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Miami Heat Announce New Uni Advertiser for 2023-24

There’ve been so many NBA uni leaks lately that I missed a non-leak story from Monday, which is that the Heat are changing their uni advertiser from a software company to a cruise company (which the Heat’s owner happens to be the chairman of).

According to the press release, the ad spot “became available for a one-year term after the cancellation of a previous partnership.” It’s not clear, at least to me, whether that cancellation was initiated by the team or by the advertiser, nor is it clear whether the cancellation had anything to do with the advertiser’s balance sheet recently being affected by a $6 million class-action lawsuit settlement. But I suspect that may have had something to do with it.

The old ad had been in use since 2020. The new ad is just a stopgap move for this season, with the team hoping to find a long-term advertiser next season.

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    The Heat’s owner is the chairman / owner of Carnival. This seems like a free advert for him more than a money maker. Unless he’s paying himself for taxes or something.

    You know Paul, you shouldn’t even report these uniform ad headlines. No one likes them and it gives these sponsors

    There is many people who feel the same as you. Now I could give him a pass when it’s a team that still was ad-free and now has one (Like the LA Kings above this), but seeing this crap every time a team changes the company, when it is all the same to me like many, I could care less who the patch is for, so why would I care when it goes from random company A to random company B? That is just at least my viewpoint on it.

    I kind of agree with Christopher F. Ads are here to stay, most of us do not like them anyway so adding info about a change of advertisers is indeed extra airtime for the advertiser. I understand the point of view that an ad is now part of the uniform so if it changes it is a change of part of the uniform but still…the less said about these ugly smudges the better.

    To play devil’s advocate for a moment, I think it’s important to report uni ad changes because it is (unfortunately) part of the uniform. Should it be? People can debate all day if ads should be on uniforms (they shouldn’t), but since it is a part of the uniforms it probably should be reported.

    Besides, I like how Paul reports it. Just shows a picture of the ad, says what the company is, that’s it.

    Getting rid of the reports would also reduce the use of the wonderful Mr. Yuk too!

    Bonus is the nice touch that Paul has now started putting Mr. Yuk on the mascots, which is pretty funny.

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