Auction Listing Leads to Sporting Goods Rabbit-Hole Bonanza

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Most of you have probably heard of sports auction houses like Grey Flannel, MeiGray, Steiner Sports, and a bunch of others. Those companies specialize in sports memorabilia, and their auction listings tend to get a lot of play in sports media outlets, including Uni […]

Rare Find: An Apparent Under Armour MLB Prototype Jersey

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The Padres hold an annual “garage sale,” in which they sell off assorted gear. This year’s was on Sunday, and reader Justin Tyre came away with the Under Armour jersey shown above — an apparent variation on the team’s 2016 home jersey.

As you’ll recall, Under Armour […]

Behold: The First Position-Specific Football Helmet

We’re all familiar with the different facemask styles that are common for various football positions. But now Vicis is releasing something new — not just a position-specific facemask, but a position-specific helmet, which may redefine the look of the sport.

You may be asking yourself, “Wait a minute — didn’t Vicis go bust a […]

Revealed: MLB Rejected Nike/Reebok Uni Deal in 1990s

As we’re all aware, Nike became MLB’s uniform outfitter in 2020. But here’s something you might not know or remember: Nike almost struck an MLB deal, in conjunction with Reebok, back in the late 1990s, but MLB turned its back on the proposed deal.

The story, which I have zero memory of — it […]