with the snafu:

Whatever else we can say about this, let’s give some credit to the high school for having their own logos instead of just poaching the pro team’s marks, like so many high schools tend to do these days. Kudos to them!


ITEM! A Deep Dive on a Very Important Question

A reader recently asked me if “World Champions” or “World’s Champions” is more common in the sports world, and which is more grammatically correct? For this week’s Uni Watch Premium article on Substack, I decided to delve into how teams have addressed championship phrasing on their uniforms (as pioneered by the 1906 New York Giants, shown above), rings, banners, and more. It was a really fun deep dive to put together, and I think you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it.

You can read the first part of the article here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paid subscriber to my Substack (which will also get you full access to my Substack archives). My thanks, as always, for your consideration and support.



Too Good for the Ticker

The Winnipeg Jets used to be the Atlanta Thrashers — which explains this mash-up jersey featuring a Jets logo, Thrashers colors, and the Thrashers’ old jersey template. Nicely done.

(Big thanks to Art Rousseaux for this one.)



Mascot Watch

They really like their cat cave.



Can of the Day

“The Spray with the Reputation” — now that’s a slogan. Love the little red highlights on the white lettering at the top.

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    FWIW, none of our cats will do anything with the cat cave we bought for them. This includes a total of 4 cats over time. At best, one will sit on top of it and crush it down. :-)

    We have a cave for our Clyde, he tends to use it for a week or two every few months. He also has a miniature sofa and bed that he’ll use on occasion, but his favourite place to sleep is generally wherever I want to sit at a given time.

    Cardboard box with either newspaper or wrapping paper in it… that’s all you need.
    At least that’s what works for my sister’s cats.

    I actually prefer the Northwest Ravens logo over the Baltimore one, even if it gnashes its non existing teeth. That can is another great one: sole agents in the United Kingdom.

    let’s give some credit to the high school for having their own logos

    I can’t, when they give a raven teeth.
    That’s Louisville-level wrong.

    I actually prefer the Northwest Ravens logo over the Baltimore one, even if it gnashes its non existing teeth. That can is another great one: sole agents in the United Kingdom.

    That goof reminds me of a Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon, in which Bullwinkle plays for “Whassamatta U.”

    Looking over the slate of games, Rocky notices DuQuoin Grammar School.

    “Little mix-up in the schedule there” says Bullwinkle.

    TGftT…you’re darn right it is!
    Would love to get Winnipeg to wear anything from their time in Atlanta – this’ll do nicely!
    “The Winnipeg Jets used to be the Atlanta Thrashers” is a fact the Jets 2.0 should embrace with a similarly-styled fauxback.

    That mashup sweater isn’t half bad, and considering the tortured sartorial history of the Thrashers, that’s an accomplishment.

    Wonder why the Jets never took back their own history from the Coyotes franchise, and dumped the Thrashers history.

    Like all deep questions like this, it is probably a money issue. The ‘Yotes own the franchise rights, including the history in Winnipeg, just like the current Jets own the Thrashers’ team records. I am sure, for the right price, Arizona would come to an arrangement, but that price has yet to be offered, much less met.

    It will be interesting to see if the expansion Sonics pony up to get their history out of Oklahoma City…

    Because it’s not their own history – they just happened to choose the same nickname as the previous franchise that was located in the city (which the NHL shouldn’t have allowed, for this exact reason). The history belongs to the Coyotes franchise.

    That said, the Jets* have never been shy about trying to cloak themselves in the history of the original Jets – throwback sweaters, honouring members of that team, etc.


    However, both the Charlotte Hornets and Cleveland Browns both got their histories back after the original teams moved to another city. The Jets could possibly do the same.

    Regarding the Volck can:

    It says “Registered Trade Mark.” As mentioned in today’s Cubs article, the Cubs have used the well-known circle-TM logo. But are businesses required to use the circle-TM for their trademark to be recognized? Is the circle-TM an “official” logo? Or could a company like Volck simply put “Registered Trade Mark” on their product and that is satisfactory?

    If the Northwest High School wanted to take it a step further, the football team could all show up at their stadium at game time, and when the Chiefs don’t show up, they can declare themselves winners by forfeit!

    As this blog has grown to include thoughtful investigative work on so many uniform issues, I wish it had abandoned mocking tv graphics mistakes. Are these still interesting to other readers? It feels beneath what uni-watch has grown into.

    As a general logo buff, this can’t be from this week, as the station bug uses the outdated ABC logo.

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