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Crummy Dallas Mavs City Edition Jersey Apparently Leaks

Are we even trying?

I’m sure someone will tell me whose signature that is above the jock tag (I can’t decipher it myself), but it doesn’t really matter, because no amount of “storytelling” can change the simple aesthetic reality that this is a(nother) miserable City design.

And as a bonus, the numbers are off-center:

Look, the City uniforms don’t have to suck. In fact, last season’s Mavs design was a beauty. But most of them do suck — product for product’s sake. A sad state of affairs.

(My thanks to @TexasAmerica for letting me know about this one.)

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    The jock tag signature is Leon Bridges, a soul singer from the Dallas area. Don’t know if he has any specific Mavs connection other than presumably being a fan?

    He’s from Fort Worth. You can’t say someone from Fort Worth is from Dallas. No, it’s not the same thing.

    Are you sure that’s not a promo giveaway… Maybe it was designed by one of the executive’s kids?

    Isn’t that how these City Edition designs are usually done. Or is it some young early grade school art contest or perhaps for a pre-school send in to a television show.

    “they can’t promise to return them, but they do give a prize for every one they show.”

    Since I was just in Dallas for a deposition, I’m wondering what this has to do with the city to begin with.

    At this rate I’m hoping Paul will be able to post, someday, “[Team Name] City Edition Jersey Leaks And Amazingly It’s Not Crummy.”

    I’m greatly amused how [Crummy] {Blank} Edition has become the newest Uni Watch stylebook entry to follow up the great “Ewww” [team sells ad space]. Says it all!

    Nike has gotten really relaxed with apparel and design in general, since landing these deals with nba, mlb, nfl even. Look at the Nike salute to service done from Nike for 2023 merch, no idea, no thought put into it. The city editions for MLB are pretty bad across the board. They’re not creative.

    Don’t know how you feel but maybe this is because the concept has been mined to death? And maybe, teams don’t need an overabundance of uniform options, because it seems that we’ve gotten to critical mass if the designer holding the monopoly can’t come up with worthwhile new designs. Nothing excites me more than a uniform unveiling but maybe flooding the market with dozens of designs every year is too much.

    These city jerseys are so frustrating because when teams do come up with a great design, they’re obligated to abandon it the next season.

    Not sure any design firm could churn out A+ ideas at such an accelerated rate. All these uniform alts for each team, year after year after year. NBA and Nike really need to pump the brakes. Time a moment, come up with some inspired designs, and let them breathe for a few years. But apparently enough fans are buying this crap, so expect more of the same.

    How can you have a “city edition” for a city most famous for JFK and J.R. Ewing getting shot?

    Are my eyes betraying me or does it seem to be some type of silver on silver font in the side piping of these?

    Also, I’m not a Mavs fan, I hope Mark Cuban takes the City Connect set from last year and make them the basis for the new logo set. Green included.

    The trashbag didn’t work in 2004 and it still won’t work now. The NBA needs to stop Nike from doing City jerseys. They should just bring back the special holiday jerseys like Christmas, St. Patty, etc.

    Maybe it is just me, but the numbers look like they are centered to the “nesting” space between the curly parts of the text above them.

    Doesn’t Fanatics manufacture for Nike? The off-center 77 is par for the course. Jalen Hurts kelly green Eagles jersey buyers know what I’m talking about.

    This feels like a callback to those shimmery trashbag unis that the team famously abandoned after 1 game. I’m guessing Cuban doing something like that wouldn’t work with today’s Nike/NBA contract.

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