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Uni Watch Reader Scores Again With Annual Uni-Themed Cookies

One of our greatest and longest-running Uni Watch traditions is that reader Elena Elms sends me a batch of uni-themed cookies each December. As you can see above, this year’s batch has arrived here at Uni Watch HQ. It was accompanied by this explainer from Elena:

This year’s uni cookie theme is “Significant Numbers in December.” These are the numbers I choose, based on cultural, religious, and made-up celebrations that take place this month:

  • No. 4, for National Cookie Day (Dec. 4)
  • No. 7, for Kwanzaa (seven days, with seven symbols)
  • No. 8, for Hanukkah (eight days, eight candles [plus the shamash])
  • No. 21, for Yule and the winter solstice
  • No. 23, for Festivus
  • No. 25, for Christmas (plus Hanukkah falls on the 25th day of Kislev)
  • No. 31, for New Year’s Eve

I chose two uniforms for each number (except 21, to let Clemente stand alone). For the other numbers, I went not by the “greatest” but by teams that have a front uni number (except the Yankees, for Yogi), and to avoid duplication of any team.

I’ll let you figure out the players represented by the other cookies. Have fun decoding them!

As always, I’m enormously grateful to Elena for generously sharing her creativity, talent, and friendship. Readers like her are part of what makes Uni Watch so special. Thanks, Elena — you’re the best.

Comments (18)

    Sad to say…but true.
    They had them when Jim Thome was a Phillie (my guess for #25, though I thought of going with Gregg Jefferies) – and speaking of Philly, #23 for the Royals has got to be for native son Mark Gubicza.

    Is that Cleveland cookie for Hal Trosky or Kenny Lofton? Or someone else who doesn’t come immediately to mind to this anti-fan of the team?

    So awesome! Great job, Elena. Wonderful attention to detail. A time and place where the Phillies have sleeve numbers is a much better world. They also look very tasty.

    I spit out my coffee when coming across Dec 23 as an important date: Festivus

    I gotta lot of problems with you people. PL, you gotta pin me.

    Great stuff

    Been busy last few days wanted to post this earlier
    These cookies are amazing, it is painstaking to do that kind of stuff I’ve tried in past years and it’s fun but you got to be patient
    Awesome job Elena Merry Christmas y’all

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