Source: New Nike MLB Template Delayed to 2024

My recent MLB season preview included the following note: “There were hints last year that Nike would be using a new tailoring template this season. A source tells Uni Watch that those plans have been pushed back at least to 2023, and possibly even 2024.”

I’ve now confirmed via another source that the new […]

Treasures from the Ripon Vault: More on the Suns’ Shorts

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Good morning! I received lots of very positive feedback in response to my recent post about the Suns still wearing zipper-fly shorts as late as the mid-1980s. The most interesting response came from Robert Martin, who works for Ripon Athletic, the venerable uniform manufacturer […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Story Behind Last Sunday’s NFL Cold-Weather Gear

As part of yesterday’s entry, I mentioned that NFL quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Aaron Rodgers all appeared to have the same ribbed mock-turtleneck collar peeking out from under their pads during Sunday’s playoff games. I was able to determine that this garment was made by a Minnesota company called WSI Sports, […]

Source: Only 15 NFL Teams Adding New Helmets in 2022

Good morning! Welcome to the first day of the final month of the year.

Now then: As we all know by now, the NFL will be lifting the one-shell rule next season, which means we’ll start seeing throwback and alternate uni designs that have been impossible since the rule went into effect in 2013. […]