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Ewww: Nuggets Are Latest NBA Team With New Uni Advertiser

The Nuggets, whose uniforms have been blissfully ad-free during the NBA preseason, just announced that they are selling space on their uniforms to a tech/marketing company.

The advertisement will make its on-court debut at tonight’s home opener, when the Nuggets raise the NBA championship banner. Financial terms and the duration of the ad deal were not disclosed.

The team had previously whored out its jerseys to a financial services/wire-transfer company.

(My thanks to Trey Gorman for alerting me to this news.)

Comments (6)

    I’m disappointed that the ad isn’t in yellow on the Mile High City jersey, especially since the last one was.

    The one good thing about this ad is it isn’t a crypto company. But an ad it is nonetheless

    Ibotta lot of nothing, your new ad showing doesn’t compel me to buy a jersey, Denver or any team in the nba and neither do the yearly turnaround of new jerseys

    I’m wondering if the turnover in uniform ads is indicative of anything. Did Western Union realize that putting their tiny logo on a basketball uniform was a terrible return on investment or did they ditch it for another reason? Obviously they, and other uniform advertisers, won’t publicly say but I’d sure like to know.

    Just to put this in some context, WU was Denver’s uni advertiser for the previous six seasons (an eternity in uni advertising), which comprised the initial deal and then an extension. So they must have been pretty happy, and maybe they just felt that the relationship had run its course.

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