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Texas A&M Unveils New Adidas Football Template

Texas A&M today tweeted some photos that show the Aggies wearing what appears to be a new Adidas jersey template. The new design elements, as you can see above, are as follows:

  • The jersey fabric no longer has a ribbed texture.
  • The collar is now a thick V-neck with a rather unsightly seam at the center.
  • The maker’s mark no longer has the “adidas” lettering.

The tweeted photos did not show the pants, so it remains to be seen if there are any changes below the waist.

I assume we’ll be seeing other schools using this template as well — something to stay tuned for.

(My thanks to Robert Behrens and @atxaggie07 for bringing this one to my attention.)

Comments (7)

    Usually adidas outfits the “Power 5” schools (SEC, ACC, B1G, Pac & BigXII) schools in their newest templates first, followed by the remainder of the Div I schools. I’d assume this will be the case here, so any schools that fall into the Power 5 category will likely receive the new chassis. The remainder, if they get new unis, will likely have the “old” template.

    My only question about Adidas uniforms is have they fixed the stretching and distortion of the numerals?

    I didn’t find the numbers to be as much of a problem as NOB, which were comically distorted. Sometimes wordmarks suffered, but the NOBs were awful.

    Much cleaner. I had a big problem with that angled rib texture. It was worse on some teams more than others.

    The University of Washington released images off their uniform update. It has the new Adidas Jersey Template along with images of their pants which feature a striping concept they debuted last year with their White/Gold Royalty road uniform.

    Still feel that the supplier logo without the name looks strangely unbalanced. I think they try to emulate the swoosh (or skidmark, depending on your taste) or their original trefoil logo which also does not use the company name anymore.

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