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Paul and Phil Discuss Uni Details at the Ballpark

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Good morning! It should be another NFL-centric day here at Uni Watch, as the Colts will be unveiling something new at 10am Eastern. I’ll have full coverage shortly thereafter.

But while we’re waiting for that: Who was that at last night’s Mets/Chisox game in Queens? None other than Uni Watch deputy editor Phil Hecken and myself, as we settled in for a v-e-r-y nice time at the ballpark. Perfect weather, great company, the home team won in a tidy two hours and six minutes, and I had the fun of watching the Yankees’ loss unfold on the scoreboard. A near-perfect evening.

As you might expect, there’s a lot of uni chatter when Phil and I get together to watch a game: Dang, why are the Mets wearing their blue softball tops? If Jeff McNeil won the batting title while wearing stirrups last season, why isn’t he wearing them this year? Hey, the White Sox pitcher is wearing TruSox! Can the Mets please get rid of Daniel Vogelbach already? (Okay, so that one isn’t uni-related.) Hey, check out the videoboard — you can see that the home plate ump’s belt is uni-numbered! Ugh, why would anyone wear those awful-looking fake stirrups? Hey, there’s Luis Robert Jr. with “Jr.” on his back, like I just wrote about! Isn’t it surprising that more players don’t wear their eye-black as Christian crosses like Francisco Alvarez does?

And so on. But there are some things you can’t see when you’re at the ballpark. While we were attending the game in person, longtime Uni Watch reader Clint Wrede was watching on TV and saw that White Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi’s batting helmet logo was looking a bit off:

Also: While riding the subway to the ballpark, I was recognized and approached by longtime Uni Watch reader Benjamin Bonnet, who ordered one of the very first Uni Watch membership cards way back in 2007! In those days, he would email me from Alaska and then from Antarctica (he was a contractor at McMurdo Station) — I’m pretty sure he was Uni Watch’s first and maybe only Antarctic correspondent, and definitely the only person in Antarctica to have a “Meats” T-shirt. He now lives in New York and was going to the ballgame, just like me, so he introduced himself and said hi. Such a treat to meet him! My bad for not getting a photo.



Substack Reminder

In case you missed it on Wednesday: With the Vikings unveiling their new throwback uniform, my Uni Watch Premium article on Substack this week is a deep dive on their original uni era. Like the other deep dives I’ve recently done for the Bucs’ creamsicles, the Eagles’ Kelly greens, the Seahawks’ blue/silver set, and the Oilers’ uniforms, this one is filled with obscure fun facts and great visuals.

You can read the first part of the article here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paid subscriber to my Substack (which will also give you access to my Substack/Bulletin archives, including those previous NFL deep dives). My thanks, as always, for your consideration!



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Attractive design — plus it shows a can on a can on a can on a can on a can!

Comments (16)

    Sounds like a great time was had by all! And I love that you ran into Ben on the subway! Gotta love chance encounters!

    Paul, absolutely aghast that you, who I consider an excellent writer, have committed one of my biggest grammar pet peeves! It’s Phil Hecken and ME, not Phil Hecken and MYSELF.

    Rant over ;)

    In formal writing, yes, but the writing here is decidedly informal, in the style of casual conversation, so I’m not bothered by it.

    As a Sox fan this game wasn’t fun to watch, nor was last nights game. I was also hoping to see a nice uniform matchup but the Mets have chosen to wear their blue softball tops twice now. I rarely watch Mets games (they don’t play the Sox often) and when I do it’d be nice if they wore their classic home whites. Maybe today we’ll get that chance.

    Paul and I were discussing that (as he mentioned at the top) last night. I’m sick of the softball tops (although admittedly, the royal tops don’t look terrible, but the BFBS has to go). Lets hope “Q” (Jose Quintana) prefers the pins…

    Only benefit of the BFBS is that it brought back the white pants which look much better with the blue tops.

    As far as the blacks go, if they stay in their lane I can live with them…

    Also they did were white on Sunday.

    That is a great picture of two diehard Mets fans. Hope to be able to attend a game at CitiField one time and see you two sitting there as the Mets version of Statler and Waldorf of the Muppet Show.

    I’m a White Sox fan and watched the game on Tuesday. The Sox wore their traditional road gray uniforms. I really like them because the uniform has basically been in place for 30 years now and calls back to past Sox uniforms. It is a solid road uniform. I love the Met’s colors. The blue and orange really pop. You can debate which combos are better than others (no black jerseys please), but overall it is a well-dressed team. If only the Sox could win a couple….

    Great to finally meet you Paul. Now that I am in New York, I will have to go to a meet-up.

    Though I am a Christian, I am not a fan of the cross eye black. I think players wearing eye black looks good, as long as they don’t go crazy with it. Not a fan of the eye black stickers either. Tim Tebow did say that when he started putting Bible verses on his eye black, Google searches for those verses skyrocketed.

    Hey, the White Sox pitcher is wearing TruSox!

    I’m calling them the Chicago TruSox at this point. They obviously don’t care about living up to their current name.

    Glad you two had a good day at the ballpark.

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