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Monday Morning Uni Watch: 2023, Week 4

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Good morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend, as I did.

Now then: Gorgeous game yesterday between the Chargers and Raiders. Would’ve looked even better if the Chargers had gone with the yellow pants, but this game was still a looker. Lots of additional photos here, and here’s how it looked in action:

Very, very nice.

In other news from around the league yesterday:

  • The Jags went mono-black for the first of two straight games they’ll be playing in London (the first time any NFL team has played two consecutive games overseas):
  • In that same game, Falcons wide receiver Drake London scored a touchdown, which put him in a very exclusive club:

  • The Jets wore their New York Sack Exchange throwbacks:
  • The Texans wore their red alternate helmets and jerseys:
  • The Texans also inducted J.J. Watt into their Ring of Honor and gave him a red blazer:
  • The Rams wore their awful dishwater alternates:
  • In that same game, Rams kicker Brett Maher, who wears No. 8, had a fold in his jersey that made it seem like he was wearing No. 0:
  • Kudos to the Saints for finally wearing their best home combo — black over gold (to put this in perspective, they wore this uni combo just once last season, and that was on the road):
  • Yesterday was the first day of October, which means it was also the first day of the league’s annual “Crucial Catch” cancer-awareness program, so some games had the players wearing rainbow-striped captaincy patches and accessories (each color represents a particular cancer), along with “Crucial Catch” helmet decals and officials’ rear-cap patches:
  • Vikings linebacker Brian Asamoah’s family is from Ghana, which presumably explains why his shoes honored the Ghana men’s national soccer team, the Black Stars:
  • Eagles cornerback Darius Slay just became my favorite player because he wore shoes honoring one of my all-time favorite TV shows, The Power Puff Girls! That’s Buttercup on his left foot and Mojo Jojo on his right foot:
  • 49ers wideout Deebo Samuels played part of yesterday’s game, but not all of it, bare-legged:
  • Rams wideout Puka Nacua, who has long hair, had some of his hair sticking out of a helmet vent:
  • In the Browns/Ravens game, Cleveland quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson completed a pass to wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones. Anyone know if that’s the first time two hyphenated-surname players have hooked up on a completed pass?
  • Three teams wore white at home: the aforementioned Jets plus the Panthers and, of course, the Cowboys.

As for tonight: the Giants will be hosting the Seahawks, with a conventional uni matchup.

(My thanks to Mike Chamernik, David Hilbert, John Turney, and the pseudonymous Block “O” Canada for their contributions to this report.)



Can of the Day

I love it when the lettering looks like it’s been carved from stone!

Also: Would you buy coffee from a company called National Tea?

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    Eight O’Clock Coffee was a staple in my house, sold by the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P).

    I have some Eight O Clock Coffee in the house ready to be ground up for my old electric percolator. Good stuff… I practically grew up on it.

    Lose the “Hello, my name is Los Angeles Rams” patch, add blue to pants and shoulder striping, and bam! Great looking uniform.
    Just like the old Seahawks grays that I dearly miss, this is a nice alternative to a blinding white uniform.
    Too bad they didn’t save that look for outdoors in the sun.

    I will miss the ‘wolf’ pants (looked awesome with both the blue and white tops)…though like the whites could use, they could ahve been improved by adding ‘action’ green to the whatever-those-things-on-the-stripes-are-called.
    The all-gray? Won’t miss – not a bit.

    That’s what I’m drinking right now! The only brand I drink, unless I get it from the gas station.

    I wish the Saints pants stripe matched the stripe on their helmets. Seems like a missed opportunity for some uniformity.

    Agree, matching stripes would look better. Also, I know it’s a lighting/fabric thing, but I don’t know why they can’t get the “gold” pants correct. Those are so tan. They are still much better than the all black pants. I’d even be OK with the white throwback pants with the black jerseys, although it’s not my fave look (side question: didn’t they used to wear that combo, or is it my imagination?).

    The Saints wore white pants with black jerseys to end the season last year. It looked horrible, in my opinion.

    As a Browns fan, I’m pretty sure the completion is the first. After the draft, I looked through this databased to make sure Thompson-Robinson was the first QB like that: link

    To look deeper, but unlikely, perhaps Edwards-Helaire or another RB has thrown one?

    Your question about hyphenated surnames led me to this really cool project (though it’s a few years old and doesn’t include Thompson-Robinson): link

    I never liked that ginormous gold collar on the Saints’ black jersey, but it picks up the gold pants nicely.

    The redesigned Cardinals road uniforms looked terrific in their regular season debut!
    I don’t like the Texans franchise but do admire their uniforms…but I hate them as red heads.
    Would love to see them go B/R/B/R another time before they heave-ho their current uniforms:

    I’m surprised more kudos wasn’t given to Chiefs vs. Jets. That was one of the best uni-matchups in quite some time.

    You and me both. It amazing how much better the Jets look with their throwbacks. Even the metallic helmet actually enhances the look.

    Hopefully sometime today you’ll address your tweet on Tim Wakefield’s death. Using a beloved player’s passing as an opportunity to rail about the state of uniforms was in poor taste to say the least.

    Comments like this are some of the worst on the internet. It was a completely benign tweet.

    Really? A comment questioning somebody using a beloved athlete’s death to make a trite point about uniform protocols is that bad? Methinks you haven’t spent much time on the internet.

    To put it in different terms: imagine if one of your loved ones died and somebody saw photos of the funeral and used it as an opportunity to critique how people dress on those occasions.

    The comment was beneath Paul and disappointing. Not every news story needs a tie-in to uniforms and snark.

