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Category: Uniform Manufacturers

An Open Letter to My Friends at Nike

In light of all the turmoil Nike is enduring, I’ve sent them some friendly advice.

Nike and Fanatics: Who’s Responsible for MLB’s New Uniforms?

Lots of assertions and accusations are flying around the MLB uni-verse. Let’s take a minute to sort out fact from fiction.

Cowboys’ Color Rush Uniforms Made Midseason Switch to Nike’s New Template

I can’t recall a seeing a midseason switcheroo like this before.

The Untold Story Behind the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 1997 Number Font

For this week’s Uni Watch Premium article over on Substack, I have an interview with designer Eric Bodamer, who was working for Nike when they had to quickly redesign the …

Which NFL Teams Aren’t Switching to Nike’s New Template?

Most teams have upgraded to Nike’s latest offering. Here’s a look at the holdouts that are sticking with the previous template.

A Rebuttal to My Thoughts About Big Uni’s Use of ‘Chassis’

A reader had a very interesting response to a Uni Watch post from earlier this week.

EXCLUSIVE: Adidas’s Caste System for College Football Uni Templates

There’s a top tier of schools, and then there’s a special group within that tier.

Texas A&M Unveils New Adidas Football Template

The Aggies will have a slightly different look this season.

Flag-Based Uni Era Ends, as Maryland Revives Script ‘Terps’ Design

As is often the case, the pendulum has swung back the other way.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Nike’s New NFL Jersey Template

Although it’s new to the NFL, it’s been used in the NCAA for several years now.

Fanatics to Take Over NHL Uni Contract in 2024

We’ve been wondering who would take over for Adidas. Now we know.

Old Paperwork Reveals Trove of Uni Details About 1978 Orioles

A recent eBay listing is a gold mine of fascinating uni info.

White Lines: KC Running Back Has Unique Visor Modification

Clyde Edwards-Helaire appears to be the only NFL player to have customized his helmet’s visor in a very specific way.

Report: Adidas Exiting NHL Uni Deal After 2023-24

The company’s first outfitting contract with the NHL is turning out to be one-and-done.

Shazam: Cubs Rookie Adds Mysterious Lightning Bolt to Helmet

Click to enlarge MLB players will sometimes add custom messages to their caps, wristbands, or other accessories. But it’s extremely rare, maybe even unheard of, for a player to add …