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NHL Unveils Winter Classic Uniforms, Confirming Earlier ‘Leaks’

After tacitly “leaking” the Winter Classic jerseys for the Kraken and Golden Knights, the NHL has gone ahead and officially unveiled the full uniforms for both teams.

The “storytelling” is shown above. Here are some additional pics of Seattle’s design:

And here are some pics of the Vegas design:

As for the “leaks,” ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski has the scoop on that:

To create buzz around the Winter Classic jerseys, the NHL and Adidas tried something new this season by having “influencers” wear the jerseys in unexpected places.

I think both designs look good. Looking forward to the game on New Year’s Day.
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    I feel like Seattle’s would make a great third—a la Chicago, but I think that fully replacing their home and away isn’t a good move. The use of the cream is throwing me off for full time status

    I agree. I think the Kraken have found a uniform that would be a great 3rd. They need to keep this around as a third. Vegas uniform is worthy of a special one and done and not a regular uniform.

    They’re alright, but – and yes, I always say this when it shows up – can we please stop with the “vintage white” already? Especially as a base color in place of actual white?

    In fact, the “vintage white” Vegas jerseys represent a missed opportunity, I think – they could’ve gone with that shade of gold as the base, and use the dark gray for the stripes and shoulders. Given that they’re supposed to be inspired by early 20th century sweaters, a color vs. color game would’ve been perfect!

    I was initially underwhelmed by the GK sweater but now seeing the full uniforms I like them both equally. Should be a very goodlooking game. Both teams should keep these for regular use in the future, too good to put back in the locker after just one game.

    I love the designs but as usual they’re shoving the numbers too far downward. For the Kraken it looks like the sweater worn by the player on the stage in the third picture has the number positioned a bit better compared to the third picture with the sweater hanging, though I could just be imagining that.

    I do like the muted gold on Vegas, though. Those would look particularly good in a NNOB style.

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