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Cowboys’ Color Rush Uniforms Made Midseason Switch to Nike’s New Template

When I was compiling today’s Monday Morning Uni Watch report, I noted that the Cowboys wore their mono-white Color Rush uniforms. But there was a detail that I didn’t notice until Gridiron Uniform Database co-founder Bill Schaefer pointed it out to me just now: The Dallas CR uniforms got a midseason template upgrade.

Here’s the deal: The Cowboys have worn their CR uniforms twice this season — on Oct. 16 against the Chargers, and yesterday against the Eagles. For the Oct. 16 game, the uniforms were rendered in the old template, with the telltale triangular panel at the base of the collar. But the uniforms in yesterday’s game featured Nike’s new template. You can see the differences in this side-by-side photo comparison of running back Tony Pollard:

I can’t recall an NFL team ever making a midseason template switcheroo for one of its uniforms. (Are there any examples I’m overlooking?) I asked the Cowboys about this and received the following response from a spokesman:

There were some delivery issues with the [new template] for the Chargers game, so we ended up having to wear the [old template] from last year. But we were able to wear the [new template] for this game.

In other words, it sound like Nike didn’t have the new uniforms ready for the first CR game. Interesting!

In case you’re wondering, the Cowboys’ primary white, navy, and throwback uniforms are all rendered in the new template, so yesterday’s game made the CR uni consistent with the rest of the team’s wardrobe.

(Big thanks to Bill Schaefer for bringing this issue to my attention.)

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    Is it just me, is it the photo, or is the white slightly “creamier” on the new jersey?

    Maybe it’s the lighting in the photo, but is the shade of blue on the jersey a tad lighter?

    I do not like small TV numbers at all. It seems to me that Nike minimalizes uniform details it does not like: plackets on baseball jerseys, TV numbers on football jerseys, imaginative designs in general in basketball uniforms.

    Interesting combination for Dak Prescott to have both the Walter Payton Man of the Year patch and the John Madden Thanksgiving patch. Not many people will ever have that two-fer.

    OTTOMH…several seasons ago, Nike missed the due date deliverables for the Eagles midnight jerseys.

    And the Eagles jerseys still have the old wordmark, two seasons in. Is the batch of new ones being delivered by tortoise?

    Something I also noticed was about half of the team was wearing navy socks with the uniform, which looked fantastic. I haven’t seen many other teams be as wishy-washy as my Cowboys with socks. Usually about half the team are wearing white socks/leggings no matter the uniform, while the other half are wearing whichever shade of blue socks/leggings the team is wearing that day.

    I have also been wondering if some teams are starting to use hosiery as part of the gameplan. For example, a few weeks ago almost all of the SF players were wearing white socks with their road uniforms instead of the normal red socks. Except for the middle linebackers, who were wearing red socks. I’ve seen other teams do this, where it appears that certain position groups will wear colored socks while the rest of the team are wearing white socks. Is this for coaches up in the press boxes to help see certain schemes/players easier? Last night, all of the Cowboys WR’s were wearing navy socks, as were their interior linemen.

    I’m probably reading way too far into this, but it’s something I’ve noticed and wondered if there was any strategy to the hosiery choices.

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