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Yum: More Uni-Themed Cookies!

Yesterday I posted about the latest batch of uni-themed cookies that the great Elena Elms sends to me each December. That prompted a note from reader Angelo Rannazzisi, as follows:

After I saw your recent post about cookie decorations of team logos and jerseys, I thought I’d add mine into the mix as well.  Baking started as a pandemic hobby to help my kids and me keep sane, but it’s a hobby that stuck with us and has become a part of a new family tradition.
We are cursed and long-suffering New York Jets fans. So at the beginning of the NFL season, we make cookies featuring the Jets and their opening-week opponent. At the end of the season, we make cookies of the two Super Bowl teams.  I’d like to think our technique is getting better over time!  Enjoy, and happy holidays!
Very cool! Here are more photos that Angelo sent:
So cool! Big thanks to Angelo for sharing these pics with us.
Comments (9)

    That raven is very special but these are all very nice. The first time the shiny Rams uniform numbers appeal to me.

    The quality in uniform and helmet design between the Jets current and throwback uniforms is significantly magnified when render via cookies.
    Just great work here, especially impressed with the Eagles and Bills helmet. And loving the way the Ravens came out, feels like an old timely cartoon logo as compared the intended menacing modern design of the actual logo.

    I love this, and I’m really impressed by how great they look. The Bills jersey and Ravens helmet look, dare I say it…good enough to eat.

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