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New Uni Watch Mascots Get Clean Bills of Health

Dr. Mark Gibson and his staff at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital have been caring for my various cats for 33 years now (!). When I brought Uni Watch girl mascot Biscuit and boy mascot Waffles for their first check-up with him this morning, he said, “A new era begins!” Indeed.

They weigh 4 (Biscuit) and 4.7 (Waffles) pounds. I recently mentioned that they’ve been sneezing, but Dr. Gibson says it’s no biggie and should go away on its own.

Unlike most of my previous cats, B&W didn’t cry very much in the carrier and weren’t freaked out by the vet’s office. In fact, they were remarkably chill in the examining room:

After giving them some vaccines and a thorough examination, Dr. Gibson pronounced them adorable. Also healthy. They won’t have to go back to the vet for another year, which makes all of us happy.


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    busy was having none of the waffle being checked out by ol doc G…wait kid, I don’t trust this action, son of a, kindly cease and stay away from the back eyed Susan, waffles! backside thermom-o-meter, watch out!!!

    A great healthy report! That is awesome! Many years of happiness…it’s guaranteed!

    Great news!
    Wondering how difficult it was getting B&W into the carrier…that can be a challenging/scarring experience for all players!

    I’ve had other cats where any use of the carrier was a major production, but B&W were easy-peasy, at least today. We’ll see how things develop as they get older!

    Never tried it with a cat but my dogs seem to despise being put in any kind of shirt/sweater…..even when its cold….my daughter’s Chihuahua kinda likes hers….

    A UniWatch-style comment on the name embroidered on the vet’s scrubs.

    In UK convention you don’t put the full stop after the abbreviation if it ends in the last letter of the word being abbreviated.

    So Dr and Mr and Mrs don’t get the full stop.

    This is why I love Uni Watch. Uniforms, kittens (although I’m personally a dog person), and grammar all in one post. The perfect way to start the day.

    Only 4 pounds?! How microscopic compared to my 14-pounder here at home. They sure are a good looking pair though!

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