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A Uni Watch Look at Last Night’s NHL Heritage Classic

The Oilers and Flames faced off last night in the latest edition of the NHL Heritage Classic. The game took place at Commonwealth Stadium, home of the CFL’s Edmonton Elks. Here’s a rundown of the major visual developments.

As is often the case for these outdoor games, there was a lot of pregame cosplay. The Flames arrived dressed as cowboys:

The Oilers, meanwhile, dressed up as oil rig workers — and, of course, milked it for the blue collar angle:

Here’s how the teams looked as they came out onto the ice:

With Halloween right around the corner, Flames goalie Jacob Markstrom had a spoooooky mask design:

As I wrote when the uniforms were revealed last month, the Oilers’ unis were based on the 1952 Edmonton Mercurys, while the Flames’ design was inspired by the 1950s and ’60s Calgary Stampeders:

And how did they look on the ice? Pretty awesome, in my opinion. Here’s some good highlight footage:

Nice work all around. The NHL generally does a good job with this type of game. Speaking of which, we’re barely two months away from this season’s edition of the annual Winter Classic, which will have the Kraken facing the Golden Knights at the Seattle Mariners’ ballpark on New Year’s Day. We saw hints of the uniforms via a merch leak back in August, but we’re still waiting on the full designs.

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    One minor correction – the Heritage Classic isn’t an annual thing, yesterday was only the seventh in twenty years. With unis like those, it ought to be at least every other year.

    The overhead shots were gorgeous, and it’s very evident how freaking MASSIVE a regulation Canadian football field is – 110 yards long, 75 yards wide, and end zones that are 25 yards deep, although some are cut off at the back.

    Canadian football field is 65 yards wide. End zones 20 yards deep. True, end zones were 25 yards up until early to mid 1980s. The domed stadium, the state-of-the-art palace known as BC Place in Vancouver, opened in 1983 and could only accommodate 20 yard end zones. The league made the change to 20 yard end zones then. You can think of CFL end zone boundaries akin to a baseball field. End zone corners are cut in some parks and BMO Field end zones are only about 17 yards. Not all stadiums are uniform for end zone boundaries.

    65 yards wide and 20 yards deep in end zone for Canadian football field. Used to be 25 yard end zones but that changed in 1980s when new domed stadium BC Place in Vancouver couldn’t accommodate 25 yards. True, corners of end zones sometimes cut. Think of end zone boundaries akin to a baseball field. The is the ability for them to vary within reason and not always uniform.

    I’m not a fan of faux-leather brown. The pants just always look wrong to me, like a cheap halloween costume.

    Part of me would love to see some squad adopt the olde-timey beige breezers/’leather’ gloves look…but I’m not sure there’s a team that could pull it off.

    Love the Oilers jersey as a base for their standard logo, but the Mercurys look was a miss for me other than that. Replace the banner and oil drop with their normal logo, and wear normal breezers and gloves (I don’t think any team has ever made that faux-leather color work), and we have something here. The Flames, though, that should be their third going forward. Absolutely brilliant look.

    Interesting that the Flames left the Carhartt patches on their overalls. I have no idea how that fits into the league’s “branding” rules and exclusive sponsors.

    Love the number inside the drop of oil on Edmonton’s jersey. Also the numbers on the back, with that border and distinctive number font, really pop.

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