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Category: High School Sports

An Oklahoma High School Has an Endearingly Bizarre Helmet

I think we’re not in Kansas anymore — except we actually are. Meet the Kansas Comets, who play in Oklahoma.

Flyers Wear High School Hockey Jerseys to Support Local Tourney

A great way of forging bonds within the local community.

A Native American–Themed Uniform I Can Get Behind

A very nice uniform with a very interesting backstory.

Uni Watch Reader Designs High School Baseball Uniforms!

As if being a high school math teacher wasn’t heroic enough, a Uni Watch reader has designed the inaugural uniforms for his school’s new varsity team.

Oops: KC TV Station Makes Teeny-Tiny Logo Error

Wait, you mean they’re playing those OTHER Ravens?

A Look at Uniforms From Various Martin Luther King High Schools

As we celebrate MLK’s life, here are some uniforms from schools named after him.

Check Out These Awesome Indiana High School Hoops Uniforms

Following up on a post from last week, we look at some outstanding old uniforms from the Hoosier State.

Possibly the Greatest Basketball Jersey Ever

Former pro hoops star George McGinnis, who died earlier this week, wore a seriously awesome uniform in high school.

A Virginia High School’s Trove of Sports Memorabilia

My weekend travels included an unexpected find: a stash of very cool sports artifacts.

Minnesota High School Team Wears Guardian Caps for Games

You’ve probably seen the padded accessories used for practices. But at least one school is now using them for games this season.

DIY Project Leads to 50-year Helmet History of a Reader’s Small High School

A DIY project led to a database chronicling 50 years of football helmets

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Uni-Related Words

Sometimes a single random photo can send you down a deep uni-related rabbit hole.

High School Team Covers Up ‘Equality’ NOB to Avoid Technical Foul

A coach didn’t want to jeopardize his team’s chances in the state tournament, so he broke out the cover-up tape.

Florida High School Has Brilliant Mash-Up Logo

Even if you’re opposed to logo poaching, it’s hard not to like the Colonial High School Grenadiers’ logotype.

Louisiana High School Team Plays 1st Half in Red, 2nd Half in Blue

It’s not often that you see an entire team undergo a halftime uni switcheroo, but that’s what happened on Friday night in Louisiana.