    Methinks you haven’t spent much time in the real world. Paul gave his condolences. Nobody is offended but you and other internet dwellers who I also wish would give people the benefit of the doubt.

    I thought the Falcons-Jaguars game looked best on the Disney+ “Toy Story” version. Very entertaining! Unfortunately I only got to watch the 4th quarter.

    My favorite uniform for the Chargers. I love their white/light blue/yellow, but I love even more this white/light blue/white. I really like white helmets, and I prefer matching white pants to go along with them. That includes going all white with road uniforms. One of my favorite uniforms were the old St Louis Cardinals road uniforms, along with the early Phoenix Cardinals. Too bad now the new all white Arizona Cardinals uniforms didn’t copy those.

    I actually think the Chargers best uni combo is the one they wore this week with the white pants. I like the yellow being a strong accent color, similar to how the Seahawks use their neon green.

    I also find their powder blues to be too blue nowadays, even though I really like where they are at with their main uni sets. I feel like a lighter shade of powder would do them good.

    I agree that their “powder blues to be too blue nowadays”. UCLA has the same problem. I’m good with them not being as light as say North Carolina, but they have definitely gone a bit too bright. UCLA’s are even more so, almost getting into the royal blue shade. It makes the classic color vs color game against USC not have as much contrast, which we all know is critical for these games.

    I loved watching the Cardinals yesterday. Totally missing The Big Red in StL.
    Not a fan of the Chargers yellow pants. Not a fan of pants AND jersey being darker than the helmet.
    Rams looked gross.
    Fix the pants stripe, Saints.
    Just make your helmet “regular” red, Houston.

    “Totally missing The Big Red in StL.”
    There’s got to be more left-over Rams fans in St. Louis than there are Cardinals ones, right?
    Though unlikely, I’d like to see that town get another bite of the NFL apple…but sorry, you don’t get to reclaim either of those departed franchises’ branding.

    Unfortunately the Saints lost while wearing this awesome combo. That means they’re probably not wearing it anymore this season, because superstition is becoming more and more popular to the NFL these days.

    On the other side, it’s good that the Bills won another game wearing blue jerseys on white pants. That means we’re not seeing the awful blue on blue combo as much as of last season.

    And enough of Vikings wearing white socks instead of purple.

    How long have we begged and pleaded with the Saints to wear the gold pants….they do, and the goddam stripe is all anyone here cares about. Enjoy life more.

    We finally got to see the Cardinals whites and they looked CLEAN! They need where those at home because those pants are superior to the blood clot look which is simply put a disaster. Maybe add some piping to the pants, just a thought. Same for you Detroit Lions: PIPING ON THE WHITE PANTS!

    The “Sack Exchange” throwbacks looked great with the modern helmet, it really pops. The uniform itself back in the 80s wasn’t the most exciting it more of a matte helmet but the new, shiny lid really helps it out. I wouldn’t mind seeing this become the permanent uniform and the Broadway Joe uniforms become the throwback alternate. The fighter jet logo is by far the best in the franchise’s history.

    Interesting detail from the Chargers-Raiders game – both of the lightning bolt shoulder graphics on CB Ja’Sir Taylor’s jersey were backwards (panels apparently got mixed up during fabrication).

    The jersey in question: link

    It was pretty noticeable on the live broadcast – surprised nobody on the equipment team caught it before or during the game.

    Those Jets throwbacks look absolutely amazing, and this is the best use of a metallic helmet I have ever seen. Their shade of green is perfect – it’s the one and only thing they got right when they redesigned. Back in the days of low res tv, the sack exchange look was fine but nothing special. But man do these updated ones look vibrant in HD. Jets-Chiefs was just gorgeous, and the complete opposite of that drab Falcons-Jags game in London. I thought NY-KC was even a little better looking than LV-LAC, which definitely would have looked better if the Chargers had worn the yellow pants.

    If there was any game the where the Rams should have worn yellow pants (the correct answer is “all of them”..) it should have been against the Colts. Contrast matters. This should not be difficult.

    I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see the Saints in gold pants. It was downright weird. I agree with others that the striping should match the helmet and the pants need to be shiny and less khaki.

    Cowboys – Niners outside on grass next weekend will be the best looking game of the year.

    I believe Stefon Diggs for Buffalo also was bare-legged for part of the game. I seem to remember on his long TD thinking to myself “is he not wearing socks? Sure enough, bare legged. which is weird because he started the game with blue socks up over his knees.

    Jets unis looked great on the field once again. Don’t know why, but I really would like to see the Bills wear the red jerseys/white pants just once.

    Lions’ rookie safety Brian Branch has been leaving his bright green mouthguard in his helmet, making it look like he has an antenna. We call it Brian’s branch

    For any cycling fans, Puka Nacua was wearing his helmet Tadej Pogacar style! Maybe it makes him go faster?

    I don’t know if you’ve covered it or not, but some of the Dallas Cowboys players aren’t wearing the Blue/white sock combo. They are just wearing whites. I tried to see if they were wearing the white socks up and over the blues but it doesn’t appear that way. It seems like it’s just all white socks. Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, DaRon Bland and Hankins are a few I’ve spotted.

    Dak used to wear very tall white socks with a bit of the cowboys royal blue just peeking over the top but now there’s no blue. I know uni-watch loves the socks and I had to share it.

    I’m so sick of this trend of every team with white pants going with the white leotard look. I don’t like monochrome anyways, but I can stomach white at times if they wear contrasted socks. Or at least a coke with stripes or something to break up the look. I hate the leotard look in general, and if you have to have the same color jersey and pants, at least have your socks provide some clear distinction.

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