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No, the Jags Aren’t Planning a Throwback Game (Unfortunately)

As I mentioned earlier today in my Monday Morning Uni Watch report, the Jags used a retro scoreboard logo yesterday (shown above) to promote their Nov. 11 home game against the 49ers, leading to speculation that they might be teasing a throwback game.

Not only that, but they also used a throwback logo for the Niners! Look:

And not only that, but Jags quarterback Trevor Lawrence was wearing a throwback cap and a retro Jags sweatshirt in a photo posted on MMAer Paige VanZant’s Instagram feed over the weekend (yes, the sweatshirt has the original prototype logo that never made it onto the field, which isn’t the same as the scoreboard graphic, but still):


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That must all add up to something throwback-y being in the works, right? Just to be sure, I contacted a Jags spokeswoman, who got back to me right away:

Hi Paul – Good to hear from you. Our 49ers game is also Legends Weekend, hence the retro logo. We will not be wearing throwback uniforms for that game. We’ll be welcoming back alumni from the last 29 seasons.

Dang. The Jags’ 1990s uniforms are among my all-time favorites. They occupied the top spot on my recent list of NFL throwbacks I’d like to see. so I got really excited when I saw that scoreboard graphic.

Sadly, those hopes have now been dashed. But here’s hoping they finally revive that design someday — either as a throwback or, even better, as their primary look.

(My thanks to Doug Brei for that Instagram photo of Trevor Lawrence.)

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    My dream Jags uni would be 1990s jerseys/pants/socks with the 2009-2012 teal-flaked black shell. I loved that color-shifting effect on that helmet, and it was a crime against athletics aesthetics when they replaced it with that gold/black mess from 2013.

    Is there a retweet button here or anything? That’s exactly what I always make them wear when playing Madden.

    Agree 100%. I loved that helmet color and have also always wanted to see it paired with the original uniforms.

    I’m with you on this, although I always preferred the original block numeral version. But obviously either version would be a massive upgrade to what they wear now.

    Can we all appreciate the thoughtful, candid, polite, informative response from the Jag’s rep there? Shouldn’t be that hard, folks.

    Fair play on the Jaguars and their thoughtful employees! That kind of behavior should be rewarded. Kudos!

    I’m only 38 but feel old AF that the Jags would been up for a throwback. I remember getting a JAX jersey from JCP and a hat from Mervyn’s.

    They probably don’t want to do throwbacks because the fans will realize how awful the current ones look by comparison.

    Awful…not at all.
    The Jags all-black set is another moni-color that looks rather good, as was their B/T/W/B combo worn on Sunday.

    I’ve never been a big fan of any of the Jags uniforms, but I do think that a combination of teal and gold with a modest amount of black can look really nice and is a fairly unique combo in sports. I’ve always sort of wished that the Jaguars could have gold helmets instead of black (no spots, rosettes, or gradients), but I suppose the danger there would be looking too much like the Saints.

    That 1990s uniform was really good, too bad they are still shelving it for another moment to return. Their current uniforms are glorified practice wear.

    So, I went to GUD and looked at the Jags first season and schedule to see how many teams uniforms have changed since then. Pretty interesting….. link

    I prefer the Jags’ current unis.
    What’s with the spacing between the numbers on those 90s jerseys? It looks awful.

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