America’s (or at least Delaware’s) Most Uni-Obsessive Baseball Coach

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Back in early April, I showed you this photo of the amazing sweaters worn by the baseball team at Delcastle Technical High School in Delaware. At the time, I promised that I’d be telling you more about the team and its uniforms later in […]

New Twitter Account Reveals High School Hoops Treasures

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Derek Perras, who tweets as @retro_70s, has been posting some great high school basketball photos lately, including this fantastic photo of the 1967-68 Sacred Heart team from Syracuse, N.Y. Love those heart-trimmed jerseys!

You say you want to see that uni in color? Here you go:


A Coach Who Removed Native Imagery from His Uniforms

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In yesterday’s ’Skins Watch report, I mentioned the new inflatable tunnel that the football team at South Grand Prairie High School in Texas had recently unveiled (see above). I learned about that tunnel last weekend from longtime reader Chris Mycoskie, who pointed me toward a photo of […]

The Best High School Helmet in the US is…

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Do you guys remember about a month and a half ago when I ran a post with Gus O’Keefe detailing the great Montana State Helmet Tournament? You’ll recall that was set up to determine the best high school helmet in the State of Montana. But it wasn’t […]