Nike Quietly Debuts New NFL Uni Template on ‘MNF’

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Now then: Notice anything different about this photo (shown above, I hope!) of Seahawks safety Jamal Adams from last night’s game against the Eagles?

Adams was one of at least three Seattle players who were wearing an updated Nike tailoring template that, to my […]

FedEx, Nike Choose Sides in NFL Name-Change Debate

Yesterday’s Ticker included the news that investment firms and shareholders had asked three prominent ’Skins-associated corporations to stop doing business with the team. Those three companies were FedEx, which holds the naming rights to the team’s stadium; PepsiCo, which is a stadium concessionaire and also has the naming rights to one of the stadium […]

The Story Behind the NFL’s 1990s Uniform Deals

Good morning! Greetings from Uni Watch HQ, where all three inhabitants continue to be healthy and safe. Hope you are as well.

Now then: Over the past two decades we’ve gotten used to the idea of the major sports having league-wide apparel deals with a single outfitter. But for most of the 1900s, teams cut […]

Let’s Stare at Ballplayers’ Butts for a Little While

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As MLB players hit the field yesterday for spring training workouts, an interesting thing happened: A fair number of people got in touch to let me know that Nike had added its logo above the back-left pocket of MLB pants. Several of these people did so with […]